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Create an Accelerated Learning Flowchart with Watercolors

Design a powerful accelerated learning plan, then create a final piece of watercolor art as a visual reminder.

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Jul 2015

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What you will learn

Learn more efficiently by cutting out bad information diet habits

Avoid information overwhelm

Think clearly about what and how to learn most efficiently

Think in systems and represent them visually on paper


In this course, you'll learn how to design an information diet that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

You'll start out by learning how an information diet works, and what items you should cut out or reduce significantly. Then we'll go over how to improve your diet by adding new information formats.

Finally, you'll learn how to turn your information diet into a beautiful one page flowchart and paint it with watercolors.

Accelerated learning is about systems. And you can only maintain a system if you have the right habits in place to make it a consistent reality.

Individual learning achievements don't matter. What matters if having a system in place so that you are constantly learning faster and retaining more of what you learn.

Many people struggle to learn efficiently because they spend most of their learning time on information snacking.

What's info snacking?

It's when you get lost in articles, social media, pictures, apps that are supposed to be about learning but end up as an hour or two of wasted time with little to show for it afterwards.

You forget half of what you read in a couple weeks, and 90% after two months.

Any information that is forgotten is essentially worthless. And most people spend the majority of their learning time on reading things that they will inevitably forget and never be able to use again.

To retain what you learn and eventually take action on it, you have to have a process for retaining knowledge. That means taking notes, storing those notes and having a system for getting spaced repetitions on those notes so eventually they get stored permanently in your long term memory and become part of your richly interconnected neural network of ideas that you'll never forget.

The best way to represent this system is with a flowchart. In this course, you'll learn how to conceptualize your information diet and track it through it's stages of “digestion" to the point where it's become part of your long term store of information. Once you finish your concept, you'll learn how to represent it as a beautiful watercolor painting that you can use as a constant reminder of your new information diet.


Create an Accelerated Learning Flowchart with Watercolors
Create an Accelerated Learning Flowchart with Watercolors
Create an Accelerated Learning Flowchart with Watercolors
Create an Accelerated Learning Flowchart with Watercolors




How to Think About Your Information Diet

Your Learning Habits and the 8x3 Model

How to Spend Your Learning Time Each Week

The Different Types of Information

Building Your Flowchart

Outlining Your Flowchart

Example 1 - Learning From Images and Keeping Them Organized

Example 2 - Learning From Books and The Transition to Notes

Example 3 - Learning From Quora and Other User Generated Content

Drafting Your Flowchart

Draft of Final Flowchart Part 1

Draft of Final Flowchart Part 2

Drawing the Final Flowchart on Watercolor Paper

Drawing the Final Flowchart Part 1

Drawing the Final Flowchart Part 2

Drawing the Final Flowchart Part 3

Painting the Final Flowchart

Painting the Final Flowchart Part 1

Painting the Final Flowchart Part 2

Painting the Final Flowchart Part 3


Enzo18 December 2016

One of the greatest course in udemy in learning flow and work flow. The course was presented in a detailed manner and step by step procedure was given. There are many new leanings here that has not been presented in the personal development community and other communities. The information is so updated a cutting edge info and technology in fast and simple execution format. Thank you so much :D

Jean5 November 2015

I loved the idea of using watercolor to help reinforce the learning, and will leverage that idea with my students. Timothy's presentation of sketching on the legal pad as he speaks is novel, and well produced. I'd not seen this before and was a clever way to share this method. Foundationally, the accelerated learning method presented here leverages the technique, but really doesn't teach accelerated learning. What is presented is a methodology for self-discovery, but in a tad tedious fashion, and very paper driven, which surprised me because his topic was computer coding. I was puzzled by the extensive use of paper and file cabinets rather than online storage, which would able to be tagged and searched. We all learn in different ways, I suppose and I commend him for sharing his method.


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