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How to Start a Blog

A-Z guide to help you start your own blog or website, set it up, create it yourself and much more

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How to Start a Blog


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Nov 2015

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What you will learn

Know exactly how they can make, create and design their very own blog or website using Blogger or Wordpress


This course entitled, "How to Start a Blog" has been created to help anyone that has ever thought about, wondered or had the desire to start their very own blog or website. You should take this course if you like to write online, have the goal of starting your own business, want to make money online, want to work for yourself and be your own boss, want to share your knowledge or expertise to help others or are just simply curious about starting your own blog or website. You should also take this course if you have hesitated to start your own blog because you did not know how to do it.

In this course you will learn

  • How you can start your own blog either with blogger or Wordpress without having any html or coding knowledge.
  • How to write and create a blog post.
  • How to set up your theme.
  • How to use plugins.
  • How to get traffic to your blog.
  • Home to make money with your blog.
  • How to sign up for a Google Adsense account and so much more!

This course has video presentations, tutorials and other information that will enable you to be successful in creating your own blog. It is an easy to follow course with terms, explanations and illustrations that you can understand.

This course will take you just under 2 hours for your to complete!




What is a blog?

ABC's of Blogging

Misconceptions of Blogging

What you need to do before you start a blog

How to Set up a Blogger Blog

How to Set up a Wordpress Blog

Things All Bloggers Need

How to Get Traffic to your Blog

How to Make Money with a Blog

Do's and Don'ts of Blogging

Conclusion with Blogging tips

Thank you for watching my course


Richa21 April 2020

The course is kind of monotonous. Could have been better if the teacher was a little more enthusiastic and the presentation was bigger font.

Connie20 February 2019

I look forward to getting started with my "Blog"! This course is exactly what I was searching for!! Thank You!!!

Marcia5 December 2018

This experience was perfect for me because I had no knowledge about blogging. This course provided the fundamentals and what is needed to get started. I will continue with more advance courses and ultimately pursue this as a new career.

Tracy6 August 2018

I had already researched quite a bit and have my website set up and ready to go, so I don't feel this course took me beyond what I already know.

John17 June 2018

There's a lot of information. I will have to take it at least one more time to understand and take action on the ideas.

siddharti31 January 2018

Firstly I enjoyed that the lessons so far were easy to follow and was talked through with a gentle, encouraging and positive note. It is looking good so far and I feel like its not going to be a mammoth task or at least made to feel that way. I like that!

Lara1 January 2018

Very basic, which is good for people who have never heard of bloggs, which I guess is the case for the older generation. Anybody else, however, is familiar with most of the issues talked about here.

Victoria18 November 2017

It's painfully slow and even if I was just a beginner that had NO idea about what a blog even was this information for the first 3 lecture is pure common sense. It needs to be far more engaging and upbeat its just not catching my attention at all. Im glad I only paid $15 for it.

Tonja7 October 2017

I feel I can really start a successful blogging biz with this course, the instructor was very knowledgeable and encouraging.

Rhonda7 August 2017

Good general information. I would prefer a more in depth course as far as setting up blog pages, joining and finding ad networks or affiliate marketing partners. I would like to see more in depth information on setting up ads on my page even if the course costs more.

Rikki3 August 2017

It was great! I learned so much. I sort of knew what a blog was, but had no idea how to get started or where to go! I have the tools and knowledge now. I starting right away. Thank you again!

Vina26 June 2017

Its easy to understand the way she talk its very calm and slow plus the picture its make it even easier

Lowanna27 December 2016

I found this course to very helpful and insightful. I feel as though I may be ready to jump out there and start a blog, and that is what I am going to go. Once I have this done I am going to message you with the link to my sight so that you are able to view it and maybe comment on it as well. Thanks again.

Craig2 November 2016

Good and very helpful course for the beginner.Presentation is engaging and instructor speaks very clearly.I really appreciate this course and thank Ms Washington for her time.

Stephanie20 August 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and the instructor's deliverance. Alicia was simplistic and spoke clearly and at a great rate, not too fast nor too slow. Also, teaching in short intervals was a brilliant idea as it helped me not to feel as though I was taking in too much information at once.

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