PowerPoint Masterclass: Logo Design & Animation for Beginner

A step-by-step guide to use PowerPoint for fast & easy designing of logo, 3D Effects and Logo Animations

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Create a professionally-designed logo using PowerPoint

Create a variety of logo designs, including letter mark, pictorial mark, abstract, emblem, etc. in PowerPoint

Creating 3D Logo Mockup in PowerPoint

Creating an HD logo animation and export as a video

Mastering Merge Shapes to create almost anything using PowerPoint. (Your creativity is the only limit)

Discovering the power of transition in creating simple but elegant logo animations

Creating logos with various entry and motion animation effects

Understanding Animation Pane and Mastering its features to create stunning animations

Practicing FreeFrom shapes to create Origami Arts and Shadow effects in PowerPoint

Using Audio and Video together to produce professional logo animations in PowerPoint

Understanding how to trace logos using PowerPoint

Enhance competency in PowerPoint and its features to create icons and logos

Put your skills to the test with an array of logo projects to create and animate

Learn how to edit vector files in PowerPoint

Instructors feedback and support if you ever get stuck

30-Day Money-Back GuaranteeLifetime access to future course updates, so you can keep updating your skills


Designing a logo with no graphic design skills and without graphic design software is not possible.

But believe it or not… with nothing but a simple pc and PowerPoint, you can design an awesome logo for your brand, even animate the logo for doing a business presentation or for creating videos.

It’s easier than you imagine!

Put simply, if you can do a few simple clicks, you can use PowerPoint to get the job done. Because instead of using complicated features (like the ones you’ll find in graphic design software), you only need to use simple tools that come with PowerPoint to design and animate your logo.

This course shows you all the tools you can use, and how to use them to get your logo done for far less time and money.

That’s not all!

This course shows you more than just creating a basic logo.

After this course, you will not only be able to create and animation your logo in PowerPoint but able to scale up your mastery in PowerPoint with an array of DIY projects.

What’s more, you’ll also gain access to:

  • Instructors feedback and support if you ever get stuck

  • Lifetime access to future course updates, so you can keep updating your skills

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


1. Gain Access to 100+ PowerPoint editable logo bundles and get hands-on practice creating your logo.

2. FREE EBOOK: When you join the course, you’ll also get a supplementary eBook that shows you theoretical aspects of logo design, and the best places to quickly find all the resources you need for your work including, logo intro music, free images, and more. Plus, the book also shows you how to find inspiration fast, so you’ll never get stuck.

Improve your skills and discover more valuable tools and resources from the FREE EBOOK:

Because we want you to have more than just a basic understanding of creating a logo with PowerPoint, but have the basic skills to create a professionally-designed logo, we’re giving away a free eBook called “Basics of Logo design”.

Here’s what you’ll learn from the free eBook:

  • Understand what a logo is and how it's beneficial to the business.

  • Learn principles of Logo Design

  • Discover types of Logo Design

  • Understanding typeface and color schemes

  • Spot Top Websites to find logo Inspiration

  • Creating color palates from various websites

  • Identify Royalty-Free Images, Illustrations, Fonts, and Music websites


PowerPoint Masterclass: Logo Design & Animation for Beginner
PowerPoint Masterclass: Logo Design & Animation for Beginner
PowerPoint Masterclass: Logo Design & Animation for Beginner
PowerPoint Masterclass: Logo Design & Animation for Beginner




Creating HD Video

HD Video

Understanding Merge Shapes

Understanding Merge Shapes

McDonalds Logo

McDonalds Logo Creation

McDonalds Logo Animation

BMW Logo

BMW Logo

BMW Logo Animation

Yin Yang Task

Creating Yin Yang Logo

Animating YinYang Logo

FreeFrom Shape

FreeFrom Shape and Gradient Fill

Origami Fox Logo

Origami Fox Logo

Origami Fox Animation

Origami Bird Task

Origami Bird Task


Basics of Logo Design - EBook

Google Logo

Google Logo Creation

Google Logo Animation

Lotus Task

Lotus Logo

Adidas Logo

Adidas Logo Creation

Adidas Logo Animation

Extracting Colors from Logo

Extracting Colors from Logo

Instagram Logo

Instagram Logo Creation

Square Gradient Video & Instagram Logo Animation

Fire Video Task - Text Masking

Text Masking Fire Video Task

Instagram 3D Logo

Golden Instagram Icon Effect

Text 3D Effect

Creating 3D TEXT in Wall Effect

Editing Vector in PowerPoint

Editing EPS vector file in PowerPoint & Metallic Effect


A Big Thank You and Best Wishes


Sheikh18 May 2021

Amazing course! The instructor's teaching method was engaging as well as very easy to follow. I had absolutely no idea about logo designing. But after taking this course, I feel really confident.

SreRam9 May 2021

Thank you for providing for such a valuable course. There are few lessons like Instagram golden logo creation in 3D.. Before learning, it would have been all 'Latin and Greek' to me. I'm looking forward for future courses from the Tutor. Thank you..

Rajalakshmi30 April 2021

I found the tutor to be informative and interesting. Simple explanation and graphics make the topics interesting. Very useful for my marketing presentation. Looking forward for many courses from Slideopedia.

Sarathkumar28 April 2021

All animation techniques are explained in a simple way. Good PowerPoint for those who want to learn design and animations . The ebook definitely adds value and complements the course.. Time and Money Well Spent.

Santhosh25 April 2021

As a Beginner I love the course flow from starting as of now, Hopefully i can also design many logos using PP , Also Eagerly waiting to watch upcoming classes....

Dan25 April 2021

Nice techniques really, for coping existing logos, and I like her teaching style very much, loved her voice. But I wanted , also some original design logos as well for some fictitious companies.

Vani23 April 2021

This powerPoint course helped to produce intro video for my presention. My team is quite impressed. Big thank you to the instructor for giving a simple and easy to follow step by step this course. I do really appreciate this course give me boaster for my work easy.

Manikandan23 April 2021

This is one of the best course for the beginners those who wants to learn animation and logo creation courses

Srivatsan20 April 2021

Awesome, well explained tricks how easily can make logo by using PowerPoint. Discovered lot of features in power point which am not aware before.

Kevin19 April 2021

I love the topics Merge shapes and FreeFrom shapes. Good course. But overall I feel , there could more chapters on 3d effects

John19 April 2021

Each and everyminute of the course helps to learn lot of powerpoint techniques. Only completed half of the course but great so far.


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