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Master Facial Recognition C# - EmguCV Face Recognition

Learn Facial Recognition key Concepts & Develop an application to detect faces in real time environment using any camera

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Aug 2018

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What you will learn

Students will able to develop complete face recognition system using C# (windows form application)

Students will understand deep knowledge of face recognition

Students will learn every class and method of OpenCV required for computer vision

Complete understanding of Face Recognition procedure

Understanding of HaaCascade, its development and use in face recognition


  • Want to develop a Facial Recognition software but hurdled by Math Heavy Articles ?

  • Want to learn deep concept of Facial Recognition procedure ?

  • Want to learn key methods and concepts use in computer vision specially for Face recognition systems

    or whatever you want to know about facial recognition system development, I can assure you that you can learn every necessary concept (A-Z) about face recognition in this course.     

This course covers every topic by using step-by-step approach and my approach is very simple. You will learn from very basic to advance level. I designed this course to give complete concept of Facial Recognition to beginners. Students can learn Facial Recognition software development using OpenCV library. Course designed in a way so that students can first learn fundamentals of face recognition and its important techniques. Moreover visual data like flow chart designed for students so that they can understand face recognition system easily.This may not be your first course related to facial recognition , but trust me - It will definitely be your last.  

In course first, i have explained all about important classes and methods  & then implemented using windows form application (C#). All procedures explained step by step. Visual studio project file will also provide to student, so that student can learn as well as can implement system using C#. After this course student will able to develop any facial recognition system for any industry.

Moreover course is updated on regular basis to add more new and exiting content.

I am available for more than 10 hours on the platform, you can ask me any doubt any time.

Enroll now to get the best of knowledge about Facial Recognition system.

Hope to see you inside :)    


Master Facial Recognition C# - EmguCV Face Recognition
Master Facial Recognition C# - EmguCV Face Recognition
Master Facial Recognition C# - EmguCV Face Recognition
Master Facial Recognition C# - EmguCV Face Recognition


Course Overview

Course Overview

OpenCV & Installations

What is OpenCV & Emgu CV ?

How to Install OpenCV (EmguCV) to Develop Windows Form Application (C#) ?

Facial Recognition Software Flowchart & Understanding

Face Recognition Complete Procedure & Flow chart of program

Basics of any Facial Recognition Software Development

What is HaarCascade Emgu & how to use it

Set image Color & Depth For Every Frame

Create a Capture Using The Specific Camera

Find Rectangular Regions in The Given Image using Emgu Function

Store Rectangular Regions Values

Show Rectangular Regions


Camera Initialization

Initialize HaarCascade for Front Face Recognition

Initialize Event Handler to Detect and Process Each Frame Captured by Camera

Import User Interface

Import Emgu CV User Interface (ImageBox)

Image Processing & Face Recognition

Image Processing to Enhance Image For Face Detection

Detecting Edges and Apply Pruning to Improve Face Recognition

Real-time Multiple Face Detection and Tracking

Real Time Multiple Face Tracking

Exception Handling

Exceptions handling and Run Program


Run & Test Program (Demo)

Avoid These Mistakes

Which Errors or Exceptions can occur & How to Avoid ?


Anne26 December 2018

Speaker is expert enough. Haarcascades are hard to create but he provide a very easy solution. Now i actually understand how facial recognition works and its software development process. He also defined every single line of code which i love a lot. Overall good for absolute beginners.


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