Boost Your Productivity. Work Less and Get More Done Easily.

How to get the most out of your time so you have time to do the things you love while working less and achieving more

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Jun 2016

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What you will learn

Boost your productivity two, three, four or more times with simple methods that are proven to work

Learn how to get more things done more easily

Eliminate bad habits that steal your time and freedom

Become more efficient and make more money with less work

Only do the things that matter most and will add value to your life

Get more free time in your life to do the things you really love doing

Manage your business and personal life and have more energy to enjoy each and every day

Avoid distractions and people who try to steal your time

Become laser-focused effortlessly and avoid the struggle that most people content with in their everyday life

Identify time wasters that will kill your chance of success and steal away your life

Manage your time so others aren’t dictating how you use it

Eliminate procrastination by removing the triggers that cause it to happen


This course will teach you how to boost your productivity effortlessly, with simple techniques that have been proven to work.

You will be able to make more money more easily, because you will get more work done in less time.

You will have more freedom to enjoy the things you love in life, because you won't be snowed under a mountain of work that can steal away your life.

Productivity is not about working harder... it's about working smarter and you will learn the smart ways to become more productive with the training you're about to enjoy.

Productivity is not about working harder...it's about working easier while getting more done.

Life wasn't meant to be a struggle, but most people struggle to get the most from their time each day as they get overloaded with too much to do.

It's a busy life, but even if you only apply some of the techniques I teach in this training, you will have more and more time on your hands to do things you thought you'd never get the chance to do.

You will be less stressed, more organized, more efficient and you will value your time more than ever.

I will also show you how you can make sure other people value your time too so they don't distract you from what you want to do and where you want to go.

You will be able to tackle big tasks with the right mindset and the right tools to complete those tasks stress free.

You will finally realize that there really are enough hours in the day to do everything you like and get everything you want by only focusing on the things that matter...the things that will help drive you to success.

Everything in this course is simple for you to learn, understand and apply - and you can expect immediate results once you start applying the training.

The difference between the most successful people and everyone else, is their ability to manage their time. You will be able to do the same. You will become a time management, productivity expert.

These are the same principles that I use in my businesses and they allow me to enjoy a wonderfully productive life and I'm sure you can do the same.

You have a 30-day, 100% money-back no questions asked guarantee so you have nothing to lose and a lifetime of time saving to gain. 

Click on the Take This Course button in the upper right hand side of your screen and get started now. 

Your Productivity is about to go Through the Roof!


Boost Your Productivity. Work Less and Get More Done Easily.
Boost Your Productivity. Work Less and Get More Done Easily.
Boost Your Productivity. Work Less and Get More Done Easily.
Boost Your Productivity. Work Less and Get More Done Easily.


Getting Started


Steps to High Level Productivity

Setting Up for Success

Charging Out

The Boxer

Cruise Liner


Prime Time

Production Line


Time to Move


Early Days

1 to 3 Years




The Killers

Beyond Average



Final Words

Fine Tuning and Final Thoughts


CL30 September 2020

Great lessons on how to organize your life and business to be more productive. I'll be sure to integrate almost every principle into my daily life.

John22 December 2019

Sounds good so far...A great course and lots of words of wisdom. If you can apply these techniques, you can be successful. I'm certainly going to try them...Cheers!

Saskia24 December 2018

I simply loved this course. It was on the point and I gained a lot clarity. As a self-employed person I often trap myself in being too busy and this course gave me some insights on how I do it and how I can change it with easy implementation. Thank you very much! This was really valuable!!!

Diana8 December 2018

Good lecture and I really liked it. Could have been more tips with practical examples. Some tools like pomodone kind of stuff if included would have been much better.

Rick8 June 2018

There are a million books out there on Amazon about Productivity, and a lot of the 'Gurus' have their own productivity methods. So, there is a lot of productivity overlap here depending each student's experience. I think this is a good refresher course and some of the nuances make the course valuable if purchased at a reasonable price. What is left out is more specific outsourcing methods and information. Outsourcing is apparently key to Mr. Shaw's productivity, yet the subject is glossed over. So, the course didn't meet my personal expectations. I think the course should mention up front that outsourcing will not be covered in a fulfilling manner here. This is just a 'list' of 'overall' productivity methods that are aggregated.

Lauren7 June 2017

Great productivity overview, with some butt-kicking and inspiration thrown in for good measure! Once again, as is with all Geoff's courses, lots of actionable "meat," no fluff.

Lloyd11 February 2017

Great instructions and very clearly presented. This course has small simple steps that are easy to implement and have caused me to see things and habits I have differently. I am more confident now to make the changes I need to because of the steps this course gives me. There are many options we have in modern day life and so many are just plain distractions and sideshows leading us to be busy but not PRODUCTIVE. It's great to be instructed by someone who actually does what they are teaching. My best takeaway from this course is a question I will ask myself every day. Have I been busy or productive today? Awesome course Geoff there aren't enough stars!!

Sandra7 February 2017

Explains everything wonderfully - here's the obstacle, specifically how to navigate it or eliminate it, and why.

Rebecca23 January 2017

Easy to understand and follow through. Clear instructions and good pace. Some are timely reminders but I also picked up some helpful tips like overcoming addictions. I appreciate that this course is not filled with fluff but straight to the point. I can't wait to implement it even while I'm still halfway through the course. Now I gotta go put it into action. ;)

Paul7 January 2017

Good practical tips for becoming more productive. I'm going out right now to buy a calendar/planner, so I can plan my next day and week, and document how I am spending (and sometimes wasting) the valuable hours of my life.

Beverley3 January 2017

It all makes sense - the simple stuff works, but we often ignore it and fall for the glamour bits. BSOs.

Jimmie2 January 2017

Outstanding! Amazing Geoff break it down to understandable, actionable bits! He is a Genius. I'm recommending this to my business owner friends. Thank you

Mariluz22 November 2016

This course really appealed to me because the information provided can be applied in every area of 'my' life. I'll be watching again!

Letitia19 November 2016

This course was amazing. The steps presented here are things I've heard before, have jotted down in a variety of notebooks from reading many different books- but to have the information organized and presented in this way helped me see connections I would not have made on my own. I would recommend this course for anyone, at any level, in any business.

Esteban5 November 2016

This is great stuff. Concise, complete, right to the point and zero-BS, this is a compact course that worth its length in gold. Only great advice, highly recommended.


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