JavaScript Real-time Programming with socket io-Chatroom

We try to show you, How work with nodeJs and socket IO based on chatroom project. Simple, fast, & complete

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May 2018

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What you will learn

Students at the end of this tutorial can learn how to make a chat room with node JS and work socket IO in javascript for the realtime applications


In Programming topics, the discussion of real time programming in web applications is a necessity and now it has different dimensions. The best example for understanding it's different dimensions is the coding of a chat room which makes all aspects of the topic clear.
In this Education, we try to write this application with java script programming and node JS  platform on the server side and vue JS framework on the client side by socket IO.
During this Education, we'll try to get you some tips and tricks that you can encode with a more view and experience.


JavaScript Real-time Programming with socket io-Chatroom
JavaScript Real-time Programming with socket io-Chatroom
JavaScript Real-time Programming with socket io-Chatroom
JavaScript Real-time Programming with socket io-Chatroom




How To Build a Chatroom

Create project

Connect to socket IO

Add vue JS and send first message

Broadcast message

Design chat room UI

Show online users

Separation messages and show complete message info

Send notification



Shabnam22 December 2018

Excellent course for learning JavaScript & soket-io I recommend this course for beginners who want to learn JavaScript to become more advance. Anyway, thanks for Sir a lot.

Ignacio20 December 2018

Basically the course consist on copy the code that teacher is writing. I expect some slices or videos explaining how socket io works, or which is the diffences between this technology vs i.e ajax.

Albertin-Nadal8 December 2018

I highly recommend this course The first reason: he explains at the beginning of every chapter everything you need to know to understand what he's going to explain/do. The second reason: the videos are concise, short The third reason: I could reproduce the tests he did. This is good you're a very good teacher.

Sajade28 November 2018

Hi IMAN Learned a lot of new things and enhanced my knowledge of things I already knew. Great course! So far (I'm only a few videos in) the course is very informative and well annotated. I like the style of the annotation, it isn't informative like some instructors can be, it is concise.

Zizo25 November 2018

Thank's Iman Great Course! This course is definitely worth what I paid for it, and I also appreciate the responsiveness of the instructor

Ronika19 November 2018

Such a great course and a great teacher. Really enjoying it and it's informative and it's broken down nicely so I can always just look for a particular topic with ease.

Nadal14 November 2018

This course is very good and thorough. Slowly and methodically Iman explains and most importantly shows how things works (or not works) with a nice voice to listening to

Anna12 November 2018

This a a great course and I highly recommend it to whoever would like to learn about Real-time Programming Another really comprehensive and great course

Uzarsif9 November 2018

very in depth, learnt a lot of new concepts, also the things you learn, you are actually able to implement and try them yourself

Aramin6 November 2018

Your Course was very helpful to me. It contains a lot of stuff that I can learned Thanks for great course

Farid4 November 2018

pretty impressive. I would recommend watching multiple times It's REALLY a shame iman doesn't make any new courses.. :(

Maral1 November 2018

iman is a very prof.instructor in teaching this course. He describes every thing clearly & in a simple manner. you want to learn build a chatroom or enhance your skill this is the course!

Samir31 October 2018

This was a great course. I have learned a lot as a beginner. The Videos are very informative and educating. 100% recommended to anyone who wanted to educate oneself in this area

Ирис1 September 2018

This course is not suitable for absolute beginners, however, if you have some little background, this is a great course! It is short, swift, and remarkably direct to the point! Iman demonstrates very simply how to design the application step-by-step, without getting into theory and philosophy, which makes the course fast and efficient. Iman teaches how to easily download and use pre made libraries of javascript, without the need of writing loads of code and reinventing the wheel. The course is nice and fun! Thank you Iman!


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