Become a Cybersecurity Professional & Hands on LABs

Get Ready for your Cyber Career with our Real-World Hands-on LABs - Learn from an industry expert with PhD, CISSP, CCSP

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Network & Security
Become a Cybersecurity Professional  & Hands on LABs
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Jan 2024
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What you will learn

Theoretical information on cybersecurity.

Demonstration of cyber security technologies in practice

Cyber security technologies, and precautions to be taken

Teams in cybersecurity. Red, Blue and Purple team applications.

Theoretical framework and practical demonstration of cyber attack types

After the 2021 cyberattacks, cyber hygiene has become more important than ever. You will learn how to create cyber hygiene.

Network and endpoint security technologies with hands-on Labs.

NIST, CIS, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS compliance topics with hands on LABs.

Risk and Vulnerablity management with hands on LABs.

Cyber Open Source Intelligence "OSINT" with hands of LABs.

cryptography with applications and LABs.

Security Log analysis with LABs.

SPLUNK, NESSUS, MALTEGO, SIMPLE-RISK, PF-SENSE, ZAP-PROXY, NMAP and many other industry standart cyber security tools and softwares.

Essentials of malware analysis with applications.

Endpoint security hardening with applications.

Data and application security.

Social engineering and testing awareness with Phishing campaigns. How to deploy these campaigns with phishing software. (Hands-on)

Hunting cyber attackers with honeypots. (Hands-on)

VPN for security and privacy. (Hands-on)

SOC operations.

Essentials of pentesting.

Essentials of Advarsery emulation & Cyber Kill Chain.

Security Controls.

Network security protocols.

Network protocols.

URL filtering with applicaitons.

Mobile device security.

Cybersecurity career paths.

Why take this course?

🔒 Become a Cybersecurity Professional 🚀 країна цибербезпеки може бути сказана завжди складно, оскільки вона є багатодисциплінарною галкою. Цей курс дозволить вам охопити весь спектр знань, отримавши реальні навички через взаємодіючі ЛАБ (Laboratory Applications and Exercises). Ви навчитеся якщо не все, то основні аспекти як теоретичних, так і практичних технологій та процесів кібербезпеки.

🎓 Вивчення Стандартів ✅ Курс включає в себе вивчення найбільш важливих стандартів у галузі, таких як HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST, ISO 27001. Це критично важливо для будь-якого фахівця або дослідника у сфері кібербезпеки, бувши як технічним, так і нетехнічним.

🛡️ Кибергігієна 🛡️ Ось що стосується гідропослуг: ви зможете ознайомитися як з технічною, так і з теоретичною інформацією про такі питання, як управління ризиками, CIS Security Controls, сканування відомостей про вразливості, розгортання фішингових кампаній тощо. Ці навички ви застосуєте під час ваших практичних ЛАБ.

🔧 Технічні ЛАБ 🖥️ Ни пускай турбують вас технічні ЛАB, такі як IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) technologies, Honeypots, VPNs. Усі необхідні теоретичні знання ви отримаєте в попередніх уроках, перш ніж почнете роботу з конкретного ЛАБ.

🏆 Підготовка до сертифікатів 🎫 Курс підготує вас до отримання професійних сертифікатів, таких як CompTIA Security+ і CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker).

🛠️ Інсапіраційний Мото 📚 Мотто нашого курсу було обрано з епохи Просвітлення: "Sapere Aude" (лат. "Наваж стати знати"). Це висловлювання Еммануїла Канта закликає нас не боятися знання.

🧭 З Ібрагімом Акдагом 👩‍🏫 jako вашим наставником, ви отримаєте безцінні знання та практичні навички від інструктора з докторською степенню, який володіє CISSP та CCSP сертифікатами. Він провів багато років у сфері кібербезпеки, використовуючи свої знання для того, щоб надати вам найкращу освіту в цій динамічній галузі.

🚀 Почніть свою кар'єру у цибербезпеці сьогодні! 🚀

[🔗 Зареєструйтеся на курс і почняйте свою дорогу до експертизи в кібербезпеці з Ibrahim Akdag.]


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Our review

Overall Course Review

The course in question has garnered a global rating of 3.50, with all recent reviews pointing towards a positive reception among learners. The following review synthesizes the feedback from various learners who have taken this cybersecurity course.


  • Expert Instruction and Support: Dr. İbrahim provided substantial help to one learner by answering questions and suggesting additional resources, demonstrating his commitment to student success.

  • Beginner-Friendly Approach: The course is praised for its step-by-step approach and clear narrative, which are particularly beneficial for beginners in cybersecurity.

  • Comprehensive Content: The tutorial not only covers fundamental concepts but also caters to a range of skill levels, from novices to more experienced security professionals.

  • Hands-On Learning: The course includes practical hands-on labs that are highly appreciated for their ability to reinforce learning and skills development.

  • Valuable Resource: The content is deemed valuable and complementary to other courses, with a strong recommendation for its informative nature and the depth of its coverage.

  • Club Education: For clubs like the Cyber Security club at Sivas Cumhuriyet University, the course provided education that advanced their understanding in the field.

  • Real-World Applications: The instructor's expertise is highlighted for providing real-world examples and practical exercises that are both engaging and informative.

  • Engaging Instructor: The instructor, Ibrahim Akdag, is recognized as a guru in the field of cybersecurity, with learners enjoying his teaching style.


  • Pronunciation Challenges: Some learners found it difficult to understand the instructor due to pronunciation issues and a fast speaking pace.

  • Slide Visibility: One learner mentioned that the slides were not always in sync with what the instructor was saying, which could potentially hinder understanding.

Additional Notes:

  • Practice Opportunities: The course is identified as particularly useful for learners looking to build a home lab and practice their cybersecurity skills.

  • Continuous Update Hope: One learner hopes the course will be kept up-to-date with new information, reflecting the dynamic nature of cybersecurity.

  • Community Engagement: The learner community expresses encouragement and support for each other with a light-hearted nod to "good hacking."

In summary, this cybersecurity course is highly recommended for its comprehensive content, practical labs, and expert instruction. While there are some challenges related to the instructor's delivery that could be addressed, the overall feedback suggests that the course is an asset to those looking to learn or advance their skills in cybersecurity. It is anticipated that with improvements on delivery and content updates, the course will remain a valuable resource in this ever-evolving field.

Final Verdict:

This cybersecurity course is a strong contender for anyone from beginner to advanced levels seeking to deepen their understanding of cybersecurity. With a clear emphasis on practical application and expert guidance, it stands as a recommended learning path with the caveat that some elements of presentation could be enhanced for better learner comprehension.



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