Chakra Healing Tools For Self-Healing | Certificate Course

Learn Powerful Meditations & Affirmations To Self Heal, Align, & Rejuvenate Your Energetic Centers [Full Chakra Healing]

Esoteric Practices
12 hours
Nov 2022
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What you will learn

Meditations to help balance chakras

Affirmations to help balance & activate chakras

Sound healing for chakra balancing, activation, self healing & more!

Grow awareness & heal yourself with practical tools


Welcome to Chakra Healing Tools For Self-Healing | Certificate Course

We are so grateful to have you here with us! This course was created to help you bring practical tools into your day-to-day activities to help keep you aligned and open to flow with whatever comes your way. This is the main advantage of learning how to use meditation, sound healing, and affirmations to help keep your chakras cleared of energetic blockages. This is not a course that will be going deeply into crystal healing. This course is only created to provide you with downloadable meditations, sound healing sessions, and affirmations that will help to keep you aligned & activated. Once you listen & do the work yourself (all you have to do is show up) you will notice that you will be better able to help facilitate others in their healing path.

Instead of material that will be regurgitated, we provided the actual tools that you can use in your personal & professional chakra healing sessions. Feel free to use this material in your own healing sessions with your clientele. This is about spreading the magic through doing the work, not by memorizing information that one can find anywhere on the internet! Now is your time to get started on this amazing self-healing experience. Your journey awaits


Before We Get Started

Course Introduction & Community


Deep Relaxation Meditation [Get In The Healing State]
Heart Opening Meditation
Full Chakra Meditation


Maha Devi Affirmations | Potent 528HZ Affirmations & Healing Frequencies
Root Chakra Healing Affirmations
Sacral Chakra Healing Affirmations
Solar Plexus Healing Affirmations
Heart Chakra Healing Affirmations
Throat Chakra Healing Affirmations
Third Eye Chakra Healing Affirmations
Crown Chakra Healing Affirmations
528 HZ Affirmations [Opening Energetic Centers To Allow Abundance]
Heart Opening Affirmations
Grounding Affirmations (432 Hz)

Sound Healing For Chakras [Mind, Body, Soul]

Root Chakra Pure Sound [Balance Your Root Chakra]
110HZ Sleep Therapy [Calm The Mind Deeply]
Root Chakra Sound Therapy [Root Chakra Healing]
Sacral Chakra Sound Therapy [Sacral Chakra Healing]
Manipura Chakra Sound Therapy [Align Your Manipura Chakra]
Heart Chakra Sound Therapy [Heal The Heart Center With Sound]
Throat Energy Center Activation [Decalcify The Pineal Gland & Open Your Mind]
Third-Eye Chakra Heal With Sound
Crown Chakra Sound Healing Activation & Purification


Chakra Healing Tools For Self-Healing | Certificate Course - Screenshot_01Chakra Healing Tools For Self-Healing | Certificate Course - Screenshot_02Chakra Healing Tools For Self-Healing | Certificate Course - Screenshot_03Chakra Healing Tools For Self-Healing | Certificate Course - Screenshot_04


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