13 Comprehensive courses in Macroeconomics -basics upwards!

(36 hrs) The Oxford Diploma in Economics: Bidenomics v Trumponomics, USA Economy, Macroeconomics plus several workbooks

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

The USA Economy analysed

Comparisons with other economies

Advance quickly through basic/intermediate economics courses

Aggregate demand and reasons for shifts


Output gap

Supply-led growth

Supply-side policy

Expansionary monetary policy

Detailed revision section

Several up to WORKBOOKS


Notice: Please do NOT enrol on this course on impulse, thinking you might watch it later. Maybe show an interest on impulse, yes, but before you enrol, watch the Preview videos, read the Course Description and then make a decision. If you then enrol then please start the course as soon as possible. Watch the lectures, look at the workbooks and join in the discussions. Joining my courses is a serious business and I want you to get the most out of your study – but I also want you to enjoy the course.

That is why I am asking that you only enrol because you really want to and that you start the course intending to make full use of all the resources.

You will be very welcome.


1. Watch the Preview video

2. Watch the sample lectures

3. Thoroughly read this course description

4. Be fully aware that participation is encouraged - that means there are manuals (several) numerous discussions (Q/A sections) and regular Education Announcements

5. To achieve the Oxford Diploma requires quite a lot of work. To acquire the Completion Certificate you can just...watch. You can choose to do either, neither or...both. Questions are responded to quickly.

6. Remember too that this course includes an OPTIONAL course in Business Economics English.

Five reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now:

  1. You cannot lose - 30 day refund if you really really don't like the course BUT if you DO like it:

    a. updated lectures

    b. case studies based on very very current news items

    c. detailed responses to messages

    d. I constantly attempt to have a 'class atmosphere' e.g. throwing questions open to all

    e. regular Announcements that are not disguised sales ploys

    f. regular FREE access to numerous other courses offered by me

  2. I am a lecturer/teacher in Economics by trade i.e. I teach full-time for a living. I have been Principal, Director of Studies and Head of Economics. (Oxford, UK)  I have lectured in University, adult evening classes and also run over 50 seminars in the UK

  3. I am/have been an Examiner for FIVE different examination boards

  4. I have 100+ books on Amazon - many of them about business/economics

  5. The success of my students has been featured on the BBC, Daily Telegraph, The Times and I have been featured on TV in 2 countries.


I make courses on Udemy primarily because I enjoy the process of causing learning. Many of my courses are to improve lives. One of the Economics courses is to raise money for charity. (100% of revenue goes to the charity) Fundamentally this course here, is about helping you.

About the course

Using ONLY aggregate demand and aggregate supply, this course explains the basics of macro economic policy. The lectures are fully supported by notes - often repeated to ensure learning - that may be copied and used for other studies. 

If you wish to understand more as to why governments cut/raise taxes, cut/raise government expenditure, how this impacts on inflation, unemployment and growth - then this is the course for you.


  • Aggregate demand

  • Aggregate supply

  • November 2017 Budget (UK)

  • Shifts in AD/AS

  • Macro-economic equilibrium

  • Spare capacity

  • The Multiplier

  • Output gaps

  • Economic growth

  • Supply-side policies

  • Inflation

  • Unemployment

  • Trade

  • Monetary policy

  • Export-led growth

  • September 2018 revision section


The course is pitched at a beginner level and thus is IDEAL for anyone just starting an economics course or simply wants to understand macro-economic policy.
The initial lectures are short - egg-timer size! - and, if you look at other egg-timer courses, you will know that if you have any questions then they will be answered very quickly.

The first part of the course also features a couple of 'revision sessions' just to check you have been following! (These are quite fast!)


The second half of the course consists of case studies based on articles in July 2018. This is to give you the opportunity to check what you know - and then (if you wish) send answers in!

Lecture 45

Attached to this lecture is an ECONOMICS WORKBOOK which if done properly, will take about 20+ hours!

The Workbook is current as at mid-Feb 2019

A second workbook has been added with questions about:

  • Exchange rate

  • CPI

  • Brexit

  • Investment

  • Mergers

  • Workforce

  • Spending habits

  • Monetary policy

  • Recession

  • Wages

  • Real GDP

  • Cold war

  • Federal Reserve and interest rates

July 2019: New workbook: Economics and decluttering


Chapter 1 : The economics of decluttering

Chapter 2: Decluttering the company

Chapter 3: How to declutter like an Economist

Chapter 4: Buy less…

Chapter 5: The economics of tidying up

Chapter 6: Declutter your business

Chapter 7: Mistakes people make when decluttering

Chapter 8: The Kondo Effect: the economy-changing magic of tidying up


  • Decluttering

  • Marie Kondo

  • Sunk costs

  • Costs of clutter

  • 5S lean manufacturing

  • Lean management

  • Declutter your mail inbox

  • Declutter your home office

  • Wasting time and opportunities

  • Thinking like an economist

  • A rich life with less stuff

  • Minimalism

  • How much is enough

  • The art of letting go

  • Recycling

  • Status quo bias

  • Diminishing returns

  • Decluttering mistakes

  • Minimalism

  • Consumerism

  • Minimalism and economics: the endowment effect

December 2019

Two new workbooks:

  • Christmas economics

  • Economics New Year 2020

These two workbooks have been written with the Oxford Diploma in mind.

March 2020

New courses added:

The impact of Coronavirus on the Economy

The Economy of the USA


13 Comprehensive courses in Macroeconomics  -basics upwards!
13 Comprehensive courses in Macroeconomics  -basics upwards!
13 Comprehensive courses in Macroeconomics  -basics upwards!
13 Comprehensive courses in Macroeconomics  -basics upwards!


New course: Business/Economics English


Day One: Ask for Help

Day Two: Watch and Listen

Day Three: Write Down Words and Phrases

Day Four: Practice as much as you can (Part 1)

Day Four: Practice as much as you can (Part 2)

Day Five: Make time to study

Day Six: Five Websites

Day Seven: In conclusion

Oxford School of Learning Diploma

About the Diploma


Original preview

About the lecturer

The Aggregate Demand curve

The AD slope

Aggregate Supply

Shifts in Aggregate Supply/Nov. 2017 Budget

Macro-economic Equilibrium

The Multiplier Effect

Spare capacity

Raising output and price level

Increase in price level, not output


Increase in BOTH AD/AS

Increase in AD greater than in AS

Negative output gap

Positive output gap

Export-led growth

Supply-led growth

Supply-side policies


Cost push inflation

A beneficial effect of unemployment

Current Account deficit


Deflationary effect

Supply-side policies revisited

Expansionary Monetary Policy

Deflating the economy

Increase in output, no change in macro-economic equilibrium

Overall revision

Revision & current affairs



Economic growth

Inward investment

Brexit / Negative multiplier / investment

Economic growth / exchange rate


World Cup effect

Economic growth

Economic growth

Trade war

World Cup

Output gaps

Supply-side policies

Section 3: Boris Johnson new Prime Minister: the pledges

The Introduction - pt 1

Introduction - pt 2

Boris's speech analysed - pt 1

Boris's speech analysed - pt 2

Income tax

Increasing the starting point for National Insurance

Raising Education Spending

Employing more police officers

Free TV Licences

Stamp Duty

The Fourth Option

Six Free Ports

Full Fibre Broadband

Raising the National Minimum Wage


What's been inherited?

Divorcing the EU - £39bn?


Harshvi7 May 2020

This is my first time using UDemy and I am so glad I chose this course to be my introduction to this website. Professor Sivewright explains everything so effectively and effortlessly, I cannot wait to start the next lecture!

Raga30 April 2020

The course has allowed me to reinforce my knowledge on macroeconomic concepts, as well as given me an overview of the global economic situation in the last two years. The Coronavirus chapter is the most relevant topic and has helped me develop critical thinking skills related to this crisis.

Cate8 April 2020

The course is taught with authority and commands resilience and work from students. This makes it harder and more time consuming than other courses where passive listening seems to be enough. I do recommend it to those who value persistence, application of theory into practice, and critical thinking in their endeavor to understand macro-economics.

Catherine1 April 2020

The course is extremely comprehensive and insightful and the content is up-to-date and relevant in our fast changing world. (Covid 19) After finishing the course I can say there is some amazing content within the lectures and you learn things that you might never have looked at. E.g. the electricity gap in Nigeria and that MTBU stands for Maximum Time to Belly Up. Chris, the lecturer is passionate about his students learning and this comes through in the lectures. He is an avid reader and clearly up to date on a wide range of topics, and provides thought provoking feedback on your questions which I enjoyed. Unfortunately he has a lot of courses and so at the time of writing, only half my questions have been commented upon. One recommendation I have would have is to review what is required to obtain the diploma. The university ratio is 3 hours own work per hour of lecture (plus exams and assignments). Even answering only half the questions during the lecture and completing only a couple of the 24 workbooks in this course, I spent at least 60 hours of my time in researching and writing but I am nowhere near finished to get the diploma! I would recommend cutting the number of workbooks and even letting the student choose their topics to increase people’s willingness to complete all the work. Some of the workbooks I didn’t find relevant to what I wanted to learn and the Christmas Workbook I found extremely depressing. My other recommendation would be to include a resource with all the external links. Overall an outstanding course, if you want to engage.

Frank21 February 2020

Even though- the course is "British economy" oriented, it is still an excellent way for persons in any country to learn basic macro economic concepts related to reasons for changes in AD/AS. Caution as the translation from "talk" to "sub-caption" is not always correctly spelled.

V.Siddharth12 January 2020

This course is very nice and the lectures of Chris Bankes Sivewright is simply awesome.If,you takes this course you will be able to know some of the important principles of macroeconomics.The workbooks attached to this course will give you a clear idea of the topics of climate change emissions,christmas economics and more.Take this course and you will also get free courses provided by Chris Bankes for you to work on it and get improved in your skills.

Nelli9 January 2020

I’m really excited to study this course further. The lecturer is really easy to understand (as he seems to have his articulation settings at 200% haha :D) and clearly knows what he’s talking about. He also shares interesting articles in the Q&A and announcement sections which I think is great. Also, the oxford diploma video was dangerous good because the “you could be special” really sank in. But honestly I don’t think I’ll have time to do all the course work (at least not this spring) because I have my finals coming up but me being overly ambitious, there’s no way I’ll just let this challenge go. I’ll update this review later when I’ve watched more lectures :)

Vashist27 August 2019

Very knowledgeable tutor. Also the way that the information gets repeated, it is making sure that we indeed learn the concepts that are being taught in the course. No regrets I made this investment. Thanks.

Mukund7 August 2019

I found it a very detailed and interesting course which makes macroeconomics easy to learn for beginners. The teacher is very up-to-date, and covers the latest topics in this course, allowing me to understand how macroeconomics fits in with the present situation in the UK (such as Brexit/ The Pledges). The lectures are all also concise, making learning bite-sized, and more fun! I would recommend this course to any others who wish to learn the basics of macroeconomics and how it fits in with the current (pre-Brexit) situation of the UK!

Paul21 July 2019

This was a very good course for beginners. Hopefully, there will be more intermediate and advanced courses in the future. The tutor was very clear throughout the lectures with good explanation and diagrams. The video and sound quality throughout the course was excellent. Going into detail on certain topics, the bits I enjoyed the best from my point of view where the practical bit. I would have liked the tutor to go through say one of the tough questions he set in this course in full so that I can then go through the rest of the questions with a lot more confidence (like a template I can use). I found this method very beneficial in answering mathematical questions, which I did many years ago. I could then use this in my questions going forward. during this course, I asked the tutor a general question and he came back to me within 24 hours, which is excellent. I used the information he provided to go through some MCP questions on youtube, It made me realise the level that I need to get too to achieve what I want to achieve in the future. I found this part very scary indeed to the point it gave me second thoughts, not because of the tutor, but because of my shortcomings of what I have gone through in the last few years. Overall, I highly recommend this course to all of you and if the standard is the same with his other courses, I think you will thoroughly enjoy throughout. Many thanks.

Rashi14 January 2019

Terrible: It is a pure struggle to get through the course, made it half way, can't take it anymore, ARGH. I've taken many of Udemy courses and this was the worst. The ideas introduced are not explained or developed. The course goals are unclear as these out of date notes are clearly not A level. I expected this to relate to the commercial world more vividly with concrete examples rather than abstractions. The robotic delivery is a bit hard going. I just wish Mr. Silverwright had more respect for us as Udemy students. Very few redeeming values.

L7 December 2018

Yes, the course is good. The teacher illustrates his points well with the graphs and speaks slowly and clearly. I think the professor is very good. I also like the short sections just introducing the core concepts. This makes the material easier to learn and understand. I would recommend this course and professor to others.

Karla27 November 2018

Great approach to explain basic concepts, I would totally recommend this course to anyone looking for a friendly way to learn economics.

Dmitriy30 October 2018

Nice and simple, good for the beginners in Economics Good structure - easy to follow and not too time-consuming. Valuable insights into the topic, but could use more examples. Generally - extremely satisfied

GeorgeMc22 January 2018

Logical development as each diagram is built on from the basics up. For further reading the notes are excellent - I liked the notes on the 2017 Budget in particular. I also like the way that points are repeated as, new to Economics, this stops me feeling I have to write everything down. The lecturer is clear and the pace, for me, is about right. There is nothing jazzy about this course (good!) Just straight forward explanations plus notes to extend my knowledge. This course is EXACTLY right. I have watched the other egg-timer courses and this course - made very recently - maintains the tradition for quality, expertise, interest - all in bite-size chunks! A very very good course!


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