MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 1 - Part 7

Content Samurai: Super High-Speed Video Creation (2021)

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Learn to use Content Samurai - video creation tool to turn an article or a blog post into an engaging video in 2021.

Learn the secret to find video scripts or blog posts relevant to the video you are creating.

Make the best of use of a powerful paraphrasing tool to change your video script and turn the same into plagiarism-free content in minutes.

Change footage, music, photos in Content Samurai and explore the various other features in the platform.

Insert a magic TTS Voiceover in Content Samurai to have a robot speaker speak out your video automatically without any human effort.


Welcome to the seventh course in the series "MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation".

The rise of video isn’t slowing down at all nowadays. From producing videos to distributing and promoting them, the worldwide digital video marketing industry is expected to reach billions of dollars this year, according to a new study by popular video platforms.

The pace of video creation is also accelerating as video production studios and digital marketing companies seek to better cater to millennials -- the first digitally native generation, for that matter -- and to teens. More than half of the organization in the study said they create video content at least thrice a week, and 56% said they create video content daily.

This incredible course by Digital Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" and Civil Engineering MasterMind "Saranya Srinidhi" will take you on a new roller coaster ride in video creation with the power of Artificial Intelligence. This course will help one reach to great heights of marketing success with the power of videos and videos alone. Content Samurai is one kind of a platform that does all the hard work automatically to help you create powerful videos in the fastest time possible. With its thoughtful automated image selection process, it can analyze your content and intelligently choose the images for you. What's more? Even voiceovers (or TTS which is Text to Speech) can be automatically be delivered for that particular video you are creating.

Enroll Now and let's start booming.

Special Note: Access to content samurai platform is mandatory. You will need a free trial account from the provider to execute the stuff taught in the course.

Let's get busy and start learning this super course with utmost zeal.


MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 1 - Part 7
MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 1 - Part 7
MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 1 - Part 7
MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 1 - Part 7


Content Samurai: Super High-Speed Video Creation - The Course

Introduction to Content Samurai Video Platform and what it does.

Choosing an article to input into the Video Engine

Convert any blog article/video script and turn it into plagiarism-free content

Generate a full video with Content Samurai with in-built Voiceover

Final Output: Content Samurai - Welcome to incredibility.

Bonus Lecture: Take your prize


Corey15 February 2021

Lausigster Kurs ever. Total nerviges Gefasel inkl. Reingebrülle ins Mikrofon, auch gern nebenbei von einer weiblichen Person, die genauso miserabel englisch spricht wie der Hauptmärchenonkel.

Sagar20 May 2020

It's good and meaningful but I have just watched 2 videos so let me check whole course to know the real value

Anthonyf10@hotmail.com16 May 2020

This is a sales pitch for software, not professional industry knowledge. Horrible presentation. More like a bad interview or podcast.

Lester25 April 2020

It's basically a shameless SALES video to product their product. Both Presentation voices are terrible, like fishmonger SELLING FISH in the market!

Boumaaraf25 April 2020

the language spoken is not clear and not well organized both tutors speak at the same time which confuse the learner!

Heather27 December 2019

Did not like the presentation at all!! Two over the top, overexited presenters why?... it's not necessary when only one is enough. Clearly English is not their first language and they were too excited and spoke very fast and also spoke over each other, so could not understant what they were saying. This course presentaion is a complete mess! You can find the same information and better tutorials on youtube, I would never recommend! ADVICE FOR THE PRESENTERS, take this down and start again!!


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