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Google Cloud Platform Associate Cloud Engineer Bootcamp

Get Certified and become a Cloud Expert. GCP Associate Cloud Engineer. One of the latest certifications from GCP

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Nov 2019

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What you will learn

Be prepared to take and pass the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam

Manage your GCP Cloud environment more efficiently

Learn how tp use the GCP gcloud commands needed for the passing of this exam

Learn how to size App Engine and Bigquery

Learn how to Secure Compute Engine

Learn the required kubenetes commands.

Understand Billing in GCP

How to secure the GCP cloud with IAM and Cloud Identity

Prepare for the exam and pass.


"According to Global Knowledge’s Survey for 2020 a GCP Cloud Architect had the highest salary at $175,761". Getting Google Cloud Certified or even just learning more can add value to your career earnings

New Modules Added- February 2020

This course was specifically designed to provide a refresher of the topics of the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam.  This course is designed for experienced GCP engineers that need a refresher of the objectives before taking the exam.  If you need more hands on help then taking additional course would be wise before taking the exam.  

During the course I will provide insight into the GCP Cloud Engineer exam and walk thru main exercises around managing a GCP Cloud. We will be going thru demos, reviewing content and providing you the top 10 things to remember before taking the exam. 

Lets get you certified on GCP.  

An Associate Cloud Engineer deploys applications, monitors operations, and manages enterprise solutions. This individual is able to use Google Cloud Console and the command-line interface to perform common platform-based tasks to maintain one or more deployed solutions that leverage Google-managed or self-managed services on Google Cloud.

The Associate Cloud Engineer exam assesses your ability to:

  • check Set up a cloud solution environment

  • check Plan and configure a cloud solution

  • check Deploy and implement a cloud solution

  • check Ensure successful operation of a cloud solution

  • check Configure access and security


Google Cloud Platform Associate Cloud Engineer Bootcamp
Google Cloud Platform Associate Cloud Engineer Bootcamp
Google Cloud Platform Associate Cloud Engineer Bootcamp
Google Cloud Platform Associate Cloud Engineer Bootcamp


Introduction to GCP Cloud Engineer Course Updated May 2019

GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Course Overview

Introduction to the GCP Cloud Engineer Express Course

GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Objectives Part 1

GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Objectives Part 2

Top Ten Things to Focus on the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam 2018

GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Deep Dive notes. Preparing for the exam

Free GCP Practice Exam Questions

Download Course FREE Practice Questions

Download Cloud Engineer Command List to Study for Exam

Download Study Links Document

Setting up a cloud solution environment

Section 1 Setting up a cloud solution environment Overview

Projects and Organizations

Project Deletion Demo

Project Create Demo

Gcloud Project Default Directory

Project Service Accounts

Gcloud - Change Regions

Managing billing configurations

Billing Demo

Project CLI Gcloud Commands

Command Line Interface

Demo - Install SDK Kit

Planning and configuring a cloud solution

Module 2- Planning and configuring a cloud solution

GCP Cloud Pricing Calculator

Quotas Must Know

Discussion - Planning and configuring network resources

Load Balancing Options

Load Balancing Discussion

Whiteboard - Cloud CDN

Compute Engine Overview

Compute Engine Managing Compute Engine resources

App Engine Overview

Compute Engine Recomendation Engine

Cloud Functions Overview

Kubenetes Engine Overview

Migrating to GCP - 3rd Party Services

Deploying and implementing a cloud solution

Module 3 Deploying and implementing a cloud solution

Compute Engine Demo Deploy Instance Templates and Instance Groups Part 1

Compute Engine Demo Deploy Instance Templates and Instance Groups Part 2

Move VM Whiteboard

Kubenetes Engine Demo -Deploy

Kubenetes Engine Clusters Demo

GCP BigQuery

Cloud SQL Demo

Cloud Storage Overview

Cloud Storage Demo Part 1 of 2

Cloud Storage Demo Part 2 of 2

GCP Data Storage Transfer Between Regions Demo Rev1

Demo - Cloud Launcher

Deployment Manager

Demo - Create VPC

Demo -Create Firewall Rule

Ensuring successful operation of a cloud solution

Module 4 - Ensuring successful operation of a cloud solution

Recommendation Engine

Viewing Google Cloud Platform status

Demo - Google Stackdriver Install Monitoring Agent

Demo - Google Stackdriver Install Logging Agent

Demo - Google Stackdriver

Demo - Google Stackdriver Trace

Demo - Google Stackdriver Metrics Explorer

Demo - Google Stackdriver Uptime Checks

Demo - Google Stackdriver Workspaces

Configuring access and security

Module 5- Configuring access and security

GCP Cloud IAM Overview

Demo - Cloud IAM - Create Role

Managing Service Accounts

Cloud IAM Project and Organization Hierarchy Demo

GCP IAM App Engine Security Scanner

Cloud IAM - Cloud Identity - IDaaS

GCP Cloud IAM - Identity Aware Proxy

GSuite Integration


Bonus Lecture Devops Part 1

Bonus Lecture - DevOps Part 2

DevOps and Kubenetes Engine Whiteboard

Cloud Build Demo

Cloud Source Repositories

Source Code Management Whiteboard

Container Registry

App Engine Security Scanner

Demo and Whiteboard -App Engine A/B Testing

Resources to help Study.

Free Tier

Codelabs for App Development Practice (FREE)

Qwiklabs for practice labs (Not Free)

GCP Services Crib Sheet - Download

GCP Cloud Solutions Icons and Resources

Cloud Solutions Architecture Reference aka Project Treehouse

GCP Enterprise Best Practices Webpage

DevOps Webpage- Must Review before Exam

Google Cloud Platform Official Practice Exam - Free

Bonus Lecture -Additional Exam Prep Questions

Course Closeout and Good Luck

Linkedin Job Search Tips- Cloud Engineer

Top 10 Things to Memorize before taking Exam!

Register for the exam

Bonus Lecture- Extra Questions


Chris31 May 2020

This course is giving me the broad overview of GCP, which is what I was looking for at this point. I'm using this in combination with qwiklabs in order to hopefully prepare myself for the Assoc exam while also getting a better understanding of GCP.

Hammad8 March 2020

Description of what members and roles are in IAM is totally incorrect. This instructor clearly seems to have little experience past trying to teach how to pass an exam.

Pablo5 December 2019

Es un curso demasiado lento, redundante y muy general respecto de los contenidos, hubiese esperado una revisión de los productos de GCP en mayor detalle y dejando de lado los ejemplos prácticos, considerando que este curso tiene como pre requisito estar familiarizado con GCP en términos generales

Les1 December 2019

Second course on GCP ACE other was Coursera course by Google this is more real world and less high level overview.

Janusz17 September 2019

Clear presentation and explanation of subjects that can show up on the exam. The Beta exam (somehow outdated today) is discussed in depth.

Elias16 September 2019

wish there was more Hands on activities like LinuxAcademy has. This is an expensive youtube channel. But the information is good.

Pavlo14 April 2019

The author is referring to the official google cloud documentation, too often. Looks like the course​ was quickly prepared by the lazy guy.

Nishanthi3 March 2019

Hi I'm happy to say I passed the exam and this course helped me tremendously. so thanks to the instructor! I have been working in the GCP environment for the past 2 years and I found the exam fairly challenging. There were many questions where the right answer just clicked from what I remembered from the lectures! For other test takers, I'd say going to the links that is mentioned in the course is a must. I kept reading through the links as I went into the google documentation (feed your curiosity). There are a lot of questions on Networking, found only one pricing question (much to my disappointment), lots of command based questions(kubectl, gcloud).

Locke7 February 2019

Provides good coverage for exam. Feels like it was rushed out, which makes sense since it was the first course on the exam. There are some hiccups in terms of precision of language and consistency, but nothing that really undermines the objective. In one lecture, the audio was missing for a few minutes. Overall, it gets the job done even if it wasn't one of the more enjoyable courses to go through.

Andrew4 January 2019

Read Googles exam prep and then go read Google documentation don't bother with this "Bootcamp". The bootcamp tells you to go read Googles documents. I had the audio set to 1.5 speed because the instructor is slow. At 1.5 speed the audio seems normal.

Guilherme2 January 2019

I was really expecting to have something really useful, but there is a lack of information, just a quick overview, not going through really good examples, no command line execution, just reading and going, most of the time, through the Google Web Console. I am not ready to take any exam with this course. My expectation was to have something like "A Cloud Guru" for AWS.

Gary17 December 2018

Provider: Thank you. It's good to have any content for this certification. There isn't much out there. I'm pretty sure some of the questions/answers (3 or 4) are not correct. Probably just entry mistakes. Consumer: I haven't taken the real exam yet. I'll see if I can update the comments after it's over. Even with mistakes, I currently recommend this practice test. Errors and all it's always good to research answers you aren't sure about. You can learn even from questions that have errors in them.

Niko11 December 2018

I needed the Associate cert for my new job which deals with GCP. I saw the GCP console for the first time on Nov 26, and bought this course with the idea of trying to get the Associate cert asap. After 2 weeks and a day of this course and reading the recommended documentation, I passed the Associate exam without much trouble on Dec 11. Thank you!

Palanisamy23 November 2018

There are lots of hints on what needs be studied from the google documentation. But what I expect was all that details are part of the course, so we don't need to go read the full details and waste our time. Important things from those pages should be copied to the course, so it is taught part of the course. There are way too many repetitions and boring to listen. Instructor is very slow on where he needs to be fast and fast on where he needs to be slow. There are no other better course available at this time is the truth behind taking this course.

Suresh8 October 2018

It should be more practical instead of theory. A proper sequence should be maintained while creating a project from beginning and should create that thing while going through that part theoretically.


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