Launch A Profitable Digital Brand In 2022 (Step By Step)

Everything you need to launch a profitable digital brand in 2022, with every step easy to follow and covered in depth.

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Sep 2021
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What you will learn

What makes a successful launch and how to create a strategy to optimise for success.

How to create an effective and organised plan leading up to your launch date.

How to create your own unique sales funnel for your brand to ensure you have customers dying to buy your product or service on launch day.

How to take your product or service and create an irresistible offer your customers can't resist.

What brand assets you need to fully pull off a launch strategy for your brand.

How to use the data you capture properly and what data is more valuable for you dependant on your strategy.

How to generate awareness for your launch date, using both paid and free methods.

How to educate your target audience so they see your product as desirable and a 'must-buy'.

How to make the purchasing process effortless for your customers, so you maximise your conversion rate.

How to grow your customer base with aftercare methods to ensure you can get more sales from your existing customer base.


Launching a business or brand is a science.

It does not come down to luck.

The truth is anyone can launch a brand or business... and make sure it is a huge success.

But without the knowledge and a solid plan in place, it is very, very difficult.

This was the reason we developed this course.

Our single goal with this course is to help guide you through every step of building an unbeatable launch strategy.

There are many ways to launch a brand or business.

Some work and some simply don't.

If you are easily overwhelmed and need structure to your learning, this course stays with you and guides you every step of the way.

We have boiled down the complex practices and techniques to make them super simple and easy to understand.

This course leaves no stone unturned and helps you understand not only what you need to do, but why it is going to work.

We could write all day about how much this course is going to help you, but we'll let the introductory free lessons speak for themselves.

Enjoy the course and we're excited to see how you use what you learn here to create an amazing launch for your brand, business or product.


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Introduction to the course
What Makes A Launch Successful
A Special Message
Setting A Launch Day
Creating Your Plan & Schedule
The Almighty Sales Funnel
Creating An Amazing Offer
Preparing Your Launch Strategy
Organising Your Launch Tactics
Developing Your Brand's Assets
Capturing & Using Data Properly
Generating Awareness
Capturing Interest
Education & Discovery
Making Purchases Easy
Aftercare & Brand Growth
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October 23, 2021
Amazing course, I like that it isn't too long and therefore you do not get bored at all. The instructor gives great tips too.
October 5, 2021
This course has helped my so much with the launch of my own business. The instructor is genius and I am seeing great results already.
October 1, 2021
This is a great course, I learned alot and enjoyed the content, the instructor is clear and knows what he is talking about.



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