How to Record, Edit and Mix Audiobooks Easily.

Beginner's Guide to Producing Audiobooks using Reaper Free Software

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Equipment you need to get started.

Know the fundamentals of what makes audiobooks flow and work well.

Develop a skill that can be applied to promote and enhance many areas of activity.

How to edit Audiobooks with Reaper Free Software.


My name is Gabriel Felix. I have a degree in music from the California College of Music since 2013, and I have been working with audio, podcasts and audiobooks professionally for over 7 years. Today I will explain how my brand new course works.

Currently, I have more than 2.5 million views on YouTube; more than 40 thousand students in different online platforms using my classes; and more than 276 on-site students learning with my classes in courses in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

In this course i will teach you how to record, edit and mix AUDIOBOOKS. All the step by step!!

You will find lessons about:

*Pre production

*Equipments for narrating audiobooks

*Best Audiobooks Hosting Websites You Can Upload Today

*How to edit Audiobooks With Reaper Free software

*How to cut, glue and change audio tracks

*How to Treat Your Room

*Effects such as EQ, compressor and gate

and several other lessons.

About Softwares:

You can download for free. Just look for ''Reaper DAW'' on google.

It doesn't matter what operating system you have. Whether you're using a MAC, Linux or Windows, I have made sure to provide you with the information you need.

This is an easy set of tutorials. Save yourself the time and effort to learn all the step by step!

Feel free to send me any questions you might have on this course. I want to make your learning experience the best that it can be.


How to Record, Edit and Mix Audiobooks Easily.
How to Record, Edit and Mix Audiobooks Easily.
How to Record, Edit and Mix Audiobooks Easily.
How to Record, Edit and Mix Audiobooks Easily.



Things you should know before begin.

Is it worth to record audiobooks?

Equipments for audiobooks.

Interfaces and recorders

Extra acessories


How to prepare your room acoustically


Stay on top of the law

My possible Persona.


How to prepare your voice to recording.

Narrating Shortcuts

How to make money narrating audiobooks

How to Edit Your Podcast in Reaper (Free Software).

Things you should know about Reaper

Preferences and configurations

Open projects, cut tracks and more

How to add a track, mute, solo, effects and vsts

Recording in a especific bar, Track effect to more than 1 channel, loops

Insert a sample or audio and how to reset reaper layout

Fade in, fade out and copy recordings

Compressor and gate


Automation volume, pan and layout

Render audios and Markers

Recording, Mixing and Editing. (All the Step By Step)

Canva.com - The Best tool to create instagram posts and book covers easily.

Editing and Mixing My Audiobook

Extra Lessons

Final Notes and next step you should follow.


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