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Financial modeling | Renewable Energy: Solar & Wind

Learn how build a financial model for solar plants and wind plants, and help seal renewable energy deals worldwide!

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Sep 2020

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What you will learn

The fundamentals of a power plants' business, and their key value drivers

How to model a plant's cashflow performance in Excel

How to use this model to assess financing and commercial options for the plant and how they affect its value!


Want to work on RENEWABLE ENERGY deals in WIND and SOLAR power?
Want to be part of the global shift to renewable energy? 
Want to break into a sector that is expected to have $10TRILLION poured into it through 2040? 

THIS is the course for YOU!

Go beyond filling out pre-prepared templates - build complex financial models from scratch!
Make a quantum leap in your financial modeling skills! 
Save hours at work - by learning Excel best practices and VBA!

This course takes an application-led approach which will guide you through an ENTIRE buyout valuation model for a newly operational WIND PLANT or SOLAR PLANT in Excel! 

You'll take a comprehensive a approach learning the BUSINESS AND RISK FUNDAMENTALS of wind and solar power plants' business, including how to find relevant information in technical engineering reports.

You won't just be taught how to build a financial model - you'll learn HOW TO USE IT. 

You'll prepare yourself for to work on solar and wind plant deals ALL AROUND THE WORLD with:

  • Banks

  • Advisory teams

  • Private equity funds

  • Debt funds

  • Industrial developers

  • Asset managers

You'll cover the theory and financial modeling for:

  • Solar and wind plant business and operations

  • Plant risk assessment

  • Debt sizing

  • Debt service sculpting/tailoring/payment structuring

  • Lender covenants

  • Complex cash waterfalls

  • Debt service ratios

  • Dynamic charts and dashboard design

  • Circular calculations common in plant financing deals

Your financial model will:

  • Handle complex financial engineering and analysis applicable to most wind and solar buyout deals

  • Calculate returns, a fair buyout price, and industry-specific multiple

  • Give you flexibility to assess multiple financing arrangements

  • Have clean, efficient VBA code to speed up your analysis and free up your time

  • Follow the very best practices actually used by professionals in the industry


This course gives you all the pro tips you'd other have to pay $1,000s to access as part of a corporate training programme!! 


ENROLL NOW - there's ZERO RISK as you're covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee! 


Financial modeling | Renewable Energy: Solar & Wind
Financial modeling | Renewable Energy: Solar & Wind
Financial modeling | Renewable Energy: Solar & Wind
Financial modeling | Renewable Energy: Solar & Wind




Risks and fundamentals of renewable energy plants

Energy and power

Solar and wind generation - basics

Solar and wind generation - losses

Solar and wind generation - variability pt.1

Solar and wind generation - variability pt.2

Solar and wind generation - variability pt.3

Renewable power plant concept checker

Building a buyout model for a renewable energy plant

Setting up the model

Modelling plant generation

Modelling plant commercial activity

Setting up the waterfall and financial statements

Modelling debt and interest

Debt sizing and sculpting

Modelling the buyout's cashflows

Modelling depreciation and amortisation

Modelling tax

Managing circularities in debt sizing

Debt sizing with multiple case testing

Handling multiple stakeholder views

Modelling lender covenants

Modelling equity cashflows

Valuing the buyout

Automating the fair price calculation

Perfecting the dashboard

Learning how to use the model in real-life situations

Exercise questions and materials

Answers to exercises


Leemisa10 October 2020

The course though very interesting and the modeling very impressive. I felt that the model required more explanation especially with the technical aspects. I felt that the course required an introductory course to explain the concepts before the modeling started

Linh17 August 2020

Perfect match for me. I am developing my capabilities in renewable energy sector and this course fits right in. High quality.

Andrew4 August 2020

This is an interesting but quite challenging course. Definitely requires some knowledge of financial analysis etc

Matthew5 July 2020

It was run at a good pace. Some of the excel was difficult, but most was well explained so watching a unit twice helped.

Jose14 June 2020

This course is a gem. I would highly recommend this course to anyone working/interested in the renewable energy sector (analyst roles). It is an excellent course to go into the details of solar/wind projects from a financial model point of view. Some of the highlights: 1. Rod gives you really advanced and valuable key modeling inputs that you cannot find in other modeling courses such as different stakeholder scenarios and different debt sizing cases within the same model. You can truly see how he has squeezed years of experience in this course. 2. He is actively answering any question you might have regarding the course and renewable energy related topics. You can simply check that all questions have been answered in the Q&A section. Lastly, I would recommend you to do this course at the same time you do Rod's Project Finance course offered at Udemy too. You can start from scratch building your own advanced PF + buyout model with a really experienced lecturer!

Mohamed3 February 2020

most of the course is explanation in the excel file, i hoped if it is has more detail explanation then at the end of the course be explanation in excel

Kunjan10 November 2019

Explanation about fundamentals of financial modelling and excel techniques is required in a bit more detail and simple manner

Antonio31 October 2019

It is a very good match! Nevertheless the course requires a significant knowledge on both accounting anf financing. But it is very good!

Thierry16 October 2019

Starts off simple and goes into a very decent level of sophistication. (Bodmer-level of sophistication, for those to whom that reference makes sense.) You can always slow down if things go over your head and look at the model, handily expanded upon with each lesson.

Neil29 August 2019

I felt like I learned a lot. Really good examples, to get into the detail, and understand some of the key issues with this topic.

Farooq28 August 2019

This is quite nice training, but some financial concepts are difficult to understand in one go, if possible please break down further.

Joao27 August 2019

1) This should be based out of a single template excel 2) More explanation on some topics (e.g. debt sizing)

Selfa27 July 2019

High expert knowledge and sound good but too technical for for those seeking to know simple economic of energy system. like rate of return on investment , Net present worth etc. Overall it was high expertly and advance financial analysis.

Tanel6 May 2019

Excellent course! A lot of insight, for beginners or for experienced professionals. I learned a lot of new tricks and found the exercises very useful as well. Looking forward to the other courses by the trainer!

Cathy15 April 2019

It is a great training course that provides insight on the renewable energy industry and nice details throughout the model sample. I learned a lot! It will be nice if we can get the sample model in excel format.


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