Basics of Virtual Reality and Create a Phone App using Unity

Understand Principles in Virtual Reality and use them to create an app for Mobile Phone viewable using Google Cardboard

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Basics of Virtual Reality and Create a Phone App using Unity
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Jun 2021
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What you will learn

Students will learn about the basic concepts of virtual reality such as Immersion, Presence, Flow, Degrees of Freedom and Unity app development


What if you could be teleported or transported to another planet without the need for a rocket? Virtual Reality helps in precisely doing that and the current course talks about how virtual reality will help you transform your current reality into a new one. This course starts with providing an understanding of the basics of virtual reality, how it influences the senses, providing an understanding of immersion, telepresence, flow, and various concepts that will make sure that what you design in VR becomes a reality for the person experiencing it. The course provides a detailed understanding of Unity and the various features of Unity that can be used to design and develop a Virtual Reality Environment. Further, it helps in creating an app in Virtual Reality using Unity which can be directly deployed on your cellphone. So have a virtual reality app without any app coding. This course also takes you through step by step development of Interaction in VR using Unity. Finally, it helps you develop virtual walkthroughs and 360-degree movies for Google Carboard which is readily available for a low price online. The entire content is designed for use in Google Cardboard and hence can be done by any student.


Introduction to Virtual Reality

Introduction to Reality
What is Virtual Reality ?
Hardware and Software in VR
Understanding the concept of Immersion
Concept of Perception, Presence and Flow
Degrees of Freedom in VR
Understanding Virtual Surroundings
Understanding Gestures and Interaction
Importance of Sound in VR
Present and Future Applications of VR
Installation of Unity and Prerequisites for VR

Introduction to Unity

Getting Acquainted with Unity and Interface
Creating the First Roll a Ball Game in Unity
Creating the Environment and Player
Camera, Lights and Materials
Building the Game in Unity
Unity Basics: Terrains, Trees and WindZones
Unity Basics: Rigidbodies, Forces and Joints
Unity Basics: Textures and Materials
Unity Basics: Lights
Unity Basics: Reflections
Unity Basics: Cameras and Skyboxes
Unity Basics: Prefabs
Unity Basics: Particle Systems

Creating the First Virtual Reality Project

Understanding Google VR SDK and Google VR
Prerequisites before developing first VR project
VR Project: Creating the ground and Cubes
VR Project: Understanding First Person View with Cameras
VR Project: Understanding Raycasting and Event System
VR project: Building the VR project and the App on the Cellphone

Basics in C sharp Programming

Introduction to scripting and C sharp programming
Variables and data types
Conditional Statements
Loop Structures
Classes and Instances
Script Interaction

Interactions in Unity

Interactions and its importance
Walk and Run using Unity in VR
Teleporting in VR
Gaze Timer and Trigger
Scene Transition
Grab and Release Objects in VR

Creating a 360 degree movie in VR

Creating a 360 degree in movie
Basics of creating a VR app for Oculus Go
Basics of creating a VR app for HTC Vive
Profiling in Unity for VR on Mobile



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