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How To Use FACEBOOK ADS For Business (Beginner to Advanced)

Effective Facebook Ads strategies to get you more connections, leads and sales and so you can grow your business


4 hours


Apr 2021

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What you will learn

How to use the Facebook platform to market your business successfully

How to engage with your audience or customer on Facebook

Facebook text ads, video ads, retargeting and look-alike audiences

Learn how to measure campaign performance and ROI on LinkedIn

Tools, tips and resources to help you create better content, and grow your audience faster

Learn how to use Facebook to generate leads through ad campaigns

Optimize conversions, clicks, impressions and budgets



  • Desire to use Facebook ads to promote your business


  • Effective Facebook marketing & ads to get you more traffic, followers, likes, shares, sales and conversions, so you can grow your business.

So you're looking to start a Facebook ads campaign for your business.

Maybe you've heard about the amazing results everyone is having.

You've churned out some ads, but nobody is clicking your ads

Facebook ads are an excellent way of advertising your product or business to the world.

But most people don't know the right way to do them.

There is a lot more to marketing on FB than just raking up a bunch of 'likes' and 'boosting posts' (don't do these, by the way - they don't convert into sales).

That’s what we’ll help you with in this course.

This Facebook Ads course is a step-by-step video based training on using Facebook's advertising platform for your business, whether you want to generate traffic, sell more products or get feedback from your customers and prospects.

You will learn to build a different ad campaigns that take advantage of Facebook's super targeting and ultra-granular demographic options.

What's really cool about this course is the way I take you through building the actual campaign.

I walk you through the process of setting up your campaign while I'm creating it. This allows you to watch me do all the work and then at the end of each video you can copy my steps to set up your own high, converting ads.

This course is perfect if you are new to Facebook Ads or want to learn advanced strategies. I walk through how to create a Facebook ad and give tips on creating successful campaigns, so even if you are new to Facebook advertising, this course is for you!



I built this course for people like you. People who are frustrated with their Facebook ads, doing it themselves, and not seeing the results they want. It's not easy to learn how to use Facebook ads properly. I've been there myself. So let me help you get the business results you're looking for.

Facebook ads are a powerful marketing tool to grow your business. But learning how to use them effectively can be a challenge. That's why we created the course. With this course you’ll learn how to craft profitable campaigns, create ads that people notice, and distribute your message to the right audience with laser-like precision.



This course is for anyone who wants to set up Facebook ads for themselves or their clients.

This course will teach you what aspects to focus on, how to write great ad copy, and how to optimize ads for maximum results.

After finishing the course, you'll be able to run highly successful campaigns for yourself, your clients and/or your business.



The course first gives you solid Facebook marketing / ads fundamentals. After that, the course walks you through the creation of ads, and discusses various targeting and budgeting options.

Module 1 – FB Marketing Basics

  • Evergreen FB Marketing Formula

  • How To Create Your BF Business Account

  • How To Create Your FB Page

  • FB Page Crash Course

  • How To Create FB Pixel And Add To Your WordPress

Module 2 – Ad Creation & Targeting

  • Setting Up Your Ads Manager Column Breakdown

  • Understanding Ads Manager & Objectives

  • Create Campaign “Conversions” For Lead Generation

  • How To Write Your Ad Creatives

  • How To Duplicate Ad Set Correctly

  • How To Delete Unused Page Posts

Module 3 – Retargeting & Lookalike

  • How To Create Custom Audience

  • How To Create Retargeting Ads & Save Lost Traffic

  • ADVANCED Retargeting Method

  • How To Create Lookalike Audience

Module 4 – Optimization and Scaling

  • How To Tweak Your Ad Targeting

  • How To Tweak Your Ad Creative

  • How To Spy On Competitors FB Ads

  • What To Do If Your FB Business & Ad Account Got Banned (And How To Prevent)



  • Set up a Facebook ad, choose whatever campaign objective suits your desired business objectives.

  • Develop the creative for the account.

  • Target the proper demographics, with various targeting options.

  • Activate the campaign and let it run for 48 hours (it doesn't matter what the budget is).

  • Screenshot the ad, and upload a picture of the ad, along with some information about how the ad performed, so fellow students can learn from you.

  • Link your Facebook profile so that students can connect with you.

Goal: Set up your first ad campaign and execute and share the results. What was your CPC? What was your CPM? What was your ROAS?



As a career sales and marketing executive & leader, I've worked with a wide variety of organizations and peers, training thousands of individuals on both the hard and soft skills required to excel in their career.

On a professional level, I've worked within all size companies, and I've sold and marketed (as well as lead teams that have sold and marketed) to some of the most iconic F500 / F100 brands throughout my career.

I'm fortunate to have over 100+ of my thoughts and insights on sales, marketing, technology, business and entrepreneurship published in outlets such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Hackernoon, The Startup and others.

I'm the host of the Success Story Podcast (1m+ downloads), author of the ROI Overload Newsletter (with 30k subs and counting), founder of ROI Overload, a Sales & Marketing Community. (250k Followers) Newsletter, Publication & Startup Resource and a career Sales & Marketing exec.


How To Use FACEBOOK ADS For Business (Beginner to Advanced)
How To Use FACEBOOK ADS For Business (Beginner to Advanced)
How To Use FACEBOOK ADS For Business (Beginner to Advanced)
How To Use FACEBOOK ADS For Business (Beginner to Advanced)




Facebook for Business Basics

How To Create An FB Business Account

How To Create Ad Account

How To Add Payment Method

How To Edit Business Settings

How To Add FB Page Or Create FB Page

Introduction to Facebook Ads

Ads Manager Column Setup [Lead Gen]

Ads Manager Column Setup [Purchase E Commerce]

How To Create FB Pixel

How To Add FB Pixel On Wordpress

How To Add Lead Event Code On Page

Installing The FB Pixel Helper

Campaigns & Targeting

How To Write Your Ad Creatives

How To Create Campaign Conversions For Lead Generation

Understanding Campaign and Ad Objectives

Using Built In Video Maker In Ads Manager

Split Testing & Optimization

Simple Split Test Campaign

Security Measure - How To Set Ad Spend Limit

How To Spy On FB Ads - Page Transparency

How To Optimize And Split Test FB Ads

How To Duplicate Ad Sets Correctly

Retargeting & Lookalike Audiences

How To Create Custom Audience

How To Add Customer List To Audiences

How To Create Lookalike Audience

How To Do FB Retargeting

Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)

Other Facebook Ad Tips & Hacks

How To Delete Unused Page Posts

What To Do If FB Ad Account Disabled

What To Do With Hater Comments

How To View Breakdown

FB Ad Hacks


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