Childcare Marketing Made Easy

Learn how to market your childcare business using online marketing strategies

Marketing Fundamentals
6 hours
Jun 2022
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What you will learn

Learn how to stand out from local competitors

Learn how to communicate your offer to local families

Learn how to give tours that convert

Learn how to create a simple Facebook ad

Learn how to increase retention rates


Childcare Marketing Made Easy

For Childcare Directors That Want To Learn How To Market Their Programs Without Paying Agency Prices!

This course is perfect for any director wanting to learn how to market their program without necessarily hiring a marketing agency.

Putting up a sign on your front lawn and crossing your fingers hoping your ideal families enroll in your program is NOT a very smart marketing strategy.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

I mean you got started in this business because you LOVE working with kids but you’re quickly learning that competition is a real thing

So you do what you see most childcare providers do:You join HUGE Facebook groups and ask complete strangers from all over the world around how you can increase enrollments

You try to copy others strategies hoping for the best

You get burned out by feeling like you constantly need to be in front of a screen to attract new families

You’re in this business because you LOVE working with kids but knowing how to market your program and attract more families you want to do business with… well that's a different story!

You may be getting random calls or book tours but find yourself not being able to have a strategy in place to market and to be able to run a fully booked program month after month.

You ask yourself: Is it possible to never have to feel desperate trying to replace the child that decided not to come back… and not pay you!

What if I told you

It Is!

As an extra I am also including the following:

  • 100 Done-For-Your Social Media Templates ( valued at $97)

  • 3 partnership email templates to send out to local businesses


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Start Here

Module 1-Your Offer
6 Step Framework
Case Study
Module 2-Your Messaging
Positioning Your Message
Case Study
Module 3-Tours
Your Tour Process
Case Study
Module 4- Growth
Free Ways to Grow
Paid Traffic
Case Study

Get Your Account Ready For Ads

Create Your Business Manager
Create Your Ad Account
Create Your Audience
Create Your Retargeting Audience

Setting up your first video views campaign

Writing Your Facebook Ad Copy
Recording your video
Creating the campaign
Tracking Data
Retargeting audiences
Re-targeting campaigns

Module #5

Increased Retention Rates
Quality audit-retention rates
Case Study


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Email partnership templates
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