How to Write, Create and Publish a Stand-Out Children's Book

The Ultimate Guide to Writing, Designing, Formatting, Launching and Publishing your Children's Picture Storybook.

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What you will learn

You will learn the essential steps and critical elements to write and create your children's book.

Learn how to self-publish your book to Amazon KDP and Ingram Spark

You will learn how to create a paperback, hardback and eBook for Free using Canva

Learn the book launch basics for when your book goes 'LIVE'

You will learn Canva features and techniques that can be used for creating stunning book covers and interiors

Create unique book mock-ups for marketing that are FREE!


Learn How to Create a Stand-Out Children's Book

Have you ever wanted to create and author your own children's storybook but are unsure where to start?

Are you new to publishing children's books and would like to learn the entire process from start to finish? If so, I will show you the entire process from getting your book written, designed, formatted, and published on two of the world's largest platforms, Amazon KDP and IngramSpark.

Why this course?

As a Best-Selling Author, I have written, designed and Self-Published 7 children's books to the world's largest global distributors of books. In this course, I will show you the exact steps I follow as you look over my shoulder as I create my own illustrated children's book throughout the course. Through this process, you get to see the exact steps I take and see my book in its printed and finished format at the conclusion of the course.

Regardless of your budget or experience, you will learn all of the essential steps throughout the 8 Sections of this course. In addition to this, you will learn how to create paperback, hardback and eBooks; therefore, one book can offer three ways of developing additional sources of income.

This course includes the essential steps and core design principles to ensure you use the correct file and format types to upload to Self-Publishing platforms such as Amazon KDP, Ingram Spark and Draft2Digital.

The Sections of the Course (40+ lessons) include:

1. The Journey Ahead

2. Creating Your Framework

3. Title and Subtitle Creation

4. Format and Structure

5. The Design Steps

6. The Upload Process

7. Marketing and Advertising

8. Conclusion and Overview

Enroll today and showcase your unique skills to become an author and create your own Children's Picture Storybook!


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The Journey Ahead

The Journey Ahead
Your Purpose for Creating and Publishing Your book
Why Self-Publish?
The 5 Keys to Book Creating Success
Your Pen Name

Creating Your Framework

Creating Your Framework
Research and Finding Your Book Idea
Chrome Extensions for Researching on Amazon
Amazon Niche Research
Creating Your Story
Creating Your Written Manuscript
Grammar and Spelling Check
Page Count

Title and Subtitle Creation

Title and Subtitle Creation
Creating Your Title and Subtitle
Mid-Course Review Checklist

Format and Structure

Format and Structure
Choosing the Type of Book - Paperback, Hardback or eBook
Choosing the Trim Size of Your Book
Bleed or No Bleed for Your Book Interiors?

The Design Steps

The Design
Designing Your Book using Canva
Illustrations and Images - Commercial Use Image Websites
Outsourcing Your Illustrations
Creating an Outline For Your Illustrator
Progress from My Illustrator
Creating your Front Cover With Canva
Creating your Back Cover With Canva
Formatting Your Cover Correctly For Upload
How to Create a Hardback
Creating Your Book Interior Using Canva
Writing Your Description
Creating an eBook and Getting the Correct Format Files
Being 'Publish Ready' and Format Types You Require for Uploading

The Upload Process

The Upload Process
Creating a KDP Account
How to Upload to Amazon KDP For Global Distribution
An Introduction to Ingram Spark

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Advertising
Amazon Advertising
Mock Book Images
3 Step Strategy to Sell More Books
Basic Book Launch Strategy
Ordering Copies of Your Books
Traditional Publishing - Approaching Publishers and Contact Points
Take Action and Follow the Steps

Final Words and Conclusion to Course

Conclusion and Final Steps
The Book Reveal
Conclusion to Course


July 5, 2022
The scope of this course is a good primer for anyone looking at writing and publishing a children's book.
June 16, 2022
I enjoyed this course. It was focused on the industry of writing a publishing a book, generally self-publishing in particular. There are good tips around key word selection and market status if you are an author and writing primarily for profit. If you have other aims, then this might not be as important to you but it is still a good information on the industry to be aware of and good practices to employ. Of special value to me was the discussion around getting illustration help and then the bits on interacting with KDP and Ingram.
June 11, 2022
Impressive course. Clear, Concise videos. Step by step plan to creating and publishing your own children's books.
May 10, 2022
Section 1 - Five excellent videos to inform and prepare for the creation of my first children's book and looking forward to what's ahead.
May 9, 2022
Excellent. I would just make their hats darker or lighter, or even another colour. The hats are too similar to beach sand colour.



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