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Home Business: CPA Marketing From Scratch

Learn How To Create Your Own Online Business With CPA Marketing

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Sep 2016

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What you will learn

In this course you will learn all the fundamentals and the advance methods of CPA/Affiliate marketing, from nothing to making your first dollar online

Know which are the best CPA networks to use

How to laser target the correct audience

Special advertising secrets to leverage your income

Be able to set up high-converting squeeze pages

Be able to set up smart sales funnels and landing pages

From a complete noobie to setting up a living room business


With the help of the right CPA marketing strategies, you can start making money online.

This course will show you what it takes to become an online marketer, even if you don’t have any previous experience in this area.

Through step-by-step instruction, you’ll tackle all of the essential elements of the CPA/affiliate marketing techniques that really work.

Before you know it, you’ll be able to run an online business from home in order to generate passive income.  

CPA Marketing from Start to Finish

This course is designed for learners of all levels, and it will show you how to build a successful CPA/affiliate marketing campaign from start to finish.

You’ll discover how to apply for the top CPA networks, how to develop a solid relationship with the best affiliate managers, and how to find the hottest offers to promote in order to generate the highest profits.

On top of that, you’ll tackle what it takes to write the ideal ads, and how to spy on what your competitors are doing so you can stay ahead of the game.

Plus, you’ll learn how to generate leads using a variety of methods, and you’ll uncover top-secret converting sources. All of this will translate to being able to generate more cash.

Course Content

You’ll begin this course with an overview of what CPA marketing is and how it can work for you.

Then you’ll learn about choosing the perfect network, applying and getting approved, and installing the appropriate web hosting and WordPress tools.

Once your foundation is set, you’ll dive right into the world of CPA marketing. You’ll unlock secrets to finding and choosing the best offers to promote, while also understanding what offers you should avoid.

You’ll even cover the keywords and ads that always convert, and you’ll master direct linking and landing page creation.

Finally, you’ll go over how to set up a successful campaign and generate the highest amount of traffic possible.

By the time you complete this course, you’ll know exactly how to launch a successful CPA marketing campaign. You’ll be able to establish a home-based online business that will start generating profits surprisingly easily.


Home Business: CPA Marketing From Scratch
Home Business: CPA Marketing From Scratch
Home Business: CPA Marketing From Scratch
Home Business: CPA Marketing From Scratch


Introduction and Overview!

Warm Welcome

Fundamentals Of CPA Marketing!

Overview Of CPA World!

Choosing The Perfect Network For You

Application Process

Approval Cheat Sheet

Web Hosting and WordPress Installing

Jumping Into The CPA World

Dashboard Overview

Finding Hot Offers To Promote

Offers to AVOID.

Finding Hot Converting Keywords

Powerful Ad Copies

Direct Linking Mastery

Landing Page Mastery

Traffic Domination & Campaign Setup

Discovering Traffic Sources

Signing Up On Microsoft/Bing Ads + Dashboard Overview

Bing Ads Campaign Set Up Domination

Keywords Adjustments Perfection

Finale and Conclusion! Money Made!


Kakarot9 September 2020

Lots of thing missing If u didnt use the landing page then y did you create it. Instead you used the wordpress site. Secondly you didnt mentioned anything about the tracker like how to setup which one to use etc

Steve2 July 2020

Great command of the subject and very positive. Lots of walk throughs with the software which is very helpful.

Amir1 April 2020

It lacks more details and also doesn't talk much about what exactly is PCA marketing and its basics. Also its not appicable in all countries. But it's a good way to start and tips would be useful I guess.

Uchenna22 March 2020

I love the step by step explanation. The videos are very clear and of good quality. But I'm a beginner. I'll like to play the videos again and again for more understanding

Akemini15 January 2020

This is an excellent course because it gives you step-by-step, all of the information you need to know to make money online with cpa marketing successfully. This course is taught by a very calm, confident, and enthusiastic instructor who knows what he is talking about. Thank you, Vinnie Lu. I highly recommend this course!

Aaron16 December 2019

It looks very intestering, there are some bits they were not very clear, I might need to see the videos again, he created a wordpress account and buy the host and he use the funnel later but not clear the relation between them. Definetely he need to show how to setup this. I loved the bing strategy. Basic but good, let's see.

Sanem4 August 2019

The course is really helpful especially if you are a beginner to the CPA world. It was definitely worth the money.

Ebenezer8 June 2019

The lecture is good but she need to show us what she is teaching. contents are not clear.i mean cant see clearly whats she is teaching on the screen

Salah13 May 2019

Hey, this is Amazing .. it's really a great, honest and clean CPA tutorial for beginners. Thank you and best wishes.

Okpale12 April 2019

The way this guy explains things is amazing. I'm joining the CPA network today and i'm so happy that course has actually taught me a lot. Thanks for this course

Andrews25 March 2019

i love this course.. gives a ton of value and its probably the best and easiest cpa marketing course out there

C28 September 2018

This course is an excellent overview of CPA marketing using Bing PPC ads. The instructor has a straight-to-the point delivery style and uses over-the-shoulder videos which really helped me learn. The only reason I didn't rate this course 5 stars is that it really needs a section on how to track keyword results. The instructor even says in the introduction that tracking is essential to scaling up profitability and that he will cover tracking, but then he doesn't.

Mohamed17 May 2018

hi dear thank you for all this formations , but you did not explain the important things like spying tools , tracking and more traffic sources etc.

Pranab13 January 2018

It is very theral. Vinnie does a really good job moving his students step by step on what to do from the concept to executing the concept and all the tools and soft wares to download and how to download them.

Mehsham31 July 2017

Most of the things are not explained properly i don't know why the instructor is in a hurry, also he must explain the wordpress website more specifically, he just made it and then forgot to explain its usage through out the course. I don't feel confident after this course


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