[2021] Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training: LSSBB

Master the Skills of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Apply it Practically.

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Upgrade your professional skill in handling complex projects

Gain expertise in implementing Six Sigma methodologies

Develop job-ready skills for assured career growth

Cultivate in-depth understanding of various phases of Six Sigma

Learn to minimize waste and maximize customer value

Master Project Management skills


This Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification is a stepping stone in your career that will open doors for thousands of well-paid jobs in most prestigious companies.

The essence of Six Sigma Black Belt training is to impart knowledge of relevant methodologies that helps organizations in cost-cutting and at the same time improving service to their consumers. By acquiring thorough knowledge, certified professionals help in making companies' production efficient along with integrating the customers' aspirations in products and services.

Becoming proficient in analytics- mastering a data-driven approach to solve business problems, is most rewarding as it is the most in-demand field today. This Six Sigma Black Belt training is curated in a way to help you to attain expertise in collecting, measuring, and analyzing a large amount of data, that can be further helpful in building useful strategies for businesses.

Armed with these professional skills, certified Six Sigma Black Belt professionals contribute to the smooth functioning of a business, and by solving business problems they lead them to huge profits and robust growth.

The curriculum of this Six Sigma Black Belt training course is crafted by domain experts having experience of more than two decades and therefore, we provide a thorough understanding of the entire Six Sigma Body of Knowledge. In addition, our certification also ensures that the certified individual is proficient in Six Sigma systems and tools along with its philosophies and principles.

A Black Belt certified individual, thus, demonstrates an absolute comprehension of team leadership and team dynamics. Having developed an uncanny ability to successfully assign team members with roles and responsibilities that suits their profile, it is no wonder that Six Sigma Black Belt certified individuals land up in high-paying leadership roles. Last but not the least, having acquired the basic knowledge of lean enterprise concepts in accordance with the Six Sigma principles, they also have the skills to quickly identify “non-value-added” activities.

The carefully thought curriculum of this training course is crafted by professionals who are experts in this field and have spent a major chunk of their professional life garnering experience. With almost 15-20 years of experience in training hundreds of candidates with the help of videos, written documents, quizzes, real-time case studies, these experts make every aspect of the course interesting and easy to comprehend. The trainers take special care of participants by clearing their doubts and imparting a practical understanding of everything.

This course has helped hundreds of candidates to develop an in-depth understanding of the Six Sigma phases Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control and set them on a fast career growth path, by definitely upscaling their skills and boosting up their confidence.

Learning Benefits of this course:

By the end of this Six Sigma Black Belt training, you shall:

  • Become proficient in the concept of Analytics and its applications

  • Get pro with the usage of Analytics in your business and management

  • Develop complete understanding to handle a large amount of data and take decisions that are favorable for the organization

  • Attain the knowledge and experience to handle different types of data and its structure

  • Gain the skills to resolve management related problems of the company by using various management tools

  • Sharpen your ability to make good judgments and make good decisions and commit to improving processes

  • Develop the capability to derive useful information from the large Data with the usage of analytic tools

  • Acquire expertise in aligning the outcome of a project with its business goals and objectives

  • Imbibe essential leadership and Project Management skills

  • Become competent in delivering quantifiable results while delivering the projects

  • Get a comprehensive understanding to handle complex six sigma projects in your company

  • Learn to use Minitab to perform real data analysis

  • Obtain the required skills to solve complex problems

  • Attain the capability to look beyond the present, into the future

  • Acquire the eligibility for jobs requiring an analytical background

  • Become the first choice for thousands of high-paying jobs for Six Sigma Certification holders

  • Make your profile outshine others

Words of appreciation from our Students:

1- Excellent course! The trainer was a seasoned professional who explained Six Sigma's philosophies, principles, and tools with great clarity. Thank you for providing me a very satisfying experience through this Six Sigma Black Belt training. Highly recommended.- Poulomi Agarwal

2- This high-quality course is comprehensive and explains useful tools and techniques in a practical manner, making it easy to grasp. I found the course interesting as the instructor was focused on the application of the concepts and tools rather than imparting theoretical knowledge.- Narayan Rai

3- I want to thank the team and share the wonderful experience I had with this course! The hands-on practical knowledge imparted in this training course has helped me in understanding the concepts and methodologies so well. The grilling of the participants with exercises and quizzes made learning fun. I have recommended this course to my friends and colleagues.- Rajeev Singh

4- I love this Six Sigma Black Belt training course as it has given my career a big boost. I was stuck in one position for more than 3 years, but by upskilling myself through this certification my career has found a new lease of life. The practical aspect of this certification is that it has broadened my horizon and helped me develop leadership acumen. I just cannot thank the team much!- Nandita Seth


[2021] Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training: LSSBB
[2021] Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training: LSSBB
[2021] Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training: LSSBB
[2021] Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training: LSSBB




Six Sigma History, What is Six Sigma,Dmaic, Dmadv & Dfss, What is Statistics

Six Sigma History

What is Six Sigma

What is Six Sigma Part-2

Dmaic, Dmadv & Dfss

Dmaic, Dmadv & Dfss Part-2

Expected Results from Six Sigma

Six Sigma in Detail

What is Statistics

What is Central Tendency

Measure of Spread

Measure of Spread

Measure of Spread Part-2

Measure of Spread-Quartile

Measure of Spread-Quartile Part-2


Quartiles Part-2

5 Steps Methodology

Ways to Commence a Project

Define-Type of Customers

Kano Model

Define-Ways to Collect VOC

Define-Ways to Collect VOC

Translate VOC to CTQ

Translate VOC to CTQ Part-2

Define-Project Charter & Business Case

Define-Problem Statement

Define-goal & milestone

Define-Process Mapping


Project Charter

Project Charter Part-2

Project Charter Part-3



Measure Part-2


Type of Data

Type of Data Part-2

Type of Data Part-3

Measure-Type of Sampling

Measure-Type of Sampling Part-2

Sample Size

Sample Size Part-2


Measure-MSA Part-2

Process Capability

Process Capability

Process Capability-Dpu, Dpo & Dpmo

Process Sigma

Measure-Attribute Agreement Analysis


Minitab Part-2

Specification limits

Process Capability-Continuous Data

Process Capability-Continuous Data Part-2

Process Capability-Continuous Data Part-3

Measure-Gauge R & R


Analyze Part-2

Analyze Part-3

Analyze Part-4

7 Tools of Quality

7 Tools of Quality Part-2

Hypothesis Testing

7 Tools of Quality-Histogram

Normal Distribution

Normal Distribution Part-2

Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis Testing Part-2

Hypothesis Testing Part-3


Minitab Examples

Minitab Examples Part-2

Minitab Examples Part-3

Minitab Examples Part-4

Minitab Examples Part-5

Minitab Examples Part-6

Test of Equal Variance

Test of Equal VariancePart-2

Test of Equal VariancePart-3

One Sample T

One Sample T Part-2


Exercise Part-2

Box Plot

Measure-Gauge R&R

Box Plot

Box Plot Part-2



Improve- fmea

Improve- fmea Part-2

Improve- fmea Part-3

Design of Experiment

Design of Experiment Part-2

Design of Experiment Part-3


Control Chart

Control Chart Part-2

Control Chart Part-3

Control-Process Control

Lean 5S

Lean 5S Part-2

Lean 5S Part-3


Goran27 April 2021

Detailed and challenging training with lots of useful examples. I could recommend it to all who want to know more about Lean Six Sigma.

Ajit19 March 2021

Extremely helpful six sigma black belt course in professional life. Gives the required edge. Beautifully explained with reasonable and sensible examples from real-time scenarios to understand the process and its application in the profession.

Badiuzzama19 March 2021

I made all the courses from Leam management to Six Sigma Black Belt but the white. It was very interesting, I've learned a lot and it was amusing. Thank you very much!

Jatin19 March 2021

The six sigma black belt course material was really easy to understand. I would have liked more scenarios or exercises to test my knowledge and understanding of the material.

Afzal17 March 2021

Excellent course, It was my main study material for achieving Six Sigma Black Belt on the first try. Avinaash sir delivers the demanding lean six sigma knowledge with great efficiency. I liked a lot him appearing in the recordings, it assists greatly in learning. Perfectly fit for the ASQ exam, it has very few to add to make it applicable across all bodies. Great job by Mr. Avinaash Guptaa. Very clear and straightforward explanation. Strongly recommend the six sigma black belt course.

Jhon17 March 2021

Excellent course! The very comprehensive material of six sigma black belt, the instructor is clearly an expert and focuses on the application of the concepts rather than on math and statistical theory. I look forward to taking the MiniTab course offered by this same instructor as well.

Ocen16 March 2021

The course focused on waste elimination and good products made first time. It's a perfect course for me in my current role of quality Assurance and Improvement officer

Priyanshu15 March 2021

It was really great course & the explanation given by the instructors related to the six sigma black belt was amazing. Thanks, Udemy & Avinaash Guptaa for developing such a course

Mukul15 March 2021

Nice definition of six sigma black belt and nicely taught kano model, nice teaching method, but tools in each phase are less that is in each phase only one or two tools are read which are really insufficient.


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