How to be a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer

Learn how to turn your passion for nature and adventure photography into a thriving business

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

You will be able to recognize marketable images

You will be able to successfuly negotiate selling your photos and getting assignments

You will be able to price for profit

You will be able to design your business around your interests

You will begin to see all the photo opportunities for marketable imagery


"Charlie, you are one of the best instructors I have ever had regardless of subject. You never talk over my head and sound like you actually want me to learn and not just earn yourself a pay check. I thank you. - Gerald S.

"I like the pace Charlie Borland is speaking, the images he uses and the narrative style of the presentation. The course is just amazing. He has so much important detail on the subject of photography. For example, I now understand how to use my flash, and trust me, I have many books on the subject. Best photo course.-Renzo D.V.


Do you love nature and photography and wish to make money photographing the great outdoors? Would you like to make outdoor and nature photography your career?

Learn how to be a professional outdoor and nature photographer!

There is no more fulfilling "career" than being a full time Outdoor and Nature Photographer.

·Do you want to get published in magazines, brochures, and calendars?

·Do you want to photograph assignments for magazines and outdoor product companies?

I have been published in over 1000 calendars, many of the major outdoor magazines, advertising brochures, photographed magazine assignments and outdoor product catalogs, and I have founded and co-founded two stock photo agencies.

I can show you how to create images for the markets and GET PAID!!!

You will learn:

·How the outdoor and nature photography markets work.

·Techniques and approaches for making marketable images of nature and outdoor adventure.

·What type of camera equipment and other gear is needed.

·How to organize your stock photos and set up your business.

·How to make even more money with concept photography

·How to create marketable compositions

·How to master natural light and supplemental flash and strobe lighting

·How to master the technical sides of photography

Marketing and promotion is crucial to the success of any business and I will show you several strategies that work.

·How to market yourself and your business

·How to price and negotiate a photo sale

·How to be represented by stock photo agencies

One key ingredient that will insure your success as an outdoor photographer is photography assignments. YOU will learn:

·How to bid on photo assignments

·How to photograph outdoor products and portraits

·How to plan and prep for the big assignment

·How to create a portfolio and present it in a meeting

·How to find models

This course also includes a downloadable stock photo pricing guide to help you determine a fair and accurate price for your photographs.

What are the course requirements?


·A love for the outdoors, nature, wildlife, and the environment

·A sense of adventure and love of travel

·A willingness to work hard

·Oh, a camera, tripod, a computer, and software

What’s included?

·Over 125 videos and 10 audio lectures

·A downloadable pricing guide

·Examples of top selling images

·See a photograph my friend captured that has earned over $900,000. (That's not a typo)

·Strategies for pricing and selling your photography

·Strategies for succeeding in the business

At the end of this course you will be able to plan your business strategy, organize and market your business, and submit your quality photographs to publications and clients.

Who’s the Instructor?

There are many courses on how to be an amazing photographer, but how many are taught by true professionals who have a career and worked as a photographer?

I was formally trained at Brooks Institute in the 1980’s and have worked every day since. I have photographed for Fortune 500 companies, been published in countless magazines (you’ve probably heard of), and photographed in every state in the USA. .

I have taught photo workshops across the USA and Middle East. Founded two stock photo agencies, and sold thousands of stock photos. I love to teach and want to insure you succeed and love photography like I do. You can trust me to teach you photography!


You get full unlimited access to this course forever including all future video lectures.!

And in case you did not know, Udemy has an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee and it is not your standard guarantee, it's my promise to you that you will have the needed information to succeed in outdoor photography.


What they say:

This was by far the best course I have taken! – Joe C.

Better than ever expected. This course has taken me from zero knowledge to understanding how a huge amount of work goes into even one promo shot in a catalogue. This course does not hold back or sugar coat the work behind the great photos or give you constant reassurance - it honestly teaches all areas of the experience from taking better photos for your own benefit through to what the most professional client would require. I'm very grateful for Charlie Borland to be so helpful and present in such a lovely manner it makes the experience very rewarding and easy. -Michelle C.

Hi Charlie,
I'm not quite finished getting through all of the video but what a tremendous amount of work you have gone through for this course!
Not to mention all of the content. It's simply a staggering variety of such valuable, insightful and important information.
I wold have been bumbling about forever without your course, what a difference it will make as I begin and go forward from here.
Thank you for all of your time and effort and for sharing your knowledge so generously, it is greatly appreciated!!!
-Angela P.



How to be a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer
How to be a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer
How to be a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer
How to be a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer


The Profession of Outdoor and Nature Photography

Intro to Professional Outdoor Photography

Are You Sure You Want to Go Pro?

Introduction to the Business of Outdoor and Nature Photography

The 10 Commandments of Professional Photography

Should You Be a Specialist or Generalist

Understanding Outdoor Stock Photography

Whose Going to Buy Your Outdoor Photography?

Outdoor Photography Concepts

Self Assignment #1

Photography 101 (for those NEW to photography)

Photography Gear: The Camera

Photography Gear: The Lens

More Photography Gear

Photography Setup: The Importance of ISO

Photography Setup: The Importance of White Balance

Properly Using Your Histogram

Exposure: Go Right

Mastering Creativity: Depth of Field

Understanding Depth of Field

Creating Nature Photography That Sells

Nature Photography: Finding Marketable Locations

A Great Newsletter to Find Beautiful Places to Photograph

Is Business Better as a Local Hero or an International Nobody?

The Fundamentals of Good Selling Nature Photography

Marketable Compositions 1

Marketable Compositions 2

Marketable Compositions 3

Marketable Compositions 4

Marketable Compositions 5

Marketable Compositions 6

Wildlife Photography

Lighting for Nature Photography

Lighting for Nature Photography 2

Lighting for Nature Photography 3

Finding Your Vision

Why You Should Shoot PHOTO ELEMENTS

Landscape Photography Shooting Strategies

Photographing Utah's Fallen Roof Ruin

Self Assignment: Calendar Company Request

Color of Light

Creating Adventure Photography That Sells

Adventure Travel and Recreation Photography

Should You Be an Adventure Travel Generalist or Specialist?

The Markets for Adventure Photography

Equipment for Adventure Photography

Conceptual Outdoor and Adventure Photography

Composition and Lighting for Adventure Photography

Adventure Photography Techniques

Finding Models

The Importance of Model Releases

Self assignment #2

Free Model Release

Free Photo Shoot Agreement

Free Property Release

Free Indemnity Release

Model Releases

Lighting on Location: Supplemental Light

Flash and Outdoor Photography

Understanding the Flash

Flash as a Supplemental LIght

Flash as the Main Light

Intro to Wireless Multi-Flash Setups

Strategies for Lighting With Flash

More Strategies for Lighting With Flash

Even More Lighting Strategies

Creating Blur Action Adventure Photos

Photographing a Hiker with Pockets Wizards

Self Assignment #3

Photographing Outdoor Products for Customers

Introduction to Outdoor Product Photography

Outdoor Product Photography Setup

Setting up to Photograph a Backpack

Lighting the Backpack

Photographing the Backpack

Photographing the Water Bottle

Prepping to Photograph a Shoe

Photographing an Outdoor Shoe

Product Photography Wrap-Up

Self Assignment #4

Photographing Products

Setting Up Your Photography Business

Getting Your Business Organized

Introduction to Editing

File Naming

Naming Your Files 2

The Importance of Metadata

Managing Your Photo Files

Introduction to Captioning and Keywords

Effective and Efficient Image Captioning

Effective and Efficient Image Keywording

Image Processing: Lightening and Darkening

Self Assignment 5 Metadata

Metadata, Keywording, and Naming

Finding Clients and Photo Buyers

Finding Clients Pt 1

Finding Clients

Making Contact With Clients

How to Sell Yourself

Submitting Your Photography

An Interview With 4 Magazine Photo Editors

Self Assignment #6 Clients

Marketing Your Photography Business

Introduction to Marketing Your Photography

Branding Your Business


Email & Direct Mail Marketing

Your Portfolio and Portfolio Presentations

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Photo Sharing

Self Assignment 8: Marketing

Pricing Your Photography and Licensing Models

Introduction to Pricing Photography

Royalty Free vs. Rights Managed Licenses


Establishing a Usage Fees 1

Establishing Usage Fees 2

Establishing a Price 3

Establishing a Price 4

Establishing a Price 5

Establishing a Price 6

Are these Images Rights managed or Royalty Free?

Pricing Schedule for Download

Negotiating the Sale

Negotiating the Sale 2

Don't Make This Same Pricing Mistake I Made

Self Assignment 9: Pricing and Negotiation

How I Negotiated this Stock Photo Sale

Pricing and Negotiation

Stock Photo Agencies

Joining a Stock Photo Agency

This Photograph Has Earned $900,000! Yes, it's True!

Self Assignment #7 Magazine assignment

Photographing Assignments

Introduction to Photography Assignments

Planning the Photography Assignment?

Photography Assignment Estimate Example

I Hate Cold Calling and Here is What I do

Pricing Assignment Photography

Photographing the Outdoor Products Catalog

On Assignment: Axmen TV Show

Self Assignment 10: Assignments

Beyond Basic Photography

Photographing a Mountain Man Rendezvous

Turning Daytime into Nightime

Course Summary, Learning Resources, and More

Read How This Photographer Deals With Copyright Infringement

Getting Your Business to Run on Autopilot

Are you working hard to be an average photographer?

When one thing leads to another

What is success in nature photography

Surviving Tough Times

Course Wrap-Up

Model Release

Property Release

BONUS LECTURE: Private Workshops and More Excellent Learning Opportunities


João25 June 2020

Well, I'm very fun of nature and its splendors and as soon as I this course on this page, I didn'tr think twice, and for my surprise the content presented by Charlie is something to make someone more curious about the beauty of sunrise or sunset. And look, I'm not a photographer, I just to capture a good image, in the right place and in a good time. I higly recomend it.

Saurabh9 June 2020

This course helped me to fulfill many of my doubts.Well i skipped many lessons as i was familiar with them but some part of this course really helped me to fashion a business strategy for my photography.

Christopher18 May 2020

So far ive got the just if this course and i see what is being said and i still feel i am ready for what im going to learn and what i want to get into. I feel this course is really going to teach me alot.

Srayan12 May 2020

I learned about the reality of being a professional nature photographer and how it gonna effect my lifestyle. This course perfectly presented the reality and help me to understand the real world of professional nature and landscape photography.

Kelly28 April 2020

I am watching the course via mobile to smart tv and I love it. It’s direct and honest. There seems to be no hidden “car salesman,” gimmicks to sell the product, but instead honest information that helps you branch off with your own ideas. It’s an enhancement on your craft, whether professional or hobbyist.

Emilio26 February 2020

Great Course!!! clear concepts, good guidance and really o great Teacher. Thanks to Charles Borland to share, not only knowledge, but experience of many years

Veronica19 February 2020

Feel a Great Passion to learn about Photography, cameras, love to be creative, always feel inside of me that drive of creativity

Kg24 January 2020

I pretty much knew from experience what he was saying about being a pro vs and amateur and that being a pro is a very crowded market. So basically none of this information is new to me as I live the frustration of being a pro in a saturated market. But, that is why I am taking the course so that I can gain more insight into the business part of being a pro.

Alex1 November 2019

Great course, maybe have cleaner visuals. Maybe time to time show us your camera view as what you see in your camera's eye piece just before you take the actual photo shot.

Alan22 March 2019

Seems very dated content and quite US specific. Very few videos as much of it is audio with a few stills.

Videsha12 March 2019


Gregory25 February 2019

I am somewhat interested in portrait photography, so this course is really handy for explaining EXACTLY what I need to do step by step. It'll also help with other situations like flowers in high-contrast light.

Karen21 February 2019

I do love to take landscapes and have not really done it to the level that I would like since I am busy running more of a commercial photo business. I wanted to hear all about it from someone more experienced. Thanks!

John19 January 2019

An excellent instructor presenting a well organized and professionally composed course which focuses more on the business aspect of photography than the techniques of outdoor and nature photography.

Michael14 December 2018

So far, The content is honest and realistic, as well as taking the overall life picture into consideration.


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