eBook Publishing Masterclass

Write, Format, Distribute, and Market Your Book

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Dec 2021
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What you will learn

Understand the structure of an effective eBook

Format an eBook using multiple software options

Publish an eBook through popular distribution channels

Price and market an eBook effectively


This four-lesson masterclass is packed with actionable information on writing, formatting, distributing, and marketing an eBook. Set yourself up with the skills to create an eBook publishing business that generates income using your creativity!

Here's what you'll learn in this course:

Create an eBook product that will sell. We’ll do this by researching your target audience and understanding what appeals to them, and what makes you stand out from the competition.

Learn the skills it takes to format and produce a digital product. By gaining these basic formatting skills, you'll avoid the need to outsource as many tasks, and have more control over your final product.

Understand how to strategically price your product. Using a combination of market research and tactical sales strategies, you’ll know how much you should be charging for your book, and how much you’ll earn per sale.

Generate content ideas to promote your book and your writing career online. We’ll explore the different social media platforms that you can use as an author, and how to create a content strategy so you’ll never run out of ideas for posts.

Find ways of marketing your book that work for you and your style. Plenty of examples and ideas of ways to market your book will be available for you to consider and use as you see fit.


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The State of eBook Publishing

Writing Your eBook

Anatomy of an eBook
Defining Your Audience and Competition
Steal This Strategy: Create a Writing System
Planning Your Book Content
Investigating a Book's Content
Working With an Editor

Formatting Your eBook

File Types and Purposes
Walkthrough: Creating a Simple PDF eBook in Canva
Formatting for eReaders
Walkthrough: Formatting a Manuscript in Google Docs
Walkthrough: Formatting an eBook in Kindle Create
Copyright Statements
Do I Need an ISBN?
Book Covers

Distributing Your eBook

Creating a Distribution Strategy
Setting Up With Distributors
Understanding Metadata Basics
Walkthrough: Uploading an eBook to Amazon
Walkthrough: Uploading an eBook to Kobo
Alternate Distribution Methods
Pricing Strategies

Marketing Your eBook

Creating a Marketing Strategy
What is an Author Platform?
Building a Website
Developing a Content Strategy
Showing Up in Public
Book Distributor Marketing Tools
Using Paid Advertisements
Wrap Up



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