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Audacity Software Audio Engineering 4 Online Course Creation

Audacity Free Audio Production Software: Audio Engineering and Audio Editing for Online Course Creation

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Discover how to download and use Audacity for creating, editing and publishing your audio files

Find out how to export your audio content from your video course so that you can open them easily in Audacity

Discover the structure and techniques for creating a professional audio book

Learn how to import and edit your audio files to create Chapters of your Audio Book

Discover why your Audio Book really needs a prologue

Let me explain why I think its a good idea to create an introductory video

Discover how easily you can compile your chapters into a single file for the convenience of your audience

Discover another free tool which ensures that your audio files have consistent audio levels across every Chapter of your Audio Book


Discover the magic of Audacity Software Audio Engineering to repurpose your content!

With Audio Content, a whole new range of options is opened up for you!

Do you find you have more time to consume audio content than video content?  So, what about your students?

Hello, I am John Colley and welcome to my Course. I am really looking forward to working with you.

I realised that if I converted my video courses to an audio format I could do so much more with it!

  • Give it as a bonus

  • Use it as a Lead Magnet Give Away

  • Sell it as an Extra offer at the end of your Video Course

  • Upload it as a Limited Series Podcast on iTunes

Would you like me to show you how easy this is?

What if I told you that you can do this using completely free software? Audacity Software!

Discover how to:

  • Install and use the basic commands in Audacity

  • Export your audio track from your existing video course

  • Professionally structure your audio book from the start

  • Create opening and closing credits

  • Edit your audio chapters in Audacity

  • Create a prologue for your audio book

  • Export your audio chapters to both MP3 and AIFF

  • Use Levelator to get a standard audio level across all your chapters

  • Compile your audio book into a single file for ease of listening by your audience

My first Audio Book made $200 and got over 600 enrolments in its first month with very little marketing?

What are you waiting for?

Don't forget - there is a complete 30 Day money back guarantee = No Risk for you at all!

Enrol in this course and start making your Audio Books today!

Best regards

John Colley, The Six Minute Strategist

Business Strategist, Online Course Expert and Founder and Host of the Online Learning Podcast


Audacity Software Audio Engineering 4 Online Course Creation
Audacity Software Audio Engineering 4 Online Course Creation
Audacity Software Audio Engineering 4 Online Course Creation
Audacity Software Audio Engineering 4 Online Course Creation


Introduction to the Course


How to Post an Audio Book on Udemy which you can Sell

Get Started

Why Create an Audio Book

How to Download and Install Audacity (Free Programme)

Quick Guide to the Audacity Commands You Will Need to Know

Getting Your Audio Book Set Up

Audio Book Production Guidelines Before We Start

What are the Opening and Closing Credits?

How to Record the Opening and Closing Credits

Exercise 1- Record Your Opening and Closing Credits for Your Audio Book

Get Your Chapters From Your Video Course

Exporting Audio Files from Screenflow or Camtasia

Exercise 2: Exporting Your Lectures to Audio Files in AIFF Format

Time Out: I Would Love to Get Your Feedback on this Course

Transforming Your Video Chapters into Your Audio Book Chapters

Editing Chapter Files - An explanation of what we are going to do

Editing Your Chapter in Audacity

Exercise 3 - Editing Your Chapter in Audacity

The Importance of a Prologue

Why You Need a Prologue to your Audio Book and How to Create One

Exercise 4 - Create a Prologue for Your Audio Book if You Want One

Creating Your MP3 Chapter Files for Your Audio Book

Exporting and Tagging a Chapter of your Audio Book

Exercise 5 - Exporting and Tagging Your Files to MP3

Compile Your Audio Book into a Single File

How to Compile Your Book into a Single Audio File

Exercise 6 & 7 - Compile Your Book into a Single Audio File

The Importance of an Introductory Video

Why You Need an Introductory Video

My Example Introductory Video

Audacity Technical Files - Improve Your Audacity Skills

How to Optimise a Voice Track in Audacity

How I turned a Course into Podcastable Episodes Easi;y

Turn Your Course into Podcast Episodes

Course Summary and Wrap Up

Course Summary and Wrap Up



Glen10 November 2019

I had signed up to learn Audacity software and use the editing part in the course to learn more about the software being used in Online course creation. This series has limited teaching on Audacity.

William12 December 2018

John is one of the very few instructors with whom I have taken most of the courses offered. I have even subscribed to his monthly website. If your interested in learning the ins and outs John is one of the better instructors. John is easy to follow throughout the course. You are shown how to do things in the simplest process. He is confident enough in his abilities that you get an insight to the pitfalls and the opportunity to learn from his mistakes.

Jim30 November 2018

Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exceeded all my expectations, I will re-watch this course over and over again.

Sidney4 December 2017

I really enjoyed the course. The instructor was knowledgeable, clear and to the point in this tutorial. However, I look forward to a more detailed version of the application in the future. A display of examples of professional sound quality and how to get various studio effects, as well as the different functionality of the program. Again, I enjoyed the course, really liked the instructor, he provided some awesome​ tips and strategies, and hope that he does a full-length detailed version soon.

Faisal22 December 2016

Mr John is an amazing instructor and his instruction delivery is very engaging. The course is full of valuable information which is helpful for emerging and existing instructors alike. I learned so many new things. Highly recommend this course.

Art12 September 2015

This course is well organized. The instructor speaks clearly and explains step by step which easy to follow. Recommend for the beginner.


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