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Blissful Real Estate Investing

Real Estate investing without the Stress and Frustration

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Blissful Real Estate Investing


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Sep 2019

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What you will learn

The biggest mistakes for beginner investors to avoid

How to invest in real estate with low stress


How anyone can get started in real estate investing and create the life of their dreams. If you want to build wealth safely and consistently to create passive income, then you should take this course.

Since many strategies involve having tenants, I then share my 25 years of experience in how to manage properties in a way that is easy, low stress, and doesn't take much time. This is the key to truly building blissful wealth.

Learn how I went from a hobby investor to 7 figures in property investments by changing my mindset. I’ll show you the mindset hacks and techniques you can use to do the same even if you don’t own any properties and have no clue on how to get started.

You will discover:

  • Why You Do Not Need Your Own Money

  • Real Estate Investment Strategies

  • Moneeka's Favorite Strategy

  • Why Being In Your Bliss Is Crucial To Your Success As A Re Investor

  • The Blissful Mindset

  • Creating Blissful Partnerships

  • And much more...

Start successful Real Estate investing today!

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How Moneeka went from a hobby investor to 7 figures in property investments

Why Invest In Real Estate


Why You Do Not Need Any of Your Own Money To Be a Successful RE Investor

Real Estate Investing Strategies

Moneeka's Favorite Investment Strategy


Blissful Investing

What is Bliss?

Why Being in Your Bliss is Crucial to your Success

The Blissful Mindset

Going from Stressed Out to Bliss

Creating Blissful Partnerships

Student Questions Answered

Isn’t the market too high...about to crash again?

Isn’t real estate risky?

Isn’t investing in real estate hard?

How do you deal with tenants and property management?

Shouldn't I diversify?

I’ve heard people have lost everything in real estate.

I don’t have enough money.

I don’t have enough time.

I don’t know enough.

I have no idea how to get started.

The Important Questions

Are there creative financing options?

What are the pro’s and cons of using a management company?

What are the pros and cons of managing properties yourself?

Investing outside your local area

Section Five: The true path to blissful investing

"Choose Bliss" TV Interview

"Choose Bliss" TV Interview

Wrap Up

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Javier11 May 2021

It offers great tips for people trying to start in the industry. However, I would have loved to hear more about the actual financial and/or legal strategies of investing in real estate.

Jürgen15 April 2021

Maybe I just chose the wrong Course... I thought I would be entering an investment Couse on Real Estate Investing. But here you never get to a point, it is rather an unspecific talk about how you should be happy and that you should invest in Real Estate... Sorry but nothing for me.

Jason30 January 2021

She has a lovely disposition. She is fun, personable, and has a vibrant personality. Lovely real estate investment strategies. She is passionate about her real estate business and teaches the right mindset that could make you successful in this type of business. Great answers to a plethora of questions in Section 4.

Sammi19 July 2020

It was a great course that I have taken and I learnt a lot from this course , I really appreciate it, tqvm.

Dipti11 July 2020

before i taking this course i think i gain so much knowledge from this course but the way she is talking i think i am not learn actually anything. she is talking to much but her speed is to high. i can't even catch up anything. still i completed this continue this course because i thought she make losts of efforts for that


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