Beach Resin Coasters Class

Learn tips and tricks for using Resin and Creating Beautiful Beach Resin Pieces

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1 hour
Apr 2022
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What you will learn

Learn how to Prep the back of your coasters to make removing the Resin Drips easier

Learn how to find out how much Resin you will need for your project

Learn how to create Beach Resin Waves

Learn how to remove the Bubbles from your Resin for a perfect Glassy Finish


Welcome to the Beach Resin Coasters Class!

This class is perfect for anyone who has wanted to start creating beach pieces with resin but are too intimidated to do the whole process on their own.

Every part of this class is broken down into small bits of information as well as tips and tricks that I've learned while working on my own pieces.

This Class comes with a Supply List PDF that has a picture of the finished Coasters as well as listing all the Supplies used to Create them.  Those Supplies are Linked to where you can purchase them (if you choose) and have them shipped right to your door for your convenience.  You will find the Supply List PDF Link with the Introduction Video.

In this Course we will be covering:

  1. How to Prep your Coasters before adding the Resin.

  2. How to figure out how much resin to mix.

  3. How to Create Each Layer and Make Beautiful Beach Waves using Resin

  4. How to add a Flood Coat once your waves are done to create an Even Finished Surface.

  5. How to remove the resin drips from the back of your piece and add the Cork Backing

  6. The easiest way I've found to clean the resin bits off of the silicone mixing cups.


As with ALL art, results may vary!  I have made many different Beach resin pieces and not one is exactly the same as another.  Even the temperature of the room can affect the way resin responds.  If you chose to use a different Resin Brand than I use in the class, you may find you have different Results.  Please read and familiarize yourself with the product information guidelines that come with your resin.  Also, read and familiarize yourself with the safety guidelines for your resin.  These can also be found on the manufacturers website and can answer any questions or concerns you may have about the product.


Beach Resin Coasters Class - Screenshot_01Beach Resin Coasters Class - Screenshot_02Beach Resin Coasters Class - Screenshot_03Beach Resin Coasters Class - Screenshot_04



Beach Resin Coasters Class Introduction
Prepping the Back of the Coasters
How Much Resin Will I need?
First Resin Layer
Second Resin Layer, Creating the First Wave
Third Resin Layer, Second Resin Wave
Fourth Resin Layer, Third Resin Wave
Final Resin Layer, the Fload Coat
Removing the Resin Drips from the back of the Coaster & adding the Cork Backing
Resin Tool Clean-up
Beach Resin Coaster Class Thank You

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