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AWS IoT:Building cool apps,AI& serverless Computing-Deeplens

AWS Dl lets you use the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools & technology to develop computer vision applications !

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Sep 2020

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Complete understanding of AWS deeplens ...


AWS DeepLens is a wireless video camera and development platform integrated with the AWS Cloud. It lets you use the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and technology to develop computer vision applications based on a deep learning model. Through examples and tutorials, AWS DeepLens gives you hands-on experience using a physical camera to run real-time computer vision models.

The AWS DeepLens camera, or device, uses deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to analyze visual imagery. You use the device as a development environment to build computer vision applications.

AWS DeepLens works with the following AWS services:

  • Amazon SageMaker, for model training and validation

  • AWS Lambda, for running inference against CNN models

  • AWS Greengrass, for deploying updates and functions to your device

Get started with AWS DeepLens by using any of the pretrained models that come with your device. As you become proficient, you can develop, train, and deploy your own models.

AWS DeepLens Hardware

The AWS DeepLens camera includes the following:

  • A 4-megapixel camera with MJPEG (Motion JPEG)

  • 8 GB of on-board memory

  • 16 GB of storage capacity

  • A 32-GB SD (Secure Digital) card

  • WiFi support for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz standard dual-band networking

  • A micro HDMI display port

  • Audio out and USB ports

The AWS DeepLens camera is powered by an Intel® Atom processor, which can process 100 billion floating-point operations per second (GFLOPS). This gives you all of the compute power that you need to perform inference on your device. The micro HDMI display port, audio out, and USB ports allow you to attach peripherals, so you can get creative with your computer vision applications.


AWS IoT:Building cool apps,AI& serverless Computing-Deeplens
AWS IoT:Building cool apps,AI& serverless Computing-Deeplens
AWS IoT:Building cool apps,AI& serverless Computing-Deeplens
AWS IoT:Building cool apps,AI& serverless Computing-Deeplens




Deeplens What is AWS DL

Deep lens-getting started

Deeplens Getting Started - Prerequistes

eplensRegistr Device and Connect to WiFi Network #516

Deeplens Set Up Device and Verify Status and Deploy Project to Device #517

Deeplens View Device Output in a Browser #518

Deep Lens -Projects

Deeplens Working with Projects - ML Frameworks Supported by DL & Viewing streams

Deeplens Working with Sample Projects#520

Deeplens Creating and Deploying Sample Projects #521

DL with Sagemaker

Deeplens Editing an existing model with Sagemaker #522

Deeplens Creating DL Inference Lambda Function #523

DeeplensCompleted Lamda function and Managing DL Device #524

Deeplens Logging and Troubleshooting #525

a few additions

Deeplens Check latest version of awscam TO Upgrade awscam dependencies #526

Deeplens Install SecurityUpdates TO Connect DEvice to Wifi when password .....

Deeplens Choose an IAM Role when none is available TO Resolve an access denied .

Deeplens Troubleshooting Issues with Model Deployment #529

DeeplensDEvice Library - awscam Module for Inference #530

Deeplens mo Module Troubleshooting Model OPtimizer #531

Deeplens Troubleshooting all other FAQs #532

Deeplens DL Kineseis Video Module #533


Chandramouli2 January 2020

AWS Documentation is read out in this course, which I think you can you can feed the documentation to Alexa and it can read it out better. Follow AWS documentation with clear instructions on setting up the device and deploying the model.

Vilo4 September 2018

This course is excellent for someone looking to gain in depth knowledge on Amazon IoT Deeplens. Indira folks(Author) explains the commands in great detail during the course which is of great help. For recommendation-I would suggest go for it without thinking second time.

Nicholas31 August 2018

This is an extraordinary course and is exactly what I was looking for. Nice pace, easy to follow and understand. Instructor was comprehensive. The concepts learnt were vey useful, so thanks for that. Presentations were pretty good as well. I learnt so much after taking this wonderful course. But like people say, nothing is perfect, it's for this sole reason why I gave 4.5. The course could improve a BIT more. Overall, it was a good course and I'd recommend it. Keep it up!

Sushant30 July 2018

guys, i took this course as there was no other course available on the topic in Udemy.I found this course very informative and does a very good complimenting with details I was looking for.Great course for learning AWS deeplens from extreme basic to advanced level.


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