Create a simple cinematic in Blender [SHORT FILM]

Learn how to do 3D Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing, Cinematic animation look & feel, even as a beginner 3D Artist

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Mar 2022
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What you will learn

How to create a simple cinematic film

Texturing like a pro

Force field & Wind system

Cinematic look & feel



This is an introduction to the world of cinematic short films in 3D Blender.

This tutorial teaches the whole process of cinematic scene production, a simple short film very fit for beginners to give you an introduction to the world of cinematic building.

In this course I'll teach you everything you need to know to create cinematic animations in Blender. We gonna start looking at some reference photos and get an idea about what we want to build together. Then it is time to actual start working on this and we gonna get going with the modeling part. Here we gonna have the modeling lessons divided in two separate lessons. In the first one we gonna model and sculpt the wall, window, table, bottles, candle, plates. In part two we will be focusing on modeling the wind chimes and the book. After that we will bring our focus to the level design and creating the curtains. In the next section all our focus will be on lighting the scene and creating the force of the wind also animating the scene.

Next, texturing will be our main priority. This is divided in two parts where texturing the curtains and the book is gonna be in the center of our attention and in the second part we will texture everything else we have in the scene. After that we will be creating the outside world adding trees and fog to create an mysterious and atmospheric environment. We will set up the camera and animate the camera. And at the end I will show you how you can render this animation and make it look even better.

This course if for you if you want to dive in creating a simple cinematic. This is an introduction to the world of filmaking in 3D Blender.


Create a simple cinematic in Blender [SHORT FILM] - Screenshot_01Create a simple cinematic in Blender [SHORT FILM] - Screenshot_02Create a simple cinematic in Blender [SHORT FILM] - Screenshot_03Create a simple cinematic in Blender [SHORT FILM] - Screenshot_04



Hello, my friend!
Timeline & Resources
More Blender tutorials


Modeling - part 1
Modeling - part 2
Level Design
Creating the curtains


Creating the lights in our scene
Creating wind system & animating our scene


Texturing - part 1
Texturing - part 2


Creating trees & fog
Adding camera & settings
Render final animation


Farewell, my friend!


June 5, 2022
1. The screencast key is not turned on, Anyone can turn on YouTube or other free courses A very basic thing, consideration for learners, but there is no 2. video aspect ratio Instructor's monitor does not show the entire screen When I open the Blender program, all the screens don't show up. Part of the screen is cut off, so it is very difficult to see 3. video fps + bad video cutediting The frames per second of the video look very low. It often looks lower than 24fps. Therefore, it is difficult to follow the movement of the mouse visually. And the instructor doesn't show all the moments in real time, and there is a part where the time is cut off due to cut editing in the middle of the work, so it doesn't connect back and forth. Something has changed, but I can't quite figure out what it is. I'm annoyed that I didn't explain 4. doesn't provide complete blender template Unlike other courses, this course does not provide a complete Blender file or template. In summary, after watching the lecture video, she was confident about the lecture, but judged that this course was very insufficient. It's inconvenient to learn, but if you persevere, you'll get something.
April 21, 2022
I enjoy it a lot. Roxi has an excellent Imagination and a lot of Talent, a good Guide to improve my Skills. Thank you for an awsome Tutorial. I can wait for part two to make the Animation complete.
April 8, 2022
This is my second course from Blender Roxi and again I learned a lot from this course, some stuff I didn't know about and some just improved my knowledge. I am a complete beginner so this course helped me a lot. Great teacher!



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