Django Full Stack Developer (Short Intro Course)

Learn how to build web applications and websites using the Python and Django frameworks

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Django Full Stack Developer (Short Intro Course)
2 hours
Sep 2023
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What you will learn

Django Apps

Django Models

The MVT Structure of Django Projects

Database Migrations in Django

Django Apps

Django Views

Learn to use Django Forms

Use Django as the website's back end.

Put your website's code in a complete Models-Views-Templates structure.


Django is a great web framework using Python. It is extremely scalable and makes it very easy to create projects quickly.

If you are interested in web development, and know Python, Django could be a great start. This course will focus on Django latest version 4.0 , and will follow along the official Django tutorial to help you learn how to code in Django.

This powerful framework is perfect for developing app is a fast pace. This can be extremely useful while working with MVP's, application prototypes or regular apps created for various use cases. Apart from geolocation you can integrate to django machine learning, data science, computer vision and much much more.

This course is 100% for FREE to help you get familiar with Django and discover how helpful this python web framework could be in real life. According to the docs: "Django makes it easier to build better web apps more quickly and with less code"

This course if fully project based - so we are going to learn by doing, slowly, step by step building and improving our python web application. In case of any questions make sure to checkout the Q and A section to search for questions / answers and add new ones if they occur.

This is our free short course in Django Full Stack Developer if you like our this course you are welcome in our main Django Full Stack Developer ( Masterclass ).


Introduction to Python

What is Python ?

Introduction to Django

What is Django ?

Design Patterns and IDEs

What is MVT ? MVT Architecture.
Exploring PyCharm
Virtual Environment

Getting Started with Django

Installation of Django
Creating an App
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