Chinese Language & Culture Advanced Course: HSK1 (3/3)

Learn to speak Chinese language and explore Chinese culture in a simple and interesting way.

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Chinese Language & Culture Advanced Course: HSK1 (3/3)


4.5 hours


May 2021

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What you will learn

Vocabulary for HSK1

Grammar for HSK1

Basic Chinese language

More complex sentence structures

Chinese culture: Table manners

How to travel in China


Chinese language is in general known as one of the most difficult languages to learn. However, I believe, that this is just another myth, but just as long as it's introduced in a simple and interesting way.  However, there is not one person that could neglect the fact, that it's definitely one of the most useful languages to learn.

In this comprehensive Chinese language course and culture course for everyone who wants to learn basic Chinese or learn for the HSK 1 exam, you are going to learn the basics of Chinese language and culture, so you will be able to have a basic conversation in Chinese and learn how to write characters.

Learn and Master Chinese Language in this Easy-To-Learn-Chinese Comprehensive Course.

In this course you are going to:

  • Understand the basics of Chinese language,

  • Learn how to introduce yourself and have a more complex conversation in Chinese,

  • Practice the right pronunciation,

  • Talk about what you want, what you like and ask for directions,

  • Learn about the table manners and how to travel in China,

  • Understand Chinese culture through learning Chinese language,

  • Give yourself the opportunity to learn Chinese in a unique and interesting way.

Give Yourself the Opportunity to Discover, that Chinese language is Actually Easy to Learn.

I designed this Chinese language course to show you that Chinese language is not that difficult to learn, as most of the people think. I am using a simplistic way of teaching Chinese and always upgrade from what we already learned.

Learning can always be fun, but only as long as the instructor teaches in a simple, understandable way, which is accompanied with a strong passion for the topic. You'll receive all of this in this course.

To make learning even easier for you, you'll be able to download PDF documents for every lecture. There you'll always have some exercises that will help you practice what you've just learned. I am going to cover each one of them in the attached video, so you'll know the correct answers and have the opportunity to practice spoken Chinese. Complete with attached PDF documents, you'll be able to work alongside the instructor, who is going to be available for you for any questions you might have about the content of the course.

There's no deadline for completing this course. You can study the course lectures around your other commitments at your preferred pace.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • I recommend you first go through the beginner and intermediate level of Chinese Language & Culture Course

  • Study Chinese language from the comfort of your home or preferred place.

  • You can study anywhere and anytime with a stable internet connection.

  • Access your course from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Additional PDF materials are also included to compliment your learning experience.

Who this course is for:

  • It is open to all.

  • This course is directed towards those interested in learning Chinese language or just wanting to understand its basics.

  • Everyone who wants to pass the HSK1.

  • There are no 'right or wrong' personality types best matched to learning Chinese language.




Grammatical Structures and Let's Repeat

Let's Repeat the Main Grammatical Structures (Part 1)

Let's Repeat the Main Grammatical Structures (Part 2)

Let's Repeat the Main Grammatical Structures (Part 3)

Do you understand the basic grammatical structures?

Negations and Expressing Abundance

Table Manners

Join us in the Chinese Language and Culture Discussion Group

Time, Verbs "Can", Expressing "All", and Directions

I'll Be Home Before 10 P.M.

I Can Speak Chinese

My Whole Family Likes to Watch TV

How to Get to the Hospital

Travel in China

I Came by Plane

How to Get to the Nearest Restaurant

How Many People are Going to Come

How Many People are in Your Family

Book is on the Table

Today It's Going to Rain

Do You Live in a Dormitory




Good Luck and Thank You


Saurav8 June 2021

I read the beginning of the intermediate and advanced level of the Chinese language. All courses are clean and beautiful. I would like to thank mam for such a wonderful course. :)

Naman2 June 2021

谢谢 老师 Finally, I enjoyed the last part of the course Chinese Pinyin (HSK 3/1) and I found the course extremely useful. So far I also enrolled in the HSK 1/1 and HSK 2/1 part of the course and one I would like to mention here ー I gained profound knowledge about China and Chinese culture in this course of three series ー HSK 1/1, HSK 2/1, and HSK 3/1. The course content including audio and video are of high quality with excellent teaching methods and presentation skills. I am looking forward to having more courses in the future by the Instructor. I will give 1 extra star (6 stars) but there is no option so I am dropping here: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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