How to Strength Train

Muscle Building Workout: How to Workout for Maximum Gains

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What you will learn

Build an effective work-out plan and train for maximum muscle gains

Train with confidence knowing that they are getting the maximum results from each Rep, Set and Workout


Achieve your Ideal Body: Learn HOW to Workout for maximum Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Do you wish you could do more to get better results but you don't know what?

Do you feel confused or mislead by all the misinformation out there?

Are you trying to bulk up or cut down?

Have you ever felt frustrated that you're not gaining at the rate that you wish you could?

There are a few workout fundamentals which if done consistently over time will lead you to the body of your dreams, guaranteed.  The difficulty is sifting through all the industry BS to know exactly what these fundamentals are. 

This course shows you HOW to workout. Not by providing you with fancy magazine style workouts that change every month, but with an understanding of what you should do and importantly, why.

Should you be doing compound exercises or isolation exercises?

How long should you wait for between sets?

How long should each rep last?

Should you do body-weight exercises?

All these questions are answered and more in the course, so that the next time you walk into a gym, you have 100% confidence that you are on the path to success

Learn a proven approach to training, that you can take and apply to right away, even without access to a gym.

Here’s what students are saying:

“This course is so great because it is universal. It does not show you how to curl your biceps, but describes the mechanisms which work, so that you can work out the details for yourself and still get the results. This is exactly the knowledge I was looking for.”

“I have been training for about 1,5 years and after going through this course making notes i can see how much i have been doing wrong. I am confident and looking forward to seeing greater results than i have been before.”

I've tried many different workout plans and different diets and I suck at all of them.. Mainly because there are so many things to do.. I like this training , because he takes out all the hipe and BS and just gives the basics you should do. plan and easy..”

Learning a lot basic stuffs from it. As a beginner this is the course of my choice. Thanks to the instructor for designing this amazing course. I pray and wish I could gain muscle following this course.”

Enjoy this free course, that gives a framework that you can take and apply to your own training right away. It covers the process of training, and how to do so for maximum gains.  It also covers common myths which take people way off course, and that you really need to know if you want to get the maximum out of every workout. 

If you enjoy this free course, check out the full Bodybuilding Masterclass course! It expands on the content of this free course and empowers you with EVERYTHING that you NEED to know if you want to build the body of your dreams!


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Lets Get Started

My Transformation
The Myths Debunked Intro
Myth 1
Myth 2
Myth 3
Myth 4

How To Train For Maximum Results

Strength Training Intro
Why Strength Training
Compound Vs Isolation Exercises
The Incredible Power of Body-weight Training
The Ultimate Strength Training
Train In This Rep Range
Work-out Length
Gym Checklist
Always Warm Up

Work-out Plan

4 Day Training Programme

Workout Tutorials

Bonus Lecture: Chest Workout using Rings
Bonus Lecture: Back Workout using Rings
Bonus Lecture: Shoulder Workout using Rings
Bonus Lecture: Leg Workout using Rings
Bonus Lecture: How to Set-up Your Rings


Thank You and What's Next?
Bonus Lecture: Take It To The Next Level

Coaching Opportunity

Bonus Lecture: Coaching Opportunity


December 12, 2021
Questo corso è adatto a chi si avvicina al mondo del fitness per la prima volta e non sa cosa e come fare per raggiungere i propri obiettivi di forma fisica. Michael spiega chiaramente e molto bene l'allenamento migliore da adottare; inoltre sfata i miti più comuni che si sentono in palestra. Informazione prima di tutto. I risultati sicuramente usciranno su chi metterà in pratica questi insegnamenti!
April 14, 2021
thank you Michael for informative class I enjoyed it. I appreciate your time and knowledge. can't wait to see your other classes thank you - Norma
November 22, 2016
High quality information, no fluff. Been lifting for years and still am learning valuable information with each short few minute lecture.
November 21, 2016
A very basic course, even a newbie who joins a gym or start working out generally gets such tips and knowledge from people around.
November 4, 2016
a good startup for beginners in bodybuilding although i suggest more should have been discussed in time and environment of doing the workout
October 24, 2016
Estou a adorar o curso, está muito bem explicado, o conteúdo é bastante completo e de fácil entendimento.
October 24, 2016
I am very satisfied with the simple explanation which is straight to the point no other topics apart from what really maters for this course.Great work so far, I am sure the rest will be also good as the begging.
October 17, 2016
Good to start from basics and it's explained very well with lot of important tips. Great work and good look.
September 29, 2016
I felt encouraged to work hard to achieve my dream body after watching it. It shows me how to train and that if i do it as explained in the course, I will get the results that I want. The section on myths is very useful as it shows what people misunderstand and what the real truth is.
September 29, 2016
WOW! This course is exactly what I am after!, I Have paid for the full version and my god I have already lost 1kg of fat in 3 weeks! I would recommend Michel as a personal trainer! He is on point with his advice! The full version gives so much information for the price of one personal training session! I feel like I can do it all by myself now! Thank you Michael!
September 29, 2016
Great course. Really well explained. All you need to know about getting in shape in the space of 20minutes
September 24, 2016
the course is very informative and presents a very clear guide to training for maximum gains. I will be building my training programme around this advice
September 24, 2016
Best free course I've seen on Udemy. Explains how to train in very good detail and debunks some very common myths that many people fall foul to. Highly recommend
September 24, 2016
Michael Roberts is an enthusiastic and friendly trainer, and this mini-course is an excellent, to-the-point guide to training. Some criticism, however...I would have liked to see at least one exercise demonstrated, to observe correct form etc. Also, I would have liked to have seen his development as an enticement to purchasing the full course. His instructor picture does show impressive definition, but would liked to have seen that in context in the course, not a 'posed' picture. All in all, though, a worthwhile course!
September 22, 2016
Good basic information for beginners, I picked up quite a few tips and have a better understanding of weight training. Enjoyable.



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