Video & Mobile Marketing


Beginners Guide to Marketing Your Business with Video

We’ll give you the tools you need to create engaging video content with your smartphone!


2 hours


Jul 2020

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What you will learn

Introduction to Video Marketing

Pre-Production (Writing a Script, Presenting Yourself, Types of Videos)

Production (Basic Camera Settings, Capturing Great Audio, Lighting, Composition)

Post-Production (Organizing Footage, Video Editing Programs)

Distribution to Social Media, Google Search and Broadcast Television

Branding (Choosing a Title, Description, Thumbnail)

Tracking Key Metrics (KPI's to Watch)


Learn How To Grow Your Business With Video Marketing!

Enroll now to unlock over 35 videos, guides, templates and more to create engaging video content with your mobile device.

The Beginners Guide to Marketing Your Business with Video eCourse is designed to give you the tools you need to create professional video content that attracts, converts and delights to grow your business. Learn how to create engaging promotional content, live streams, social media stories and more all with your mobile device.

What's In This Course?

First, we’re going to cover the benefits of video marketing and how your business can take advantage of it. Next, we’ll take a look at the best types of videos to create based on your goals and how to craft an effective and engaging message. Then we’ll dive into setting the scene with great audio, lighting and composition and bringing all of the elements together through the video editing process. Lastly, we’ll discuss distributing your video to the platforms your audience visits most and learn which metrics you should focus on to track the results. And as a bonus, we’ve included a one-hour webinar that teaches you how to leverage Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube advertising to reach your audience after the video has been produced.

  • Developed for Beginners - Learn how to produce engaging video content from beginning to end with devices that you already own.

  • Lifetime Access & Updates - Once you enroll, you'll have lifetime access to this course as well as free future updates!

  • Efficient - We developed this eCourse to be completed in under two hours so that you can put your skills to work and get back to business!

  • Case Studies - We will show you examples of what works and what doesn't when creating content.

  • Helpful Guides - We've included useful guides, templates and resources to assist you on your Video Marketing journey.

  • Interactive Quizzes - Put your newly developed skills to the test with seven unique quizzes after each chapter.


Beginners Guide to Marketing Your Business with Video
Beginners Guide to Marketing Your Business with Video
Beginners Guide to Marketing Your Business with Video
Beginners Guide to Marketing Your Business with Video


Chapter 1 - Welcome

Lesson 1.1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Introduction to Video Marketing

Chapter 2 Overview

Lesson 2.1 - What is Video Marketing

Lesson 2.2 - Why Video Marketing is Effective

Lesson 2.3 - Video Investment & ROI

Lesson 2.4 - How to Implement Video Marketing

Chapter 2 Quiz

Chapter 3 - Pre-Production

Chapter 3 Overview

Lesson 3.1 - Choosing Content

Lesson 3.2 - Buyer’s Journey

Lesson 3.3 - Writing a Script

Lesson 3.4 - Styles of Videos

Lesson 3.5 - Video Length & Engagement

Lesson 3.6 - Presenting Yourself

Chapter 3 Quiz

Chapter 4 - Production

Chapter 4 Overview

Lesson 4.1 - Before Your Hit Record

Lesson 4.2 - Basic Camera Settings

Lesson 4.3 - Audio

Lesson 4.4 - Framing Your Shot

Lesson 4.5 - Setting the Scene

Lesson 4.6 - Lighting

Chapter 4 Quiz

Chapter 5 - Post-Production

Chapter 5 Overview

Lesson 5.1 - Shooting for the Edit

Lesson 5.2 - Organizing Footage

Lesson 5.3 - Video Editing Programs

Lesson 5.4 - Finishing Touches

Chapter 5 Quiz

Chapter 6 - Distributing Your Video

Chapter 6 Overview

Lesson 6.1 - Finding Your Audience - Social Media

Lesson 6.2 - Finding Your Audience - Web-Google

Lesson 6.3 - Finding Your Audience - Broadcast Television

Chapter 6 Quiz

Chapter 7 - Branding Your Video

Chapter 7 Overview

Lesson 7.1 - Branding & Repurposing

Lesson 7.2 - Video Packaging

Lesson 7.3 - SEO Optimization

Chapter 7 Quiz

Chapter 8 - Tracking Key Metrics

Chapter 8 Overview

Lesson 8.1 - Tracking Metrics

Lesson 8.2 - KPI’s To Watch

Chapter 8 Quiz

Chapter 9 - Wrap-Up

Lesson 9.1 - Conclusion

Bonus - Video Marketing Webinar

Creating Brand Videos and Launching Effectively with Digital Marketing Webinar


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