Google Sheets for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

MASTER Google Sheets, LEARN formulas, functions, spreadsheet structure & BUILD Beautiful Financial Models & Budgets.

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Google Sheets for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses


1 hour


Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Exposure to Google Drive & Google Applications

Build a Five Year Financial Model From SCRATCH!

Build a Twelve (12) Month Operating Budget From SCRATCH!

Learn Google Sheets Structure

Master Spreadsheet Formulas

Master Spreadsheet Functions

Deep dive into Spreadsheet Formatting

Understand how to use Spreadsheet Shortkeys

Learn Spreadsheet Navigation

Converting & Uploading Spreadsheets to Google Drive



This is a HANDS ON, working course.  So, although its short, its POWERFUL.  We'll cover Google Drive, Google Sheets and how to use this dynamic tool to create business solutions for your small business or startup (heck, it even works for big businesses!).  The two tools that we'll build FROM SCRATCH are:

  • A Five Year Financial Model

  • A Detailed Operating Budget

We're going to cover EVERYTHING you need in this course to be successful:

  • Chapter 3, we're going to cover the basics and getting started with Google Drive.

  • Chapter 4, we're going to cover the basics of Google Drive and Spreadsheets.  How to upload them, convert them and the four ways that you can work on them.

  • Chapter 5, we're going to cover the Spreadsheet structure and how to use the shortcut commands and the menu bar to make your life easier.

  • Chapter 6, we're going to cover cover how you can format rows, columns and sheets!

  • Chapter 7, we'll continue the formatting fun and we'll cover formatting everything using the formatting bar.

  • Chapter 8, we'll explore the power of formulas and how they can be used in spreadsheets.

  • Chapter 9, we'll wrap things up with a conversation on functions and we'll use the most common ones.

This is where things get fun! We'll take everything we've learned and we'll build the two tools I mentioned above.  We'll first build a five year financial model and we'll finish the course by building a Detailed Twelve (12) Month Operating Budget.

The Result:

You'll be ready to deploy Google Sheets into your business.  You'll have two working templates that you can use however and wherever you want!  Its going to be a fun course.

We'll see you in class.


Google Sheets Introduction


Resources & Downloads

Getting Started!

Google Sheets Mastery

The Basics

The Menu Bar & Sheets Structure

Formatting Part 1 (Rows, Columns, Sheets & Shortcuts)

Formatting Part 2 (The Formatting Bar)


Functions, Tips & Tricks

Google Sheets In Action

Build A Five Year Financial Model From Scratch

Build A Monthly Operating Budget From Scratch


Greg17 July 2021

Great compact practical course. It could be even more practical if ebitda and net income was completely separate fields in the financial model and taxes calculated but ok it is not a course about accouting. Thanks!

David7 April 2021

Very informative and this course helped me a get up to speed on using google sheets. Great instructor!


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