Work from Home Doing Transcription

An Introduction to Transcription

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Sep 2016

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What you will learn

Understand the basics of general transcription

Understand what transcription is and is not

Analyze the career and business opportunities available in transcription

Know how to download audio or video, transcribe it, proof it, and submit it to clients and companies

Decide if transcription is the right career or business choice for them


In this course, you will learn the basics of transcription, from what transcription is, what transcription is not, how to transcribe and edit a script, how to submit work, and the overall outlook of the transcription industry in the future.

You will also learn about the different types of transcription work available and the pros and cons of each. You will learn about general transcription, medical transcription, and legal transcription, as well as be provided resources to learn each of these areas in more detail. The course will focus on general transcription, as the course instructor, Krysty Underwood, CEO of Elite Transcription, feels that this is the most lucrative area of the transcription industry.

You will learn the tools and equipment needed for transcription, as well as hear about the brands and types of equipment preferred by Elite Transcribers and be given recommendations for each piece of necessary equipment and software.

Additionally, you will be given a walk-through of all the steps in the transcription process in detail, from how to receive work to how to submit your final transcript to a client or company and get paid.


Work from Home Doing Transcription
Work from Home Doing Transcription
Work from Home Doing Transcription
Work from Home Doing Transcription




Transcription Defined

What Does a Transcriber Do?


Demand for Transcription

Process Steps

Getting Audio and Downloading Files to Express Scribe

Setting Up a Format

Listening and Typing

Proofing and Editing

Submitting the File

What Transcription Is NOT


Court Reporting

Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS)

Types of Transcription

Medical Transcription

Legal Transcription

General Transcription

Why General Transcription?

Money and Time Investment

Simplicity of General Transcription


Income Potential

Expected Income

Contract Work

Private Clients

Business with a Team

Next Steps

Is Transcription Right for You?

Elite Transcription Course Series Overview


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Charity26 October 2020

Yes, it has been a good match for me. I like that the courses are divided up into many different courses. This way I can choose to continue or stop without paying for ALL of it.

Mezahab12 September 2020

Although it's just an introduction, I learned a lot and decided to proceed with the next courses. I think this job would be perfect for me. Thank you so much.

William19 May 2020

I now know what the role requires, how to get paid and how much at the initial stage. A very practical overview of the industry and the software/hardware required. Now I feel confident to get started and approach recruiters for my first general transcription job.

Jennifer10 April 2020

"An Introduction To Transcription" is very thorough and educational. Krysty is easy to follow and has years of experience which I appreciate her sharing. With the information I now have from this course, I feel confident that general transcription is the industry for me. I really enjoyed this course!

Angela23 January 2020

The course is amazing, but the problem for me is my listening and I'm foreign. My main language is Spanish and it looks like what you need are native speakers. Lovely job from home. Thanks Angela De Barbieri

Shannon14 November 2019

I was hoping for some more in depth learning about actual transcription. Also, the intro (used in each lesson) was unnecessary and added more time to the training that needed.

Neirn23 October 2019

Currently in a job that involves transcribing and this course has provided simple and effective techniques to help improve your skills.

Oana27 July 2019

The course is exactly what I needed to have an overview of the transcription field and to help me decide to discover it more in depth. Thank you!

Lynn7 April 2019

This course was very informative. It helped me a lot to let me know more information about transcribing. It was a little too much about what the narrator feels about certain aspects of the job, rather than just information about the job itself.

Melanne28 May 2018

I have done some transcription in the past, however, this course is updating my skills, and giving me more of a business aspect of transcribing.

Brian17 March 2018

Still very basic information to this point in the course, although helpful, I need more detailed information which may come later.

Gayle31 December 2017

This course gave me a good understanding of the transcription field and what is both required and expected of me. Krysty is direct and to-the-point. I would recommend this course to anyone considering this occupation. Krysty made it clear it is not just working from home in your pajamas.

Melody4 September 2017

I thought she had great information and resources. Sometimes we went too fast and rambled a bit and in some of the sections, I felt there should have been more content.

James29 July 2017

Thought this course covered everything. Discovered in the last video it's only an introductory course, the first of ten in the series...

Kirsty14 July 2017

I enjoyed the course which provided me with useful information, and points with regard to transcription and its process. The tips given with the practice file are helpful to a rookie thinking about taking the transcription route. I also found the articles given as examples useful, so you could relate to the actual events that had happened when referred to in certain sections of the course. Thank you.


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