Grafana and Graphite from Beginner to Advanced (3rd Edition)

Monitoring with Grafana, Graphite, ElasticSearch, CloudWatch, MySQL, SQL Server, Influx DB etc..

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Installing Grafana, Graphite and StatsD on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu

Installing Grafana manually or using Docker

Creating modern looking static or dynamic dashboards

Setting up notations and alerts

Integrate Grafana with MySQL

Integrate Grafana with InfluxDb

Integrate Grafana with ElasticSearch

Building your own StatsD client using C#, Powershell and Bash

Integrate Grafana with SQL Server


The only COMPLETE course for Grafana is here. Take this leading course now and learn all about Grafana and Graphite. Develop your skill base and grow your career prospects.  

If you are a DevOps engineer, learning Grafana  is essential for you. Rated as the number 1 monitoring tool for 2019, Grafana and Graphite transform how enterprise data is collected, visualized and used.  

Grafana is a powerful framework with the ability to create and display dashboards. When paired with Graphite, an enterprise data collection and visualization system, it analyses key information about your business, infrastructure, applications and web sites.

Confidently using these tools will change how a business is able to view their vital metrics. Having these skills allows DevOps engineers and developers to take their career to the next level.

In this course, I will teach you how to:

  • Use Grafana and Graphite, including how to setup the tools on Mac and Windows desktops, as well as on an Ubuntu server

  • Create professional dashboards with various panels and variables

  • Integrate Grafana with Graphite, MySql, Sql Server, ElasticSearch, AWS CloudWatch or InfluxDB etc...

  • Analyse and annotate data to highlight important data trends and metric values

  • Send alert notifications to channels such as Email and Slack.

  • Plus so much more

No pre-requisite knowledge is required to complete this course, but a positive attitude and a willingness to learn is a must!

Questions are always welcome from students and can be asked in the Q&A section of the course. I endeavour to respond to these quickly so I can create an engaging learning environment for my students.  

I look forward to seeing you in the course!  


Grafana and Graphite from Beginner to Advanced (3rd Edition)
Grafana and Graphite from Beginner to Advanced (3rd Edition)
Grafana and Graphite from Beginner to Advanced (3rd Edition)
Grafana and Graphite from Beginner to Advanced (3rd Edition)




What is Grafana and how does it work?

What are Graphite and StatsD?

Installing and Configuring Grafana

Installing Grafana on Ubuntu

Configuring Grafana (Optional)

Installing Grafana using Docker (Windows and Mac)

Installing and Configuring Graphite and StatsD

Components Of Graphite

Installing and configuring Graphite on Ubuntu

Configuring Sampling Frequency and Retention Period

Installing StatsD on Ubuntu

Installing Graphite, and StatsD using Docker (Windows and Mac)

Sending Metrics to StatsD and Graphite

Using Grafana

The ShoeHub Global Company!

Adding Data Sources: Connecting to Graphite

Creating and Managing Dashboards

Using the Graph panel

Comparing a series of data with the same data in the past (time shift)

Using Graphite Functions to Draw Cool Graphs

Exercise: Display Country Data On A Graph Panel

Using the Single Stat and Gauge Panels

More Advanced Graphs with the Gauge Panel

The All-New Bar Gauge and Pie Chart Panels

Creating Dynamic Dashboards Using Variables

Using the Heatmap panel


Installing Plugins in Grafana

Raising Alerts

Notifications (via Email)

Configuring External Image Storage & Sending Notifications to Slack

Tips and Tricks

Displaying different data types on the same Graph panel

Increasing the visibility of data with logarithmic scaling

Monitoring Windows Serverrs with InfluxDB, Telegraf and Grafana

Integration with DataSources

Integration of Grafana with MySQL

Integration of Grafana with SQL Server (version 5.3 and above)

Integration of Grafana with Elasticsearch

Integration of Grafana with AWS Cloudwatch

Integration of Grafana with InfluxDB

Administration of Grafana

Overview of Administration in Grafana

Working with Organisations in Grafana

Creating and Managing Users

Creating and Managing Teams

Authenticating Users with Google

Authenticating Users with Active Directory (LDAP)


Filippo27 September 2020

Lots of reference "use docker here", "this is on windows" "this is on linux" "this is ios"... Choose one and stick to it, please!

Mohammed11 July 2020

While the initial configuration of Graphite was going on, I was expecting he would explain why on many commands.I don't like that when the video is getting cut in between. How ever Grafana part is interesting

Rajiv28 June 2020

Well,you should gives Connectivity with datasource first then Work with Grafana,because from nodejs user don't know about windows.

Ciro21 June 2020

Too much clear screen. After executed commands. It's make us to comeback and pause the course a lot of times.

Riccardo19 May 2020

yes it is good for me as a total beginner, but the course is out of date to the grafana version installed.

Benno15 January 2020

The course is ok for a general overview, but misses topics like provisioning. Some topics the author runs to quickly through. I have also posted a question, never got an answer. Don't feel the author is proactive on this course.

Wim22 December 2019

The examples shown in the different videos are more or less always the same, there are a lot of other scenario's for Grafana dashboards that are not discussed. I had hoped to learn a lot more in this course.

Rachid1 December 2019

The author just forgot to add a clear step on how to add data in graphite for shoehub company, consequence : a lot of students are stuck in the middle :(

Radosław27 October 2019

Perfect grafana course. It gave me lot of knowledge how to set up varius sources and how to use them. Also how to create dashboards and panels. It was all i needed to start and create monitoring system with success. Thanks!:)

Alexander23 October 2019

Thanks for this course! It's BASIC for me, because most of those I already found and use when Grafana installed, intuitively. Nice topics about graphite. Course doesn't contain information about dashboard design practices, SSO, how to implement system in enterprise (because in enterprise we are limited by Linux versions and policies not suppose to allow installation from internet sources, but only local company repositories). I also expect example dashboards with world map or similar. 3.5 starts because as for me there is no advanced features, except SQL Server support and LDAP, I could implement. However, this course enough for beginners.

Shivam29 September 2019

The course is good but it can be improve better on the basis of below points 1. Instead of demonstrating the same in one system, it would be better if the same will be recorded in distributed environment. 2. We are installing various of OSS for running graphite or other components. It would be better if you will explain that why only those OSS are recommended, what if, if we want to use other alternative of OSS to run the system (node/ apache). 3. How it will handle fail-over, if grafana or graphite is down for certain duration ?

Badal12 September 2019

Amazing course, simply fantastic, nothing can be better than this with 10$ :) !!!. The instructor explained all possible things with examples. A hardcore developer can master grafana-graphite/influxDB-statsd going though this course.

Brian2 September 2019

It is clear and concise. It describes the basic infrastructure. I would like an early mention of how to use Grafana in Kubernetes.

Eduardo23 August 2019

Ainda estou no começo do curso, porém pelo que eu vi nestas ultimas 2 aulas o professor está explicando o funcionamento do Grafana em profundidade, o que contribui melhor compreensão da ferramenta que estou utilizando em meu emprego.

Caio1 August 2019

I really liked the course, it gave me the information I needed. Now what I need to understand more is about Elastic Search which my company uses and how to structure the information I send to Elastic Search in order to display it quickly in Grafana.


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