Certified India Heritage English and Spiritual Dance Class 1

Lessons from the past - Epics of India, Cultural and Heritage learning Englis class with songs, dance, stories of India

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42 mins
Sep 2021
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What you will learn

India culture, English and Dance


Drama lesson in English

Here you will be seeing lessons in English as a dialogue script.

Voices that lend support to Sarita Wariyer Teacher, alternatively throught are Vatsala Balachandran Warrier and Bala Warrier, her parent's.

The videos are in Textual images so that a student can see the words for the lectures, in their real form. 

More accuracy is possible this way and hence, this choice of educational mode of teaching.

Mahabharat, the chosen epic of India is the main course content.

Many of the scripts here are Sarita Wariyer Teacher's own simple and easy to follow dialogues written specifically keeping in mind the needs of students in learning English.

For those who are already proficient in the language, learning more on Indian culture, as stories that are part of Indian traditional lore will be an added bonus knowledge base for them.

Regarding dance, Indian dance with a drama element and other fitness is part of the course too.

So as a doubled edged learning experience, the course made a tiny attempt to impart both English and Indian Cultural lessons with Traditional Dance Lessons and other dance forms.

Dance Exercise Fitness Workouts Course Details

Here are my answers to these questions that anyone who joins too will like to know about.

What's the purpose of the group?

Who should join?

What will you do at your events?

1. To involve people in exercise and promote healthy lifestyles.

To make daily workout routines fun filled and interesting.

To make a regular fitness schedule for everyone that is possible at their time and is flexible about their needs and levels of activity too.

2. Everyone should join.  Anyone who comes to Udemy whether for theory studies or practical lessons will find this useful to build up their stamina, create a healthy workable fitness regime for them that has achievable goals.

3. At these recorded events, dance in different styles, Bharatanatyam Indian classical dance and other fitness activities by a personal fitness trainer are detailed out.

There is a more intense form of Dance exercise as well as, lighter one for a basic level.

Theory explanations of the same for learning afficianados is there for a thorough learning experience, where both body and mind, physical and mental human needs for growth and progress are met.

Choreographed items for ready performances form a part of the modules.

Certified India Heritage English and Spiritual Dance Class 1 - Screenshot_01Certified India Heritage English and Spiritual Dance Class 1 - Screenshot_02Certified India Heritage English and Spiritual Dance Class 1 - Screenshot_03Certified India Heritage English and Spiritual Dance Class 1 - Screenshot_04
Video lesson documentary, to picturesly depict chapter lessons
Video lesson documentary to picturesly depict chapter lessons
Course Notes
Dance class - Indian Dance Bharatanatayam
Dance class - Indian Dance Bharatanatayam
Dance class - Indian Dance Bharatanatayam
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