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Target Audience Training: Identify Your Ideal Customer

Save time and make your business more effective by promoting to the right audience!

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Oct 2018

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What you will learn

In this course you will learn how to identify your ideal customer in less than 30 minutes using 100% free tools

Discover how to utilize data to create a customer avatar

Learn how knowing your ideal audience will allow you to set up target traffic campaigns, craft better content, save time and money and ultimately increase sales and conversions


Do you want to know what 99% of companies, entrepreneurs and marketers are missing out on?

It's the correct answer to the following question: who is my target audience?

The secret of finding the correct answer is to work with data. Stop guessing and be data-driven by using statistically significant information! We have recorded nine step-by-step videos that will walk you through the entire process of identifying who your ideal customer is. You will discover a simple strategy that will allow you to identify your ideal customer in less than 30 minutes using 100% free tools!

If you want to drive real targeted traffic to your website, craft better content and save lots of time & money, then this training is perfect for you.


Target Audience Training: Identify Your Ideal Customer
Target Audience Training: Identify Your Ideal Customer
Target Audience Training: Identify Your Ideal Customer
Target Audience Training: Identify Your Ideal Customer


Getting Started

Welcome to our training!

Target Audience Training

Meet & Greet

Why Knowing Your Audience Matters

Demographic Information

Research Like A Pro with Quantcast

Quantcast II

Similarweb & Alexa

Our Secret Weapon: Facebook Audience Insights

Simple Research Sheet


Target Audience Battle Plan: How To Define Your Ideal Client

Customer Avatar Document

Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Sandor's Course for Up to 95% OFF!


Christina28 August 2020

Need to find cheaper or free websites to find audience analytics. Some of these you have to pay $150 a month for.

Taofeeq7 June 2020

It was a really amazing experience. Though some of the sites have changed at the time I took the course

Del27 September 2019

https://www.quantcast.com does not look the same as the course this should be updated, too much repeating of the names of sites etc and not enough content. Would have been good to be shown how to Run an ad campaign from the data

Adedoyin26 September 2019

It was exposing and insightful! Now I know what websites to you use to follow up my website visits and also know what I need to do to make customers increase.

Beverly9 July 2018

Wow! The things we can learn when we apply ourselves. I'm so glad I took your class. You remind me of a Smart Yuppie I would meet in Starbucks who had ALL the information I need. Thank you for placing me on the right track. I feel comfortable with all my decisions now, and I promise you, "I will not spend a single cent on the WRONG people." Highly recommended.

Sara21 May 2018

Se sai già cosa è un target group è un corso molto basico. Nella guida finale viene dato comunque un esempio pratico sulle domande da porti.

Mark24 November 2017

Spoiler alert! Use these free tools to segment your audience: Quantcast, SimilarWeb, Alexa, and Facebook Audience Insights. That's really all the course teaches you. The other 95% of the course just gives you the basics of why it's important (which you probably already know, otherwise you wouldn't be considering this course) and walks through those tools, which are already quite intuitive.

Heather5 November 2017

This will take the guess work out of researching your audience if you have no experience with this type of business technique.

Andrew20 August 2017

The narration is on the dull side, but the instructor is teaching me some new stuff and I love books and courses that don't repeat the same cliched stuff everyone teaches, but offer new stuff.

JDavid23 September 2016

Great information but it felt like a lot of the same things were either being repeated or dragged out to increase the length of the course.

Maggie1 August 2016

This course was full of content, ive taken other facebook course that was not nothing but fluff and waste of time. Here's what I luv about this class 1-Step by step information 2-Walk through to what you should look for 3-examples to go with the steps Totally Awesome

Stephen29 March 2016

This course provided a thorough explanation of the purpose of and creation of a target customer persona or avatar. Very useful information delivered in a short period of time. Excellent.

Magnus10 March 2016

It was a great introduction to do target audience research, but to maximize the tools, one needs to pay. I find it hard to create personas just by depending on these free tools.

Tim18 August 2015

This course delivered everything it promised! I was able to set up my customer avatar and find the ideal customer audience for my business in less than an hour. The instructions were very clear and understandable even for a newbie as me. Looking forward to more of your courses Sandor & Patrick!!!

Nicole26 July 2015

I liked the content, but I wasn't able to view any of the screens on my own facebook account because I hadn't bought ads before. Otherwise, it was interesting information.


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