Build Developer's blog with Laravel 9 and Bootstrap 2022

Practice Laravel Concepts by building a full-stack blog with Laravel 9 and bootstrap

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Jun 2022
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What you will learn

Setting up PHP and Laravel development environment

Installing Laravel

Laravel Application structure

Laravel authentication scaffolding

Working on the project - Developer's blog.


In this course, we are going to build a full developer's blog making use of developers' open source themes. The blog is going to be divided into two, the frontend and the backend. In the front end, we are going to display the blog posts and the blog owner's information Like Social media handles and Bio. The backend carries the largest percentage of the application's functionality. In the backend, we will have the categories CRUD functionality where and also Categories status where we will be able to activate and deactivate categories from the admin panel. The deactivated categories won't be displayed on the posts creation page at the time of creating posts.  We will also have the Posts CRUD functionality with the Rich Ckeditor and since it is a developer's blog, we will also have the functionality where the developer can post code and that post will be highlighted on the frontend. We will also have the settings CRUD where the admin will be able to change the settings that will appear on the front end. We are also going to have the comments section aided by the Disqus plugin. We will also have the newsletter functionality where the readers will have the form for submitting their emails in case they would like to receive newsletters or updates every time a new post is created.



Setting up PHP Development environement
Project source code and how to set it up on your machine
Authentication scaffolding
Laravel application structure
Integrating the frontend theme
Integrating the dashboard theme
Cleaning up the admin dashboard

Application Database

09 Project database structure
10 Creating models and migrations
11 Defining the tables columns in migrations files
12 Defining the tables columns in migrations files part 2
13 Defining the tables columns in migrations files part 3
14 Connecting application to db and migrating our tables

Categories CRUD

15 Categories Part1
16 Categories part2 - Creating Category Routes
17 Categories part3 - Creating Categories controller and view files
18 Categories part4 - Creating Categories Form
19 Categories part5 - Storing Categories
20 Categories part6 - Showing error messages
21 Categories part7 - Showing success messages
22 Categories part8 - Showing categories
23 Categories part9 - Showing categories
24 Categories part10 - Editing categories
25 Categories part11 - Deleting categories
26 Categories part12 - Activating and diactivating categories

Posts CRUD

27 Posts Part1 - Creating posts routes
28 Posts Part2 - Creating posts form
29 Posts Part3 - Storing posts
30 Posts Part4 - Integrating DataTables
31 Posts Part5 - Adding ID column dynamic edit and delete links
32 Posts Part6 - Editing Post funtionality
33 Posts Part7 - Displaying post category in posts index and limiting the string
34 Posts Part8 - Change post status
35 Posts Part9 - Delete functionality
36 Posts Part10 - CK-Editor integration
37 Posts Part11 - Image upload 1
38 Posts Part12 - Image upload 2
39 Posts Part13 - Image upload 3


40 Settings -Creating settings routes
41 Settings -Creating form
42 Settings -Editing routes
43 Settings - Display on the frontend

Posts Frontend

44 Showing posts on the frontend
45 Comments count functionality
46 Displaying a single post functionality
47 Post update bug solving
48 Integrating DisQus plugin into our application
49 Integrating the CKEditor
50 Adding code highlighting functionality
51 Newsletter subscription functionality
52 Show newsletter emails on the admin panel
53 Newsletter emails pagination on the admin backend
54 Further clean up of admin theme and displaying Logged in Admin Details
55 Working on Admin account details
56 Updating admin account details
57 Logging out user functionality

Final Steps

58 Working on the dashboard home page.
59 Protecting admin routes with a middleware
60 Testing our custom middleware
61 Showing registered users on the admin portal
62 Promoting the users to admin


Build  Developer's blog with Laravel 9 and Bootstrap 2022 - Screenshot_01Build  Developer's blog with Laravel 9 and Bootstrap 2022 - Screenshot_02Build  Developer's blog with Laravel 9 and Bootstrap 2022 - Screenshot_03Build  Developer's blog with Laravel 9 and Bootstrap 2022 - Screenshot_04



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