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Cisco ICND1 - CCENT (100-105) - A Complete Guide

Pass the ICND 1 (100-105) exam easily. Recorded in Full HD! Challenges and Quizzes included! Great for CCNA students too

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Nov 2018

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What you will learn

Identify Network Devices

Work With Network Protocols

Configure a Cisco Router and Switch

Implement Basic Security Solutions

Understand Routing Protocols

Work With IPv6

Master Subnetting Techniques

Secure your Network Using Access Lists

Implement NAT

Learn How to Troubleshoot Cisco Networks




Join one of the few IT courses on Udemy recorded in Full HD using mobile friendly presentations and a high quality dynamic microphone.

Cisco has announced the new CCENT exam (100-105). Do not worry, you ARE covered! This course has been updated to cover new exam topics.

Pass the CCENT (CCNA ICND1, 100-105) exam first time and master all skills. Short lectures help you find a topic that you need to review. There are labs, challenges and quizzes to make it as interesting as possible.

You can download all presentations as a PDF e-book as well (more than 100 pages!).

CCENT (ICND1, 100-105) is an entry level certificate from Cisco. Do you want to start your career in networking? This certificate is perfect for you! It is easier than CCNA but covers all basic terms and shows you how to configure a Cisco device.

In this course you will learn all you need to know to pass the exam and apply your skills in real world scenarios.

  • Networking Terms and Definitions

  • The OSI Model

  • Subnetting

  • Cisco Routers and Switches

  • Network Security

  • IP Services and Protocols

  • IPv6

  • Access Lists

  • Network Address Translation

  • Troubleshooting Cisco Networks

  • Labs Showing You How to Configure Cisco Devices

  • Challenges and Quizzes

  • Exam tips

  Contents and Overview 

        In over 4 hours of content including more than 100 lectures, this course covers the basics of networking and Cisco devices. Each chapter closes with a quiz to allow you to practice exam questions and test your knowledge before moving to the next section.

We start by defining some basic terms (LAN, WAN, DNS, DHCP, IP Address) and then move to The OSI Model. There is a section dedicated to Routing, Switching and Network Security.

It is all recorded and edited in FullHD using mobile friendly presentations and high quality audio.

Pass the ICND1 exam. Join now!


Cisco ICND1 - CCENT (100-105) - A Complete Guide
Cisco ICND1 - CCENT (100-105) - A Complete Guide
Cisco ICND1 - CCENT (100-105) - A Complete Guide
Cisco ICND1 - CCENT (100-105) - A Complete Guide


Welcome to the course!

Introduction To The World Of Networking.

Overview of Cisco Certificates and Paths


ICND1 100-105 - What's New?

What to Expect on the ICDN1 Exam

How to Study - Tips for you

How to Practice all Labs for Free at Home

E-book - All Presentation Slides - 100 pages!

Introduction to Networking

What to Expect in this Section

What is a Network?

Network Types

Network Devices: Routers and Switches

Network Devices: Firewalls and Access Points

A CHALLENGE: Identify a Network Device!

Quiz 1

Let's Summarize this Chapter

Networking Terms

What to Expect in this Section

IP Addresses, DHCP Server and DNS

Communication Types

Topologies and Network Diagrams

Cisco IOS

LAB: Let's Connect to a Cisco Router now!

Basic Terms and Commands

Quiz 2

Let's Summarize this Chapter

The OSI Model - Layers 7-4

What to Expect in this Section

Why Do We Need the OSI Model?

The Application, Presentation and Session Layers

The Transport Layer

The Three Way Handshake and Windowing

Why Do We Need Port Numbers?

Quiz 3

Let's Summarize this Chapter

The OSI Model - Layers 2-1

What to Expect in this Section

The Network Layer

The Data Link Layer

Collision and Broadcast Domains

A CHALLENGE: Collision and Broadcast Domains.

The Physical Layer

TCP/IP and Encapsulation

Challenge: Communication

CHALLENGE: Identify the OSI Layers

Bits, Bytes, and Subnet Masks

Quiz 4

Let's Summarize this Chapter

Routers and Routing

What to Expect in this Section

Cisco Routers

Passwords on a Cisco Router

Our Lab - What to Expect

LAB: Let's Connect To a Cisco Router now!!!

LAB: How to Enable Telnet

LAB: SSH and Banners.

LAB: How to Make a Back-up.

LAB: Basic Show Commands

Quiz 5

Let's Summarize this Chapter

Static Routes

What to Expect in This Section

The Routing Process

Static Routes

LAB: Let's Configure a Static Route on a Cisco Router!!!

Default Routes on a Cisco Router

Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF)

Quiz 6

Let's Summarize this Chapter

Dynamic Routing Protocols

What to Expect In this Section

Overview of Dynamic Routing Protocols!

RIP intro




Challenge: We Need to Buy a Router. Can you Help?

Challenge Walkthrough: We Need to Buy a Router. Can you Help?

Quiz 7

Let's Summarize this Chapter


What to Expect in this Section

Introduction to Subnetting

How to Start with Subnetting

Subnetting - Examples

CHALLENGE: Subnetting


Quiz 8

Let's Summarize this Chapter

Switches And LAN Technologies

What to Expect in this Section

Overview of Switches

LAB: What to Expect

LAB: Basic Switch Configuration

What is a VLAN?


Trunks and DTP

LAB: Trunks.

Native VLAN

Quiz 9

Let's Summarize this Chapter

Inter-vlan Routing, VTP, and STP

What to Expect in this Section

Inter-vlan Routing

LAB: Inter-vlan Routing

Overview of STP and VTP


Challenge: We Need to Buy a Switch. Can you Help?

Quiz 10

Let's Summarize this Chapter

Network Security

What to Expect in this Section

Port Security

LAB: Port Security

Introduction to Access Control Lists (ACL)

Standard and Extended ACLs

LAB: Extended Access Lists

How to Deploy a Secure Network

Quiz 11

Let's Summarize this Chapter

IP Services

What to Expect in this Section

Introduction to NAT

Let's Enable NAT on a Router


Your Router Can Be a DHCP Server

LAB: How to Enable a DHCP Server on a Router

Quiz 12

Let's Summarize This Chapter


What to Expect in this Section

Why Do We Need IPv6?

Features of IPv6

Let's Enable IPv6 on a Router

Stateless DHCP in IPv6

Stateless DHCP in IPv6 -Lab

Quiz 13

Let's Summarize this Chapter

Infrastructure Services

What to Expect in this Section - Infrastructure Services

Logging on a Cisco Device

SysLog Servers


Backups in Details - Part1

Backups in Details - Part2

Backup - tips and tricks

Backups in Details - Part3

Course Wrap-up

Exam Tips - Read Before Going for the Exam!


NEW! Webinar - The New Exam - What to Expect + Tips

It is Time to Say Good Bye

How To Get a Job as a Network Engineer

BONUS: Learn More about Cables

BONUS: An Interview with a Network Engineer

Webinar 1 - Subnetting and ACLs

A Template For a Cisco Router With Comments

Cheat Sheet - Basic Commands and Tips


Bulding an Awesome Lab and Rack at Home

How to Monitor Your Network

Basic of OSPF

Features of OSPF

LAB: Let's Enable OSPF on a Router

OSPF Can Support IPv6 too!

More About the Physical Layer (CCNA) - Cabling

Windows Server 2016

VPN using a NAS device


Aleksandra4 June 2019

Magnificent! Mariusz as always presents a high level of knowledge in a plain and simple way. Everything is crystal clear! Way to go Mariusz!

George12 May 2019

This course has been very helpful in bridging the gap between simple introductory networking principles and the difficult-to-digest (and expensive) advanced text books and courses. Highly recommended if you want to take your understanding of practical networking significantly beyond the bare fundamentals. Also tremendous value when compared with the cost of advanced text books.

Charles12 April 2019

It gives me good sense what path of the certificates I should take and have some trust about the instructor's knowledge for the course.

Keng2 April 2019

Very good and structured course if you're wanting to learn the fundamental of router operation, subnets, OSI layer and TC/IP protocol. The instructor, Marious is great with the learning materials and with his slow and steady explanations over the course helps with my learning. Thumbs up!

Alexandr20 March 2019

It was very good start for me! Just passed my ICND1 yesterday. Frankly, this course wasn't only one, but it is a really good place to start! Also i enjoyed practice quiz, very nice and realistic questions! Thanks a lot!

Darryll14 January 2019

He is not really good at explaining. He has a lack of vocabulary and is too simple with his explanations.

David11 January 2019

The only criticism I have right now is that I do not feel as if we are quite adequately prepared in terms of the theory for the questions / challenges that are asked. It all makes perfect sense afterwards, but a lot of it focuses on memorizing, whereas I'd like more exploration into real examples before jumping into these challenges.

Samuel2 January 2019

It seems good so far for the price. Guy talking talks a little bit odd (I am from the Midwest part of the united states) so understanding him at times is tough.

Joshua31 October 2018

The information so far is great. Very detailed and informative. I am just having to adjust to his accent having to stop and kind of say, wait, what did he say sometimes. But none the less, still good at explaining information.

Antonio28 October 2018

I love it so far just hope it will be enough with my Cisco book Wendell Odom to pass the exam next month.

Joseph16 August 2018

This was an excellent match. It is refreshing to have an instructor that cares so much and breaks things down easily so one can learn effectively. Thank you Marious!

R13 June 2018

I have not taken the CCENT test yet, but I am glad that Marious goes over the basics. I have used Professor Marious to pass an MTA Exam (98-366). The course was a primary resources to passing the 98-366 exam. I hope to say the same for CCENT. So far, so good. Keep up the great work Professor Marious.

Mitchell11 June 2018

So far it's a good match for me, but the voice/accent makes it kind of hard to understand some stuff.

Eric4 May 2018

Covers all the test topics in detail. Good real world information too! This is a great tool for preparing for CCENT.

Moyae28 February 2018

This course has helped me ALOT !!!!! I watched all the videos and did everything Marious Kuriata did and i understood 100% I had recently toke my CCENT exam after this course and passed it! Thank you so much Marious for this ICND1 Course!! Definitely the course you would want to enroll in if you are looking to take CCENT ICND1!


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