Complete Guide to Colour Grading in Final Cut Pro X

Beginner to pro grading course for FCPX | Discount Code Available

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Jan 2020

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What you will learn

Professional colour workflow to make your videos stand out

Get cinematic footage with great skin tones

How to setup and use Final Cut Pro for grading

Colour theory fundamentals and application in Hollywood


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Take your colour grading to the next level in Final Cut Pro!!

If you've ever felt lost when it comes to colour work, I feel your pain! I know the struggle:

  • online tutorials that conflict or don't tell the whole story

  • not knowing where to start or what makes footage look good

  • unnatural skin tones

  • applying a LUT to find that it looks bad

I've designed this course to resolve all this and more. This is all the knowledge I wish I knew when I started out with video, (too) many years ago.

In this downloadable course, you'll get:

  • Step-by-step workflow giving you a structured approach to get pro results

  • Beginning to end walkthroughs

  • A solid understanding of the tools and scopes featured in Final Cut Pro

  • Foundational knowledge of colour theory and its application in Hollywood

  • Where to get the best free LUTs, and more importantly, how to get the best from any LUTs

  • Various filming tips to help up your game

As with my last bestselling course on the GH5, I'll be aiming to keep this updated and build on it over time. Right now it contains everything you need for professional results on the latest 2019 release of Final Cut Pro.

Hope to see you in there!


Complete Guide to Colour Grading in Final Cut Pro X
Complete Guide to Colour Grading in Final Cut Pro X
Complete Guide to Colour Grading in Final Cut Pro X
Complete Guide to Colour Grading in Final Cut Pro X




FCPX Tour and Setup

Video Scopes in FCPX

Colour Wheels and Board

Colour Curves Intro

Hue vs Saturation Curves

Hardware Considerations

Planning for the Grade

Shooting Tips


Colour Correction


Colour Conversion

Noise Reduction

Exposure and Contrast

White Balance


Perfect Skin Tones

Secondary Corrections

Fix Dark or Noisy Footage

Quick correction tips


Cinematic Treatment


Colour Theory

Colour Harmony

Exposure and Contrast in Cinema

Cinematic Use of Saturation

Cinematic Elements

Letterboxing the Correct Way


Grading with LUTs


My Favourite Free LUTs

Apply a LUT in FCPX

Get the Best From Any LUT

Walkthroughs - Grading Without LUTs


Matching Cameras

Matching a Movie Look

Creating a Look - Subtle Teal and Orange

Creating a Strong Complementary Grade

3 Powerful Uses of Curves (5 Looks Including Warm / Cool)

Simple Cinematic Tone

Grading Black and White

Bleach Bypass Look

Moody Vintage Look

Quick Grade - Melancholic NYC

Day Into Night


Advanced Colour Techniques


Skin Tone Cheat

Smoother Skin

Dodge and Burn in Video

Tools for Cinematic Skin Treatment Tested

Get an HDR Look

Conclusion and Bonus Content

Final Assignment


FCPX Update Going in to 2020


Suzuki2 October 2020

This course is extremely good. I had to revisit every part several times, because there are so much to learn in each of them. Myles explanation is very very good and to the point. So far, the best Udemy course I have experienced. In other courses, you kindda want to go back and revisit, maybe 10 to 20 percents. But with this course, every bit of it is very important. The only drawback is that, Myles has so few courses. I wish he has more courses.

Massimo31 July 2020

Very professional and knowledgeable teacher. Clear exposition and in-depth look at a topic I could hardly find any other course or book on. Simply put, a great course! I recommend it to anyone who choose FCPX as their editing software.

shaun28 July 2020

I have been editing and filming making now for over 6 years as a profession - I have looked at many many YT videos that cover colour grading, more over taken courses by "experts" that don't always tell you the how and the why...this is different. Some of things you learn you need to revisit because they're little gems in here that really help you. Brilliant

Gershom22 July 2020

Very knowledgeable, gives alternatives and examples of possible problems you may face as you are working on projects. This course was amazing! Highly Recommend so you can get a overall understanding how to Color Correct and Grade your projects , advance techniques are also touched and gives you an excellent foundation to build on your skills.

Rudy6 July 2020

This is my second course with Myles and he always delivers the goods. He's always willinv go explain further

Carlos14 June 2020

This is the best FCPX colour grading course out there. Very clear, concise and with a great touch of humor. The only thing I regret is there were no practice video files in the course; still, you can work with your own assets. I will watch this course again a few more times till I master every section. I hope it keeps getting updated. I fell in love with the dancer (who is that girl?) she´s great. The best.

Chris12 June 2020

I'm not one to use to hyperbole and rarely offer 5 stars as there is normally a lot of room for improvement. However, I can't really fault this. The pace is good. The instruction is clear. There is also an update on a new version of FCPX. If your new to FCPX, this course is great as it help you understand colour correction and colour grading. If you want to inprove, this course gives you elements that I, as a hobbyest will rarely use, but I am now aware of. I have continually logged in to Udemy to re-learn a topic from this course. In sum: I bought this course on a discount and believe it is one of the few courses that is probably worth the full cost.

Miriam28 May 2020

I have been editing in FCP for almost 2 years, without any knowledge in how to colour correct or colour grade. I began experimenting a little bit half a year ago, and decided I needed to learn more. I have now been working with my projects alongside this course, and have learned so much! A wonderful, wonderful course that I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their FCP editing skills. I love sitting down for these well structured, informative and practical lessons. Thank you!

Ben18 May 2020

I'm learning so much in this course - Myles really explains things well and gets to the point quickly without wasting any time.

Vince5 April 2020

Myles, terrific job. Definitely helped me elevate my color grading game, getting me to see things at a professional level.

Burak25 January 2020

It saves me time of searching so many videos. His courses cover mostly all you need to know for colouring your personel videos or even your client videos such as weddings, b-rolls and cinematic travel videos. Also every time Final Cut Pro gets an update, in this course you can catch up with new tools immediately with new course videos.

Daryn13 December 2019

Super interesting and very well done. It has opened my eyes on coloring inside FCPX and how powerful it is. I have tons and tons of notes that I can't wait to put into practice!

Bethyana21 November 2019

Only a few lessons in and Ive already learned a few things. Im pretty familiar with FCPX but color grading was something I was kind of doing without this knowledge. I wasn't doing it very well IMO. I prefer to know exactly what I'm doing, so far the intro and the first few lessons have been exactly what I was looking for! Also I used that discount from his Youtube page and saved another $5!

Toni11 November 2019

So far the course is exceeding my expectation, each session is clear and concise. It also seems to follow a logical structure to ensure understanding through building on a good foundation.

John21 October 2019

i have colorgrade centra and ripple training colorgrading course and this is amazing, affordable and not borning at all.


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