Conventional Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing processes for Engineering Students of First Year .


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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Types and Applications of Conventional Manufacturing Processes.

Casting Procedure and its application.

Sand Casting


This course will help students to list down various conventional manufacturing processes. Students will understand the basic difference ant the application of different conventional manufacturing processes. In Conventional Manufacturing this course will give you idea about Casting Processes, Bulk deformation processes, Machining Processes, Sheet Metal Processes and  Metal Joining Processes. With the completion of this course you will be able to complete the beginners level to understand the in detail knowledge of Manufacturing Processes used in Manufacturing Industries. This knowledge of Manufacturing Processes will help you to recognize the product from its manufacturing processes used. In Casting various casting processes are to be used as per the requirement of the customer. Bulk deformation processes students will learn different processes wherein by heating the metal a shape can be given as per requirement. In machining and finishing processes students will learn different machining processes wherein material is to be removed and required shape is to be given to the material. In Sheet metal operations, student will learn different operations which are performed on sheet or plate so as to give the required shape. In Metal Joining Processes students will learn the different welding processes used in the Manufacturing industries. Manufacturing Engineering is the core subject for Mechanical and Production Engineering Students.

List of points covered in the course are:

  1. Introduction to Conventional Manufacturing

  2. Casting Processes

  3. Bulk Deformation Processes

  4. Sheet Metal Operations

  5. Machining and Finishing Operations

  6. Metal Joining Processes

    Hope you will get something out of this course which will help you in future to study the advanced manufacturing processes in detail.


Conventional Manufacturing Processes
Conventional Manufacturing Processes
Conventional Manufacturing Processes
Conventional Manufacturing Processes




Casting Process

Casting Processes

Bulk Deformation Processes

Bulk Deformation Processes

Machining and Finishing Processes

Metal Joining Processes


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