C++ And Java Training Crash Course 2022

Learn C++ and Java with C++ and Java Training Crash Course for Beginners 2022

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C++ And Java Training Crash Course 2022
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Jun 2024
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What you will learn

You will learn how to write a complete Java program that takes user input, processes and outputs the results

You will learn java concepts such as console output, Java Variables and Data Types, Java Operators And more

You will learn C++ concepts such as console output, C++ Variables and Data Types, C++ Operators And more

You will learn how to write a complete C++ program that takes user input, processes and outputs the results

You will learn common programming constructs as they are implemented in C++.

Why take this course?

πŸŽ“ C++ And Java Training Crash Course 2022: Your Gateway to Mastering Two Industry-Leading Languages

Introduction to C++ and Java:

C++ Overview - Discover the power of C++, a versatile language that's at the heart of everything from web browsers to the most advanced gaming consoles. With this course, you'll dive into the essentials of C++ and master the art of memory management, file I/O, pointers, references, and object-oriented programming.

Java Fundamentals - Java's simplicity, versatility, and ubiquity make it a language that every programmer should understand. From web development to mobile applications, this course will introduce you to Java's robust ecosystem and prepare you for creating dynamic content across various platforms.

Why Learn C++? πŸš€

  • C++ Basics: Get hands-on experience with the foundational elements of C++ that are widely used in software development, including classes, inheritance, polymorphism, and exception handling.
  • Memory Management: Learn how to effectively manage computer memory to optimize performance and efficiency in your applications.
  • Coding Styles and Design Patterns: Understand the best practices for writing clean, maintainable code that follows industry standards.
  • Generic Programming with STL: Master the Standard Template Library (STL), a powerful set of C++ templates providing general-purpose classes and functions.

Why Learn Java? β˜•

  • Concise and Easy to Read: Java's syntax is designed to be clear and understandable, making it an excellent language for beginners.
  • Versatility: Java can run on any device that uses a Java virtual machine (JVM), which means your applications have a wide reach.
  • Strong Community Support: With a vast array of resources and a strong community, learning Java ensures you're joining a thriving ecosystem.
  • Career Opportunities: Java skills are in high demand across various industries, offering numerous job opportunities for skilled developers.

Take-Away Skills:

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have a solid understanding of Core Java concepts.
  • Be proficient in programming with Java syntax and data types.
  • Know how to incorporate branches and loops into your Java code for dynamic control flow.
  • Understand the benefits of Java and be able to program using Java's rich set of features.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Beginners looking to learn programming from scratch.
  • Programmers aiming to expand their skill set with C++ and Java.
  • Technical Managers who want to understand the fundamentals of these languages for better decision-making in projects involving Java or C++.
  • Application Developers seeking to specialize in Java development.

Topics Covered:

Module-1: Java Fundamentals

  • Writing a Basic Java Program and understanding the compilation and execution process.
  • Exploring console output and its significance in Java applications.
  • Diving into Java Variables and Data Types to understand how to store different types of data.
  • Mastering Java Operators for precise and efficient computation.
  • Learning Conditional Statements to add logic to your programs.
  • Understanding the use of Loops, Break, and Continue for iterating and controlling flow.
  • Working with Arrays to manage collections of data.
  • Manipulating Strings using Java String Class and its methods.

Enroll Now and Begin Your Journey into C++ and Java Programming! 🌟

Join hundreds of students who have already taken the leap and transformed their programming skills with our comprehensive course. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to sharpen your expertise, this course will equip you with the knowledge and hands-on practice to excel in C++ and Java programming.

See you inside the course – we can't wait to welcome you and support you on your learning journey! πŸš€πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»


July 3, 2023
The course examines common programming constructs as they are implemented in C++ including C++ 11. Topics include the use of C++ for memory management, file input/output (I/O), pointers, references, exceptions, and object-oriented programming. Basic data structures such as linked lists, stacks, and queues are covered in terms of their usage and implementation using C++.This course is for Beginners in software development.



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