Bringing Sexy back to Records Management

Learn to elevate the value of your records management program to drive digital transformation

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Records Management Core Functions

How to bring awareness to information as a corporate asset

Change management tactics

Leveraging a maturity model


· Records Management has been around for centuries as organizations face the task of digitally transforming. In the information age, so much emphasis is placed on the technology and not enough on the functions to appraise, capture, manage and disseminate information through its lifecycle

· Any digital transformation that doesn't take into consideration the state of the records is in for an expensive misstep (in collection, enrichment, conversion and transfer costs)

· In this course you will learn how to elevate the importance of records management functions so that your organization can progress to a digitally transformed future

· The Sexy Back records management course is designed to raise awareness and re-energize you with the tactics to make the governance of data a corporate priority

· Through a 20+ year journey designing, implementing, elevating and rebuilding Records Management program, the most remarkable thing is that its never a priority at the beginning.

· The tactics shared in this course give insight into the many ways I’ve personally been able to help organizations rethink about the value of their data.

· Whether the path starts with paper or underlying document management systems and best practices, there are so many in roads to good data governance that drive an exciting future.

· Learn to leverage your Records Management program in whatever state it is in to raise its profile and drive new synergies within your company


Bringing Sexy back to Records Management
Bringing Sexy back to Records Management
Bringing Sexy back to Records Management
Bringing Sexy back to Records Management


Module 1 - Mindset & Maturity Modelling

Module 1 - Mindset & Maturity Modelling

Module 2 - Numbers

Module 2 - Numbers

Module 3 - Process and Performance

Module 3 - Rev the process engine

Module 4 - Communication

Module 4 - Communication - Your #1 Radio Station

Module 5 - Change Leadership

Module 5 - Gimme some GRIT - Change Leadership


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