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CCENT / ICND1 Labs - 7 Days till your Cisco 100-105 Exam

Labs that you can practice at home with full list of commands, network diagrams, and tasks. A review before the exam.

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Configure a Cisco Router and Switch

Understand Network Diagrams

Combine Multiple Technologies in One Lab

Work with RIPv2 and Static Routes

Troubleshoot Network Issues

Configure Labs with IPv6, NAT, and Subnetting

Implement Basic Security Commands




This course is still a great option for students who want to learn more about Cisco and get ready for the new CCNA exam. A unique ebook will be a very interesting option here!

Do you think you're ready for the ICND1 (CCENT 100-105) exam? Do you need to focus on labs and go through all the main topics in a few days? You've come to the right place. Here you'll find 7 big labs for 7 days. Includes a lot of practice questions and quizzes.

There are two unique features of this course:

  • labs cover multiple areas at the same time (e.g. routing+subnetting, switching+security)

  • all commands used in the labs, tasks, and network topologies are attached to the  course as an ebook you can download!

Pass the CCENT (CCNA ICND1, 100-101) exam first time and master all skills in 7 days.

Please note the course is designed for students who have already covered all CCENT topics and need a quick review.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to configure a switch and router

  • Subnetting and IP addresses

  • Enable RIPv2

  • Set up inter-vlan switching

  • Configure network security features

  • Master troubleshooting techniques

  • Use multiple show commands

  • LLDP and CDP

  • NAT, ACLs, IPv6, Stateless DHCP, Syslog and more!

  Contents and Overview 

In over 3 hours of content, this course covers the main areas and topics required for the CCENT exam. No theory here - just labs and live configuration.  Labs are available for download (topologies, tasks, and commands).

It is all recorded and edited in Full HD using high quality audio.

Pass the ICND1 exam. Join now!


CCENT / ICND1 Labs - 7 Days till your Cisco 100-105 Exam
CCENT / ICND1 Labs - 7 Days till your Cisco 100-105 Exam
CCENT / ICND1 Labs - 7 Days till your Cisco 100-105 Exam
CCENT / ICND1 Labs - 7 Days till your Cisco 100-105 Exam



What to Expect

How Can I Practice All Labs?

Do you Know This Already?

E-book with all Labs

Day 1 - Configure a Router and Switch

Are You Ready?


Let's configure our devices

Additional Commands and Verification

Day 1 Quiz

Day 2 - Routing and Subnetting


Basic Configuration

Adding RIPv2

Day 2 Quiz

Day 3 - Switches and Router on a Stick


Configuring VLANs and SVIs

Router on a Stick

Day 3 Quiz

Day 4 - Network Security


SSH, Banners and Acccess Lists

Port Security in Action

Day 4 Quiz

Day 5 - IPv6


IPv6 and Stateless DHCP

Day 5 Quiz

Day 6 - Troubleshooting and Show Commands

Speed, Duplex, MAC Addresses and NAT

LLDP, ACLs, and Syslog

Day 6 Quiz

Day 7 - Our Final Lab


Subnetting Again - We Can't Ping an IP Address!

What Did we Break?

Exam Tips - Read Before Going for the Exam!

Let's Summarize Our Course


Bulding an Awesome Lab and Rack at Home!

Overview of the Cisco CLI

How to Configure OSPF - BONUS

Configuring a Cisco Router From Scratch

Subnetting with Examples

Cheat Sheet - Basic Commands and Tips


Howard21 February 2020

Yes, this course was very helpful for me. I learn a lot of new information and will recommend to my colleagues for their benefit.

Tim7 December 2019

I purchased this course a couple of weeks prior to taking my 100-105 exam and found the skills used in the labs to be highly relevant in the actual exam. I strongly believe this course was a major asset in enabling me to pass the exam!

Andarge18 February 2019

This is exactly the kind of hands-on review I am looking for in advance of taking my exam. Thanks so much!

Kamil19 October 2018

Really nice and easy-to-understand course! This is next course I watch from Marious and I have to say, his courses are the best! I can back to this course and remind all essential issues

Williams1 August 2018

A really good match for me. it kind of puts all the pieces together from scratch. its got the real world touch as well. Awesome!!!

Marcus18 June 2018

I'm very glad with my progress with my studies. Marious' course has assisted me greatly in getting to where I am know in terms of my knowledge in various areas of the foundations of networking.

Jordan22 January 2018

Overall the content is good and he offers a PDF to follow along with that in and of itself I think has good value.

Donald8 October 2017

Yes I think so far it is good. I was faced with issue of knowing that my switch is not a layer 3 switch so I cannot configure uplink to R1 with IP. I had to configure vlan 1 or vlan 100 on switch with the ip

Aga8 August 2017

Good to refresh your skills. This is a very unique course. Marious assumes you know all basics and focuses on final labs. There is an ebook I can use to recreate the labs.

Robert3 August 2017

I am an avid follower of Marious Kuriata, he is very knowledgeable and carries great experience into most of his courses. I was not impressed with this course, is not what I would have expected from him. I feel the approach when communicating with the student was with lots of assumptions and the plot of the course was missing the mission of the course.

Russell20 June 2017

Little hard to understand. Also could not get this working in my packet tracer lab. I could ping switch to switch but the router could not be pinged

Gary20 March 2017

I really enjoyed the instructors presentation! He continues filming when things don't work as intended, break, or go wrong. Fantastic idea for a better understanding of Cisco technologies and troubleshooting! I have most of the instructors' courses and he continues to impress. I highly recommend this course. You will not be disappointed.

Matthew18 January 2017

Way better than the other course I purchased for this, Everything is explained well and easy to follow along with. Looking forward to finishing all the lessons.

Nima4 January 2017

This course helped me out a ton, as you can follow along along the labs as the instructor walks you through what to do and why you're doing it. -The PDF with all the lab setups and answers provides great review after you've seen the videos. The instructor actively answers course questions. The audio is good and the instructor uses a pop filter. The overview sections before the lab are great at outlining the end-goal of the labs. Lastly, labs are short enough that they do not overstay their welcome. I highly recommend this course be used as supplementary learning before your exam.

Ernest21 September 2016

This course doesn't cover all CCNA Labs but it is easy to understand for quick review. Furthermore, the most important thing is "The author is a networking expert and replies students' questions seriously!". I learned a lot from this course and I hope the author will produce more advanced CCNA lab courses in the future!


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