Enhance Your Skill Set with Perl

See Perl work, Hear Perl explained, Practice Perl to be an even more Skilled, Versatile, and Valuable I.T. Professional

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Enhance Your Skill Set with Perl
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Jan 2020
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What you will learn

Students will learn how to use Perl as a tool to solve problems at work and to enhance their resumes. This course uses a multi-sensory approach to teaching Perl. In other words, you will Hear about Perl in lectures, See Perl in action through live demos, touch Perl by downloading and experimenting with any of the dozens of available program examples, and work with Perl Mentally by going through the exercises.


This course will teach you Perl through a multi-sensory approach.

- You will hear about Perl in lectures.

- You will see Perl work through live examples.

- You will touch Perl physically by working with the dozens of downloadable working Perl programs you will have access to and that are used in the live examples.  You can use these programs to experiment with and as templates for your own Perl programming.

- You will touch Perl mentally by working on the exercises and writing your own Perl programs.

Some of the basic and intermediate level Perl skills you will learn in this course include:

* Downloading and installing Perl on your computer

* Using Perl to work with numbers and strings.  This could be used to do mathematical calculations and to manipulate strings.

* Read data into your programs (for example, .csv files, data from the keyboard, regular files, etc.), detect data patterns, and alter that data with regular expressions and various Perl functions

* Store lists of data in arrays and hashes

* Use subroutines to create larger programs and to break your programs up into manageable pieces

* Access and use ready-made code (modules)

* Create, modify, read, write, and append files.  Combine files, concatenate files.

* Use File Tests to get information that you can use to make decisions about files, much like you'd do as a systems administrator.

* Use References to Create complex data structures (e.g. arrays of arrays, hashes of hashes, hashes of arrays, and arrays of hashes). 

* See all of the above in action and practice what you learn by writing your own programs



What You Get, What to Expect, and How to Get the Most Out of This Course
Course Downloads
Course pre-requisites.

Getting Started: Finding or Installing Perl on Your Computer

Finding Perl on a Unix or Linux computer.
Downloading Perl onto a Unix or Linux computer.
Finding Perl on a Windows Computer

Creating Your First Perl Program

Hello, World Created, Explained, and Run

Getting Data Into Your Perl Program

Perl Number Literals -- what they are and how to work with them
Perl String Literals and String Scalars
String Exercise Solution and Perl Strings Review
Getting User Input into Your Perl Programs
Perl Operators and Solving a Classic Computer Science Problem with Perl
If control structures and Comparison Operators
While loops, Operator Precedence and Associativity
Exercising Your New Knowledge!
Exercise Key
Section 4 Challenge program

Working with Arrays in Perl

Lists, Arrays, and Array Operators
Push and Pop programs to play with, plus an Exercise using the Splice operator
Getting to Array Values, More Array Operators
Looping through Arrays with "foreach" and "each"
How Perl views the "Context" of Arrays
Exercises Using Arrays
Array Exercise Solutions
More (Optional) Array Exercises

Perl Subroutines

Subroutines - What they are and how to create them
Subroutine Example
Subroutine Variables, Return Values, and Odds & Ends
Subroutine Exercise
Subroutine Exercise Key
More (Optional) Subroutine Exercises

Perl Input and Output

The "Line Input Operator" and Perl's Favorite Default Variable
The "Diamond Operator" method of data input
Output using the "print" operator
Output using the "printf" operator
Input and Output using File Handles
Ensuring File Handles open successfully, and the "say" operator
Input, Output Exercise
Input, Output Exercise key
More (Optional) Input and Output Exercises

The "Hash"

Intro to Hashes in Perl
Getting Values into and out of Hashes
Hash Interpolation
Hash Examples
Exercise using Hashes
Hash Exercise Key
More (Optional) Hash Exercises

Regular Expressions

Introduction to Regular Expressions
Regular Expression Example # 1
Regular Expression "Back References" and "Character Classes"
Regular Expression Example # 2
Regular Expression Exercises 1
Regular Expressions Exercise 1 Key
The Pattern Match Operator and Match Modifiers
Modifiers Continued along with "Anchors"
Regular Expression Exercises # 2
Regular Expression Exercises # 2 Key
The "Binding" Operator and "Match Variables"
Regular Expression Exercises # 3
Regular Expression Exercises # 3 Key
More on Match Variables
General Quantifiers and Regular Expression Precedence
More (Optional) Regular Expression Exercises
The Perl "Substitution", "Split", and "Join" operators
Perl Greediness; Substitution, Split, and Join Examples
Regular Expression Exercises #4 and #5
Regular Expression Exercises #4 and #5 Solutions

More Control Structures

Unless and Until
Unless Exercise and Solution
Naked Control Blocks, Auto-Increment and Auto-Decrement
"For" and the Ternary Operator
Example Program and Exercise
Another program and Exercise Challenge
Logical Operators
Logical Operator Program and Exercise

Ready-made Perl code for YOU -- i.e. Modules

Introduction to Perl Modules -- What they are
Using Perl Modules
Working with Module Subroutines
Installing Modules
Module Exercise
Module Exercise Solution
Adding Modules Offline

A Most Powerful Perl Capability -- References

What is a Reference?
Nested References
Dereferencing and Dereferencing Exercise
Dereferencing Exercise Solution
The Simplest Dereferencing Form
Anonymous References and Exercise
Anonymous Reference Exercise Solution and More Exercises
More Anonymous Reference Exercises
More Anonymous Reference Exercise Solutions
Hash References and a Hash Reference Exercise

File Tests -- Getting Information About Files

What are File Tests, how do You run them, which ones are Available for your use?
File Test Exercise solution and Getting File Age and Size Info using File Tests
File Test Exercise and Solution where File Tests are Used to Discover File Type
Accessing the Power behind File Tests -- The "stat" function
Programmatically determining file Size and Timestamps and a Timestamp Exercise
Stat and Localtime function exercise solution

Working with Directories

Intro to Directory Operations
Directories Explained
Combining Recursion with Directory Operations
Exercise 1 and Challenge Exercise
Finding and Linking Files using Recursive Directory Operations Programs
Using Perl's $^I variable to Change Thousands of Files in seconds
Exercises 2 and 3 -- changing permissions with Perl; globbing
Exercise 2 and 3 solutions

Advanced Sorting

Finding the location of strings within larger strings with the "index" command
"index" command Exercise solutions
Extracting strings out of larger strings with the "substr" command
Intro to Advanced Sorting
Advanced Sorting Exercise solution and Sorting Hashes
Advanced Sorting of Unconventional Data
Advanced Sorting Unconventional Data Exercise Solution




December 15, 2021
Sehr guter Unterricht mit vielen Übungen. Im Untertitel sind zwar oft falsche Wörter, da anscheinend die Sprache automatisch konvertiert wurde, aber das stört nicht so sehr.
August 25, 2021
This course was exactly what I was hoping for in an intro to Perl class. The instructor knows the subject matter well and does a great job at explaining everything.
July 6, 2021
Les commentaires sont en Anglais, ce qui me complique la compréhension mais surtout ces commentaires de l'orateurs sont retranscrits en sous titres ... mais ils semblent écrits par un automate qui parfois se trompe de mot !
June 10, 2021
Overall Learning experience was good. Trainer explanation of each concept is fine. Audio was not clear in some of the videos, Can expect some more content with respect to the course.
July 15, 2020
video quality is poor..Blurring most of the video. video also not easier to learn. overall poor course..
July 13, 2020
I found this course very much interesting. I did not have any knowledge about perl but while doing this course i am finding it very interesting. The teacher is doing great job to make it easy to understand and crisp.
July 4, 2020
I like the step by step approach of the facilitator and the way he introduce the new concepts are great.
June 10, 2019
The explanations are very clear. The speed is fast so no time get wasted in the lectures. Great course.
May 7, 2019
Great course on Perl and the instructor has good teaching style. The only problem is with the small code font size which makes this course very difficult to watch on mobile devices.
November 26, 2018
This is not someone that I'd have a beer with. He is an interesting individual. That being said, he does introduce Perl very well. I'm inclined to believe that this is the best lecture of Perl on Udemy as of November 2018. I did some research before purchasing this course and am happy that I chose to learn from Darryl. Darryl does well with his explanations. When I found myself confused, I just had to sit through the lecture longer for him to give more in depth explanations. Generally, I am not a fan of powerpoint as this is how I had to learn in school. I prefer hands on exercises... which he did provide at times. However, there will be plenty of powerpoint videos, sometimes followed up by him coding. I wish that Darryl would give more exercises for practice. There was a point where I could no longer do the exercises on my own and needed to watch him complete in order for me to learn. I felt that at those points that I was learning. For me, I had to take a lot of notes with his videos. If you don't, then you may find yourself forgetting much of what you learned (Unless you have plenty of programming experience). He hits crucial topics with Perl, and I'm thankful for this. I believe that once you finish this course, you will be capable of resourcing what you need from here on. Final Edit: The end of the course felt rushed. There needs to be more examples and exercises to solidify an understanding of the material. I ended up removing a half star for this. Final, Final Edit: I appreciate your response Darryl! It's nice that you follow up with students. You don't take offense and can take a hit, I can appreciate that. For everyone else: I am currently reading through "Learning Perl. 5th Edition" by Randal L. Schwartz. If you have missed things in the video lectures here, they are also discussed well in this book. Just seeing things again after having initially been taught by Darryl really helps soak in the information. I am also understanding some content better reading from this book.
September 20, 2018
Trainer starts with very basic level, so anybody having basic knowledge will pickup very easily. For me first few videos are of no use as I've already worked on Unix/Perl before. Waiting for some more content to come to enhance my skills.
June 20, 2018
I use windows. I loved the way he first explains it in linux and then windows operating systems covering all students. The lecture was very interactive....loved it.
March 13, 2018
This course is billed as 'intermediate skill level' but seems to be geared towards people with little to no scripting/coding experience what so ever. Very slow and basic for people that do. However, I will say the instructor is very clear, easy to understand, and comprehensive. The exercises are illustrative and reinforce the delivered content. I would recommend this for people that know some unix basics and are trying to learn perl as their first language.
February 1, 2018
I could have given more than this rating but there should be more examples added for the operators with small scripts..apart from this good communication and clear explanation is done
December 21, 2017
I enjoy listening to the speaker. I have no background in Perl but I would be willing to continue the course and see if I can learn something. His examples and follow along helps as I need to see it to understand it. Would not progress as fast with a book, videos really help. Thank you for the course



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