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ComputerCavalry: Slow Computer Repair and PC Maintenance

Is your computer run slow? Take this course and learn how to speed up a slow computer!

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Jul 2017

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What you will learn

Why is your computer slow

Why does your computer takes a long time to boot

Task Scheduler

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Windows Remote Assistance

How to clean a dirty computer


Is your computer running slowly? Welcome to an easy-to-master web based course on basic computer maintenance to help keep your PC running in tip top shape and provide you a solid foundation in computer repair.

In this course you will learn all the various methods to answer the age old question: How to speed up a slow computer as well as a few little known features ( tips and tricks ) of Windows to help your productivity. After all, there must be more you can do with your PC besides online shop and check email right?

Welcome to ComputerCavalry!


ComputerCavalry: Slow Computer Repair and PC Maintenance
ComputerCavalry: Slow Computer Repair and PC Maintenance
ComputerCavalry: Slow Computer Repair and PC Maintenance
ComputerCavalry: Slow Computer Repair and PC Maintenance


Introduction - System Maintenance

Disabling Start Up Applications


Uninstalling Applications

Deleting System Cache

Deleting Temp Files


Task Manager

Introduction to Task Manager

Task Manager - Applications

Task Manager - Processes

Task Manager - Services

Task Manager - Users

Task Manager - Performance

File Creation and Administration

File Administration Intro

File Association

Hidden Files

Previous Versions

File Permissions

Data Recovery

Rocket Science

Windows Remote Assistance

Problem Step Recorder

Reliability Monitor

Task Schedular




Rashid1 September 2020

The course is really informative, the instructor speaks clearly, and I am understanding the concepts really well.

Carmen29 August 2020

The information is really good and well presented. The entire problem is that it is out-dated. This is NOT FOR WINDOWS 10! Because I've been working with Windows since it first came out, I was able to glean a lot of helpful information but it took more time because so many things have changed such as MY COMPUTER which is not called that anymore. I come into contact with people who use older versions of Windows and I know this would be applicable to them but the correct versions it applies to need to be in the course description! The instructor used good analogies to help understand the why of things.

Stephen3 June 2020

Everything is well explained by the tutor using visual analogies to compare with something that is more understandable and easier to relate with.

Minh23 April 2020

I never want to rate a course too low, but really disappointed, it's too basic, and definitely not worth with the price, it should be a free course.

Ed10 October 2019

Very useful information, not obvious stuff. Presenter went at a good pace and was easy to understand, engaging.

Seth11 June 2019

Found some tricks, would recomend it myself to people without know how of basic computering, some I have known and some I have not despite my history with computers. Though it should be updated for Windows 10.

Hawanya18 September 2018

I like it except that the OS they are using is not what I have. But still I was able to figure out the Windows 10 steps to follow along. So it's ok.

Deepak4 July 2018

Engaging instructor. Explanations utilizing scenarios enhanced comprehension. Enjoyed taking this course. Would recommend.

Jay29 June 2018

Thanks for this course, easy to understand and follow and the last section was a great bonus. Great whiteboard!

Agata21 May 2018

every PC owner should take this course. great advice on cleaning/maintenance and general windows/file management.

Kenneth22 April 2018

This course is great for basic maintenance and learning different tools and features the "normal" user would not know about.

Brenda20 April 2018

Informative. Things I needed to know for photos and my files that I could not view because of extensions. Thank you

Karly10 April 2018

I feel like all of this information was over my head, but I am excited to know more about computers. It is also good to know that I can come back to this class and review this info at anytime, having lifetime access to the course gives me peace of mind.

Lisa15 March 2018

I think it is good. I was not prepared to learn how to optimize a computer, but it is making a lot of sense.

Levent1 February 2018

very basic but succesful for beginner and last thing there will be more specific informations. It is not completely.


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