Excel 4 Accounting & Bookkeeping - Master Lookup Functions

Lookup to the right, Lookup to the left, Index, Match and Choose - Master Lookups Now

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Accounting & Bookkeeping
Excel 4 Accounting & Bookkeeping - Master Lookup Functions
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Nov 2017
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What you will learn

Carry out Basic V-lookups and H-lookups in Excel

Use the Index and Match functions in isolation and combined

Combine V-lookup with Match for a more dynamic formula

Carry out a lookup to the left

Use the V-lookup function with Text

Use the Choose function to lookup values

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Why take this course?

🌟 **Excel 4 Accounting & Bookkeeping - Master Lookup Functions** 🌟 **Unlock the Power of Excel with Advanced Lookup Techniques!** --- ### **Course Description:** Are you an accounting or bookkeeping professional looking to streamline your data management skills? Or perhaps a finance enthusiast eager to master the art of Excel lookups? Our comprehensive online course, "Excel 4 Accounting & Bookkeeping - Master Lookup Functions," is designed for learners who aspire to upskill in Excel and master advanced lookup formulas. **🔍 In This Course You Will Learn:** - **Lookup To The Right and Left (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP):** Understand how to retrieve data from different areas of a spreadsheet with ease. - **Index and Match Combinations:** Learn to construct powerful formulas that allow for both horizontal and vertical lookups. - **Vlookup Mastery:** Combine VLOOKUP with other functions like Index and Match to solve complex lookup problems. - **Text Lookups:** Carry out lookups using text rather than numerical values, ensuring you can handle any kind of data. - **Choose Function Utilization:** Discover how to use the CHOOSE function for more flexible lookup solutions. --- **🎓 Course Overview:** We begin with the basics of lookup formulas and quickly delve into more complex examples, addressing common challenges in data retrieval. Each lesson builds upon the last, ensuring you develop a comprehensive understanding of each function and its applications. - **Hands-On Learning:** Engage with activities that reinforce your learning and provide practical experience. - **Progressive Difficulty:** Start with simple concepts and gradually move towards more complex scenarios. - **Real-World Problems:** Tackle common accounting and bookkeeping problems using the tools you'll learn. --- **📚 What's Included in the Course?** - **Interactive Workbook:** Download our expertly designed workbook to practice what you learn. - **Certificate of Completion:** Demonstrate your new skills and expertise with a certificate to show for it. - **Community Access:** Join an exclusive community of like-minded professionals and enthusiasts. Share insights, ask questions, and expand your network! 🤝 --- **🔥 BONUS: FREE Access to Our Exclusive Community!** When you enroll in this course, you gain free entry into our vibrant learning community. Connect with peers and share your journey with others who are just as passionate about mastering Excel as you are. --- **📚 Register Today and Transform Your Excel Skills!** Embrace the opportunity to elevate your expertise in Excel for Accounting & Bookkeeping. With "Excel 4 Accounting & Bookkeeping - Master Lookup Functions," you're not just taking a course; you're unlocking a new level of efficiency and precision in your data management tasks. --- **✅ Risk-Free Investment: Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!** We stand by the quality of our course with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't find value or if you don't learn new, practical skills from this course within 30 days, we will provide a full refund—no questions asked. --- Take the first step towards mastering Excel lookups and join Paula Guilfoyle CPA on this enlightening journey. **REGISTER NOW** and embrace the future of your accounting and bookkeeping capabilities! 🚀📊🎉

Our review

🏫 **Course Review Synthesis** **Overview:** The course has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the learners, with a global rating of 4.80 and all recent reviews being highly favorable. The majority of reviewers have found the course to be informative and engaging, particularly appreciating the personal touch provided by seeing the tutor in action. **Pros:** - **Interactive Experience:** Learners have enjoyed the interactive nature of the course, with many finding it more effective than traditional online courses. - **Clear Communication:** The explanations given in the course are reported to be clear and easy to understand, which is essential for complex subjects like Excel functions. - **Real-World Application:** Some reviewers have suggested that the course could benefit from more real-world examples or case studies to enhance practical understanding. - **Comprehensive Content:** The course covers a wide range of topics within Excel, including advanced functions such as Index & Match, which are highly valued by learners. - **Personal Touch:** The ability to see the tutor talking during the lectures has been praised for making the learning experience feel more personal and reminiscent of a traditional classroom setting. **Cons:** - **Pace of Content:** A few reviewers felt that certain parts of the course were rushed, especially where complex functions like the Choose function were covered, which might leave some learners behind. - **Additional Materials:** Some learners expected supplementary materials, such as an Excel file specifically for the H Lookup function, which they found necessary to fully grasp the concepts being taught. - **Depth of Content:** A common suggestion across several reviews is that the course could benefit from more detailed exploration of each topic, with the inclusion of more case studies or examples to apply the skills learned. **Learner Feedback Highlights:** - **"Overall good, compared with other courses..."**: This reviewer appreciates the course but suggests it could be even better with additional cases for comparison and application. - **"I like that I can see the tutor talking..."**: This learner enjoys the visual aspect of the course and feels it enhances their learning experience. - **"It's a very good informative course..."**: The reviewer is looking for a course that covers all aspects of a specific entry effect across various financial reports, indicating a potential area of expansion for the course content. - **"I'm loving this course..."**: An enthusiastic learner expresses their delight at discovering so many new Excel skills and capabilities within the course. - **"The lecturer knows her excel..."**: A positive comment on the lecturer's expertise, specifically highlighting the clear explanation of complex functions like Index & Match. - **"It went a little bit quickly..."**: This reviewer felt the pace was a bit fast, particularly when covering the Choose function, suggesting that more time could have been beneficial for understanding. - **"Very great job overall..."**: Despite some pacing issues, this learner is confident they will seek out more Excel courses from the same provider due to the high quality of instruction. **Conclusion:** The course is highly regarded by learners and offers a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. While some aspects such as pace and supplementary materials could be improved, the overall sentiment towards the course content, delivery, and effectiveness is exceptionally positive. The course is recommended for those looking to improve their Excel skills and would benefit from additional case studies or examples for a more immersive learning experience.



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