Environmental Science & Hazardous Waste Management Course

Basic concepts of environmental science, pollution categories & principles of waste management handling procedures.

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Environmental Management, Waste Generation Concepts & Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)


  • This is the perfect course for Environmental science, Impact & aspect of environmental pollutions, Hazardous waste management concepts & Environmental Impact Assessments.

  • This course contains 2 Practice tests & 1 Free Booklet.

    • Free Booklet consists of  400 Multiple choice questions & answers - All answers with explanations (Very effective for gathering important information & facts about Environmental science & Hazardous waste). You can download the free booklet in section 7, lecture 19, Resource file.

  • This course is suitable for all level of students (School to graduate level) & working professionals who want to gain their knowledge of Environmental science & engineering, Waste management, etc.,

  • This course completely covers the basic environmental pollution, such as Air pollution - types, causes, sources, Effects of air pollution due to automobile hazards, radiation hazards, Chemical factory stack emissions, Hierarchy of controls  & some key points of Chlorofluorocarbon.

  • In section 2, air pollution control equipment's are discussed briefly

  • This course also covers basic terminology of water pollution, causes, categories of water pollutions, different types of water contaminations, effects of water contaminations & different effluent treatment processes.

  • Section 4 briefly discussed noise pollution types, causes, effects, & reducing methodology.

  • In section 5, Hazardous waste management principles, Identification procedures, handling procedures, Procedures of Segregation of hazardous wastes, types of Listed Hazardous wastes, complete analysis of Characteristics of hazardous wastes & Concepts of universal wastes are explained with flowcharts & pictures.

  • In section 5, you can  download a Characteristics & Listed hazardous wastes

  • In section 6, Detail study of Environmental Impact assessment such as the outcome of EIA, the essentials of an EIA, Importance of EIA is explained with a flow chart.

  • After course completion, students will receive a course completion certificate from Udemy.



Environmental Science & Hazardous Waste Management Course
Environmental Science & Hazardous Waste Management Course
Environmental Science & Hazardous Waste Management Course
Environmental Science & Hazardous Waste Management Course


Air Pollution

Air pollution basics

Sources of Air Pollution

Causes of air pollution

Effects of air pollution

Air pollution due to automobile hazards

Radiation hazards


Chemical factory stack emission

Hierarchy of controls

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)

Air Pollution control equipments

Different types of an air pollution control equipment's

Water Pollution

Water Pollution basic terminology & Categories

Water contaminations & Industrial effluents

Noise Pollution

Overview of Noise Pollution

Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous Waste Management & Identification Process

Universal Waste

Hazardous waste management complete cycle

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment Process flow chart


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