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Futuristic Digital Marketing Course: 2021 Student Edition

Welcome to the Ultimate Future of Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence Technology and Automation in 2021

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Explore the scope of Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence in Bangalore and India in 2021.

Select a good digital marketing institute in Bangalore to get trained in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing (AIDM).

Find a good mentor for digital marketing training purposes

Be aware of the various salaries for digital marketers in Bangalore and India

Know about the various tools in digital marketing with artificial intelligence for industry domination

Get to know about practical interview tips to tackle marketing interviews


The digital marketing world is evolving day by day with the rise of new technologies. Currently, in the city of Bangalore, there has been an advent of new companies or startups which have emerged this year. As Bill Gates said–"If your company isn't on the internet, your business will be out of business,". Each businessman is trying their best to catch online users ' interest. Businesses are therefore developing new strategies each year and are now following marketing tactics extensively. There is much scope for more growth in digital marketing in 2021, also. Educational institutions that teach digital marketing technologies that can create an impact have also taken the digital marketing world by storm by introducing new-age courses in this competitive brandscape. To students, who know the online world, there are plenty of possibilities in the field of digital marketing. They can firmly take the first steps into a promising future.

Marketing in social media refers to using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. to promote or advertise brands or products. Today, with the help of these social networking sites, when the internet has become the basic need, one can easily reach millions of customers.

Digital marketing has continually evolved from billboards and big data to meet the needs of both consumers and brands. Through expanded mobility and proven digital infrastructure, improvements are emerging even sooner today. As technological innovations grow, the mainstream digital marketing field of paid media, SEO, content marketing, social media, community management, and more are undergoing drastic advances and changes. With an estimated $46 billion in programmatic advertising in 2021, it is expected that 92% of all digital display ads will be delivered by automation by 2022. The move to Artificial Intelligence (AI) automation offers a more streamlined, efficient, and accurate solution to paying marketing, while at the same time reducing customer acquisition costs. In an industry often saturated with sensationalist talk around technology, Artificial Intelligence growth in the year 2021 is going to completely transform digital marketing, altogether.

The education required for a career in the digital marketing field will generally vary, depending on the position. Generally, earning a certificate in Internet marketing, SEO, social media, growth hacking or a related area of expertise, is a good start to thrive in Bangalore or in India.

This mind-blowing course "Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore: Student Edition" created by Digital Marketing Legend Srinidhi Ranganathan, (an amazing trainer from Bangalore, India) will explain the scope and growth potential of digital marketing. Furthermore, it will talk about how one can select a good digital marketing institute in Bangalore, selection a good mentor and the real facts or interview questions that will be asked by an interviewer. Why wait? So enrol now. Let's start booming the show.


Futuristic Digital Marketing Course: 2021 Student Edition
Futuristic Digital Marketing Course: 2021 Student Edition
Futuristic Digital Marketing Course: 2021 Student Edition
Futuristic Digital Marketing Course: 2021 Student Edition


Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore: Student Edition - The 2020 Course

Course Introduction: Learn Digital Marketing in Bangalore

What do we mean by Artificial Intelligence technology in Digital Marketing?

Selecting a good digital marketing mentor or institute in Bangalore

Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence Tools: A snapshot

Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Interviews

More digital marketing tools for industry domination

Bonus Lecture: Take your prize


Nilabjo2 October 2020

Thought of learning something new but just wasted time saying scopes of automation not deep diving into even the sites he mentioned

KammamSupriya19 September 2020

It's completely unique from other courses.I really not getting bored at any instance unlike previous courses that i have experienced.

MARYADA30 April 2020

what is this course .I don't understand why this course is posted.there is nothing we can gain from the course

Sanjeeb30 April 2020

good knowledge gainer of AI & digital marketing. good introduction to today's world, and basic knowledge of some digital marketing sites, & very last the question's for interview. more question's could be covered, i think so.

Bernadette29 April 2020

mainly talking about digital marketers, not digital marketing. but at least I know some tools to help my business

Shreeram27 April 2020

There is nothing about digital marketing it's just and introduction video asking to purchase more courses waste of time

Ankit26 April 2020

It's a waste. In the whole course. This guy is only promoting his online classes by giving examples. A hell lot of examples.

Itha17 April 2020

It's a good course to beginners. I am learned so many digital marketing details by taking this course.

Pratham17 April 2020

Help to understand better about digital marketing with artificial intelligence and get back to know about the tools used.

Jigar17 April 2020

Taking this course help me to understand better about digital marketing with artificial intelligence.

Mohammed4 March 2020

thank you very much for your great work by making this perfect course, it really helps me by creating a lot of ideas and developing more concepts that really can be made different, you are awesome !! thank you and keep going

Kaushik28 December 2019

Loved the way he took into account the influence of AI and technology in general on the market of sales and advertising.

Panagiotis26 December 2019

The course was too small but the information provided was useful. The only objection I have is that the instructor hyped AI too much. Although these AI tools exist, we still don't know how useful they are. AI is still a sector under development and those tools are still on their infancy. People are still doing a lot better than any of these tools and I don't think that AI is changing digital marketing anytime soon, at least for the next few years...

Gururaj1 December 2019

You have provide excellent information on Digital Marketing. who all can take this course? freshers okay, what about middle level, experienced in different technologies folks and you didn't mentioned anything about the course content/modules which you cover in the training, that's okay we see through firstlookai.com website.

Juan26 November 2019

Creo que es un curso dirigido a pequeños negocios que no pueden contratar una agencia de marketing o mantener empleados en este área. Es muy superficial y se basa demasiado en las herramientas de IA, las cuales pueden ayudarte a tener mas visibilidad, pero la intención de una empresa es siempre tener una buena imagen del producto, tener un valor de marca y eso es algo que estas herramientas no consiguen.


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