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Aug 2022
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What you will learn

Learn how to become a successful coach

Upgrade Your coaching skills

Learn new approaches to become extraordinary in what You do

Practical application of the skills to Your unique branding

How to make coaching Your primary income

Techniques that will open Your mind toward Your target clients

Coaching as Your prosperous career

Become a unique and powerful coach


This course will provide you with in depth information about what it takes to stand out and to give results as an extraordinary coach. I am going to help you make the most out of your coaching knowledge and put it in practice.

Some of you may know that I am an NLP Trainer and coach, and that the essence of NLP is modelling, so I will teach you the principles we modelled from the world's top coaches and will present them to you in a clear and structured way.

The biggest value of this course is that you will be able to put in practice all the needed ingredients to jumpstart a successful coaching business. You are going to practice the extraordinary Techniques for how to structure your coaching business, how to achieve your goals, how to brand yourself, and how to target your clients by attracting them the right way and in-depth knowledge that will assist you in making changes you want to see in your career.

I'll help you form the perfect scenario for your coaching business, so that you can not only achieve your professional goals, but break through the sea of coaches and stand out. Apart from the techniques and practice, I did my best to help you understand how unconscious principles work specifically in the area of business, coaching and finances and how they create our reality and our future.

There are a lot of assignments in this course, which are the real value of the course. If You really want to succeed in Your career, then the assignments are obligatory and I am here to coach you to become the best that you can be for yourself and for other people.

This is a great course for you if you simply want to know what to expect if you decide that you would like to become a coach. If you are already a coach and you are struggling with some part of the business, then this course will help you sort through those problems, refresh your brand and help you open up a new chapter in your career. If you already are a successful coach, then you are most welcome to join us in creating a big group of us – extraordinary coaches.

The skillset I am going to present to you is very powerful, and I created it with the purpose of helping you break through the sea of coaches and stand out, so that you can help me spread these learnings and help even more people around the world. Since the research shows the always increasing interest for coaches, I strongly believe that the time has come to show what you got, and you got a lot – I promise you. We'll shift your mindset around most important coaching topics such as clients and money, which will bring about tremendous effect on your future engagement as a coach.



How to use this course


What is Coaching
Purpose of Coaching
Your Branding Identity
Presuppositions of Coaching

You are a coach

What is Your Goal
Starting Your Business
Structure Your Sessions
Clearing Your Limitations
Meditation & Visualisation
S.C.O.R.E. Your Goal

Your Tribe

Who are They?
They need You
Inner Gem
Extraordinary Coaching Principles
Active Listening

Coaching Success

Coaching Tools
Your Prices
Why do I need a Coach?
Next Steps


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