Design Thinking Towards Excellence in Aacademics

Towards Excellence!

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Feb 2021
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What you will learn

Positive Mindset Habits


The preface marks the learning as a priority.


A framework of I CAN DO IT Approach!

The much needed approach in education.

The DT as a problem solving approach has been in its preface towards Quality in Education as a priority. The module Design Thinking in Education, dwells, as an approach to learning that focuses on developing students' creative confidence. Teachers and students engage in hands-on design challenges that focus particularly. on developing empathy, hence forth, promoting a bias toward action, encouraging. ideation, developing metacognitive awareness and fostering active priorities towards excellence in classroom routine.

The objective caters towards the perfection via involvement. The module activates what and why of DT in schools, particularly, how the Teachers can use design thinking to create a classroom layout that conforms to the needs of their students, their excellence and WOW spectrum with wonder of wonders within classrooms. For sure this activates the spectrum towards planning lessons that will work best for the students in a given school or classroom situation in totality. There is an encapsulation towards a trend on Design Thinking as a mindset and approach to learning, collaboration, and problem solving. The dwelling is expected for governance and manipulation for betterment. It explores that every child needs to be an individual with an I CAN mindset and believes in working for it. The belief is that Children Can be active agents in their own learning. It explores how DT starts with Empathy and what does it look like? It harnesses IDEATE, EXPLORE, PROTOTYPE and the objective is towards Feel, Imagine, Do and Share as per the terms of PDCA cycle of DEMING. The approach is towards making a choice and believing in it and getting through with a WIN WIN approach! Make your students not only SHINE but OUTSHINE with the notion of DESIGN THINKING.

Get Going & Enjoy the learning!!


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Making a Go!
Dwelling Learning as a Delight
Explore Classroom Discussions
Design Thinking In Education
Key Skills Towards WOW Classrooms
Applying the DT format
Making Happy Going First Time Every Time
The Discovery Module on the Go
Bonus Lecture

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